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Zhang Haifeng not afraid of risk but to control the risk within a certain range

wonderful quotes: empty cashback forex calculator Onl cashback forexe always empty weak varieties, more is always more strong varieties any time you can get trading experience and trading wis cashbackforexprofitcalculatorm, the back to do is to strictly enforce any one variety, the morning of the opening, the fastest growing positions in the varieties is certainly the day rose the strongest many people do cashbackforexcalculatorOnline full position is to put all the money into the account inside, and then the account inside and then do a third, a quarter of the position. Then the account inside and then do one-third, one-quarter of the position, and cashbackforexpipcalculator am to take out most of the money, a little less money into the account, and then the account full position we never listen to customers, we must adhere to their own trading methods, trading beliefs customers or friends or other people say anything, we do not believe him, only their own realization is the most real everyone has a suitable The trading ideas and trading system, other peoples ideas, the system is good, you can not learn, even if you learn it is basically useless, because everyones temperament, personality is not the same my personality is more impatient, not afraid of risk, but like to control the risk within a certain range my own personal experience is only listen to not speak is equal to listening, we must communicate more, to find opportunities to communicate with everyone, regardless of whether that person is The original you have to lose 100,000 today to learn the trading experience, but you do not need to spend 100,000 by communicating with others to get this experience you do not want to make money every day, and not afraid to lose money, such a mentality is the best each species of fundamentals is the first thing you need to study, if you do not even know the fundamentals of the species, directly look at the plate, look at the indicators to do, that is to do in a mess I think No one can always do a good deal, the team is relatively stable programmed is like a weapon, is a very sharp knife, for a relatively low martial arts skills of people, the hand has a knife relatively good, but for people with martial arts skills, more than a knife may be a burden, the knife is used up meaningless for a person who has just started the industry, programmed is still quite useful, it can help you The original my family is relatively poor, when I was in college I only ninety pounds, I want to go out to work to make money, some places are too thin I do not accept in order to earn more money, in 2004, I was in the sophomore year of college to do part-time futures broker, at the same time, they also began to do futures, the result is of course a loss of my graduation, the salary is not high, their own accounts From corn to do before the National Day in 2008, I lost continuously, I feel as if they want to be eliminated from the industry account above about a few thousand, the salary was also used up by me, just the company let me do the Bank of Communications credit card, because the Bank of Communications and our leadership relationship better leadership and I said, Zhang you do a credit card I said, do credit card for what? He said, do credit card you can overdraw money I said I do not want to do he said, you do a then I did a black card, the limit is twenty-five thousand, because the company gave me an introduction, the limit can be higher I am not very interested in credit cards can buy things, but the second half of his sentence is more interested, he said you can overdraw cash twenty-five thousand black card I went to the bank to overdraw cash, then go to the bank a day can only brush Two thousand, I brushed five days, a total of 10,000 yuan just a good friend to buy a laptop, the family gave him 10,000 yuan I said you give me 10,000, I will give you my credit card, to buy a computer brush my card, because I can not wait to brush two thousand every day after preparing 20,000 yuan to play to the futures account inside that time soon to be the National Day holiday, look at what species should be done? Think about randomly doing it, did three lots of soybean oil National Day there are seven days, dead so, live so, look like to fall, followed in, did not expect to encounter the financial crisis, at that time do not know what the financial crisis is something 2008 after the National Day of the market we all know, I do not know how, anyway, the downturn will certainly not go, and then the account inside is 110,000 from that time I felt that I was suitable to do futures, and my confidence increased, so I started to do futures seriously, and I did not want to go to work every day In fact, my job at that time was very good, the basic salary of 4,000, plus the monthly commission, about 10,000 for the students who just graduated from college can take more than 10,000 salary is very good, but I was not interested in this work at all, from then on every day to do transactions After the market is also good, has been falling, empty after soybean oil, empty a copper because after three down board there is a wave of rebound, this time to empty the copper, earn a little in that case I also lost money once, empty a sugar I see other varieties are falling, on the sugar did not fall, I think sugar down space is quite large, empty sugar results in that period of time is up, no way but to stop loss from At that time I got a conclusion, empty is always empty weak varieties, more is always more strong varieties so any time you can get trading experience and trading wisdom, the back to do is strictly enforced after the sugar stop loss, then do short copper, do short aluminum, do short rubber, has been doing short, about a month of time, the