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In Uruguay, the official currency is the peso uruguaian. However, the country also uses the dolar americano. Prices in Uruguay are very high, which means good financial planning is necessary. You should also How Long Can I Hold a Forex Trade For a Year that the dolar americano has a strong influence on many sectors and prices, including the eletrodomestic sector.

Currently, one real equals 7.92368 pesos uruguaios. The relacao BRL/UYU indicates the value of the real in pesos uruguayos. However, rates can change from time to time, and are not always accurate. To find the latest rates, you should check with your bank.

If you need to exchange your currency to make purchases, the best way is to exchange your currency before travelling. Rivera and Chui are both border cities with Brazil. If you intend to shop in these cities, it s best to exchange real for pesos. In xm bladerunner trade forex to this, you ll be able to interact with locals in their language. In addition, you can exchange pesos for real at any time of the day or night.

The peso uruguaio PUR is the official currency in Uruguai. This currency is commonly used in transactions between Uruguaians, although it is not commonly used in Brazil. As a result, many Uruguaians come to Brazil with real or dolar.

The peso uruguaio can be converted into Brazilian reals. The converter is based on current foreign exchange rates, which are continuously updated. In Uruguai, one peso is worth approximately eight pesos.

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