capital soon to more than one million that time is the floating surplus to increase positions, now can not, the species are high prices. At that time varieties are high prices, the decline is also very large to do more than one million after the whole person calm for a period of time, the back does not dare to do much, think the money will lose my wife often asked me in those days, the money in the end is real or fake, how can suddenly have more than one million? I also do not know whether the money is real or not, so I said that do not do futures, take out a million to buy a house to buy a house that day to sign a contract, payment, full payment, house in Hangzhou a bridge side, in 2008 when the house is very cheap, 10,000 square, we bought a 107 square house in the Binjiang side, a total of 1.07 million to pay, thinking that in case there is no money in the card is not to be I laughed, and then went over to swipe the card, and the card was successful! At that time, I think the futures money is real, confidence and increase a little bit so do trading, confidence is very important, with confidence at any time you feel that you can earn money, and can earn a lot of money, and the money you earn is real and effective, which is very important after the house is bought, there are still two or three hundred thousand, and began to continue to do transactions, and the mentality has become better for our young people, buy a house is more important than marriage, because buy The house is basically a marriage event will be done at that time to do trading mentality is good, confidence also has at that time basically have not how to go to work, work is also to do their own transactions, not much with the company colleagues together 2009, 2010 market is still good, bottoming out, the whole market is rising later market is also quite good, just when I found a silly analysis method, I found any one Species, the morning of the opening, the fastest growing positions in the species is certainly the day the strongest up if we are down, it does not pull back, then this species will certainly also rise, is this the most silly analysis method, I also earned a lot of money later to do up, take turns to do the PTA, plastics, the two varieties, because the margin of these two varieties is not very high, just suitable for two or three hundred thousand funds to operate in 2009 and earn Some money, the first half of the first half of about 500,000 to 600,000 most peoples trading psychology is greed, fear and selfishness, I am the same, after making money began to fear, afraid that profits will fight back, take the money out, spent more than 400,000 to buy a car, at this time even the remaining 100,000 are afraid to put, only put two or three million to do transactions, after the loss of pull to so a very good state of mind, plus before and not much big loss, the mood is also Very good although the heart is still a little inexplicable apprehension, but confidence is very full of I continue to do, just encountered the second half of 2009 that wave of the market about a week or so PTA earned more than a thousand points, three stops, the fourth day high open, I backhand short, after the opening directly down, about a few hundred points, so earn a lot of three months time, two million to more than two million, of course Also because the market with in our industry, people give me a nickname is Zhang Manchu, not full position is not happy I all accounts are full position, but in fact, you listen to me to know, I am not full position because I do not like to put the money in the account, many people do not full position is to put all the money into the account, and then the account and then do a third, a quarter of the position, and I am to take most of the money out, and a little less money into the account. I am taking most of the money out, a little less money into the account, and then the account full position until now I also operate in this way, the account is always full position futures company will call me every day, let me add funds, he urged when I add a little although the futures company is quite tortured, to keep informing me, but I think I do trading also suffer, so do I seem to be psychologically balanced a little, that I do trading mentality also a little I always full position, but from the capital management is not full position, if all the capital management full position is certainly not right many people have talked about, you may nine months to earn money, a week to lose, this example is also often seen later in 2010, 2011 the wave of cotton market did not do badly, but did not do the whole wave of cotton market has been doing more, earn a thousand points, seven or eight hundred points on Flat, down to buy a little or up and a little flat that time the market is relatively simple, unlike the current market capital, all-inclusive, some big money came in, do not know whos that time the capital is simple, just a few big, big and big resistance between the less now the whole market of big money, we do not know whos, and big above there are super big, there are super In the second half of 2010, I have made a lot of money in the market, in Hangzhou to buy two suites is no problem in 2011 I still take very little money to do transactions, but relatively 2009, 2010 to more, about 300,000 slowly do, until the end of the Haitong competition, to 4.96 million in the competition is about to end someone told me, you in the Haitong competition may want to take the championship I said, what championship, he said you did not participate in the Haitong competition? I said I did participate in this competition, and I could win the championship, so good? After I took a look, ranked second I know there is a participation in this matter, just did not pay much attention to it, if I go to pay attention to certainly not get the championship a week before the end of the competition, on me and Wang Bin two people in the championship, Wang Bin is our domestic short term to do a very good master 2011 the market is better to do, whether short term, intra-day, swing or trend, are good to do he almost every day will have gain, I occasionally have a high gain at once, because I full trading last there is a week when I catch up with him, I first, he second he never do overnight, I exceeded him after, maybe he was a little uncomfortable in his heart finally the penultimate day, he full position to do the PTA overnight, because again not overnight can not exceed my results he made the wrong direction, the next day open, his habitual stop loss, on the The result is that I took the Haitong annual competition championship, the prize is quite good, is a 7 series BMW I drive is a 5 series BMW, I thought I could change the car quite good to get the prize when I found out that it is really a 7 series BMW, is the worst 7 series, 730 inside the low comfort version finally I sold to the 4S store, the market price is 780,000, they gave me 650,000, I Since then, Ive been trading every day with a state that Ive never seen before, and I feel that there is no point in doing futures. I remember a customer from Shanghai who was doing copper spot came to my side and told me that his own trading was not doing well and wanted me to help him manage his 5 million account. If you do well, there is still a lot of money behind you, you can let me manage it and then come to Hefei to invite me to dinner, I agreed to do a month, probably lost more than 800,000 he said Zhang you are not in a very good state, is not enough to relax? Tomorrow to Shanghai, I invite you to the Huangpu River to go around I feel this is also good, and ran to Shanghai he invited me to the Huangpu River to go around, brought a lot of friends to me, and dinner and drinking and singing, the final result of the account or loss of this truth is that we should never listen to customers, we must adhere to their own trading methods, trading beliefs customers or friends, other people speak of anything, we are Do not believe him, only their own realization is the most real 2011-2012 is quite dark, almost did not earn money do not know how your experience, some of the so-called celebrities should be very deep experience, we have a light in this industry, that is, you can not go to the light of day, I was also, as long as the interview once, immediately lost a lot of money so the last Shen Liang interview me, I I still agreed because I think Shen Liang this person is too good, so the loss of money does not matter, the interview on the interview later after Shen Liang interview, I immediately took the money out of the account, only a few hundred thousand to do 2012 I continue to be interviewed, lectures, the account is also constantly losing money loss of the worst time is soybean meal, my own account loss of 10 million, has been short, and finally only eight hundred thousand left, and is in the After summing up the experience of 2012, the whole person regained calm in 2013, began to integrate the market, integrate their own trading experience, trading methods, the direction of their late set down, want to do a team I think a person doing trading is too difficult, difficult in that you are a person and not a god, you have a common heart I began to build a team in 2013, and until now, the team has been formed a team of more than three dozen people 2013 trading okay, my own operating capital is not much, the first half of the money earned a little, May only one month earned five times that time my own capital is very little, on more than one million, to do more than ten million, June and July is also okay second half of Yongan organized a few investment companies, with a few panellists went to the United States, to learn their hedge funds I feel I felt that the development space of this industry is very big, there is nothing interesting to do trading by myself personally, from then on I will focus on building a team and training the team of masters just at that time I had a little problem personally, the money in my own account last year almost New Year lost a lot of money at that time I bought coke, coking coal, at that time has fallen a lot, at the time of 1400 bought originally thought I was wrong, but heard the sage I think doing transactions, everyone has their own trading ideas and trading system, other peoples ideas I think doing transactions, everyone has their own trading ideas and trading systems, other peoples ideas, systems and good, you can not learn, even if you learn it is basically useless, because everyones temperament, personality is not the same I do short term gains will be relatively high, because my personality is more impatient, not afraid of risk, but like to control the risk within a certain range like I told my wife that you can go to the bar at night, but before 11:00 must go home so I do transactions on the more like the short term, intra-day do This method I do more smoothly some people may be more suitable to do the trend, so the trading method and system is not good or bad only suitable or not second to do transactions to suffer, for example, I want to do transactions to achieve a certain level, so that profits are stable, it is really necessary to go through a lot of trading ordeal, only then you can be engraved, in order to constantly enhance your ability to perform, which is very difficult Very difficult no one can from the beginning has been smooth, even if a moment of good fortune will not last long, more unrealistic In addition, I think more communication is also good I do not go out to lectures now, I used to go out to lectures will find that many people underneath is only to listen not to speak, my own personal experience is only to listen not to speak is equal to listening in vain, we must communicate more, to find opportunities to communicate with everyone, whether that person is doing well or bad I know that the exchange of ideas must be more communication to tell others as much as possible, regardless of whether you think your ideas are good or bad, only then you can get more in the exchange with him, the impression will also be more profound my experience is to communicate with others once, equal to you do a free trade originally you have to lose 100,000 today to learn the trading experience, but you can communicate with others without spending 100,000, on The reason why my trading after 2008 is relatively smooth, and I just started to listen to a lot of people in this circle in Hangzhou to tell the master story is inseparable, we all know that there are a lot of trading legends in Hangzhou, someone from 100,000 to two billion, and someone from two billion to 100,000 loss, each story contains profound trading principles this morning with two friends while sweeping the floor chat, I used to I used to know a teacher in Hangzhou, he is such a person he from 100,000 to more than one billion, and later from one billion loss to a few million, because of old age, now futures do not do much he told me, do trading people what kind of mentality is the best mentality? You do not want to make money every day, and not afraid to lose money, such a mentality is the best do not think about how much money to make today when trading, if you think about how to make 5% today, how to make 10%, it is very difficult for you to make money today but you can not be afraid to lose money, do not think I will lose 5% today, will not lose 10%, if so think it is also easy to lose money his words, is spent a billion to buy back, on So when we listen to others, do not just listen to those experts say how much they earn, because experts may also become low hands, often communicate with peers is also very beneficial Question Session: Question 1: Mr. Zhang has to do intraday and swing, how to allocate energy? Zhang Haifeng: do trading now, my principle is to do intraday more focus on technical aspects, do swing focus on the fundamentals of each species is the first thing you need to study, if you do not even know the fundamentals of the species, directly look at the plate, look at the indicators to do, that is in the chaos of doing for example, last Friday when I was short PTA, although from the technical form, PTA is not empty, but I went to the empty A little, because from the fundamental point of view, this species is definitely short in the medium term, I am ready to empty from 6500 to 6700 or so, because this species has no reason to do more although the technical surface is to support to do more, but actually do more is not any sense, so this species I will always pay attention to its medium-term short opportunities like coke, I did short into last Friday, now coke I will not do short in the medium term, certainly The technical side of coke rebounded to 1170 last Thursday, 1172 was the high point of the day before last, 1170 went up in the morning and came down in the afternoon, technically speaking, it is still weak, I went in at 1154, I think this species is still weak at the bottom after emptying, technically, I went in, to the previous low 1129 This is to look at the technical side of each species you do short term or do medium term, itself to have a positioning, not according to the plate to do specific to the plate, the market occurs when you need to consider is, first of all, how much to allocate to this species Funds, some varieties may have a large volume today, allocate a little more funds to me, the volume is large, the volatility is intense, the transaction will be smooth, the amount of funds will be a little more second to do this variety is short term or medium term, that I enter the point may not be the same, coke is to do short term, I enter the point 1154 this position of the cost price is not very good, but it does not matter, because I do Short-term PTA is to do medium-term, if the cost is too low I will feel scratch, PTA in more than 6500 I may go short question two: Haifeng brother, you lost more than ten million in 2012, is not soybean meal into the wrong strategy, and then not stop loss caused by, or because the direction to do the opposite? The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. asked a futures company friends, I asked him if soybean meal is still going up, he said soybean meal can not go up where, 3400 empty can certainly come out I said the people doing spot said there will be a lot more up, he said the spot and can not make money, do spot can make money what to do spot I think it also makes sense, not stop loss, and then up, on the set, I will continue to add positions, has been added to the back of the last stop loss, on cut off that section of the transaction is like a novice, novices are prone to make the mistake of adding positions against the trend is not convinced but that time has been doing so long, in the case of experience is very old but still made a novice like the mistake from this thing later, I found that individual trading does not work, or rely on the team, because the team has risk control, not their own say like we now team to do transactions, there is no one who speaks The strategy of each strategy out, completed by several departments together with the fundamentals, technical aspects, there are three departments of data statistics, together with the decision that this strategy can be done, and then we do do the process of risk control, your capital to the alert line, to close part of the position or all, so that your losses are always predictable personal do, as just mentioned, has been doing so long, by definition, is not considered The team is relatively stable team may lose a lot of trading opportunities, but it is stable and can catch a higher chance of certainty Question 3: You ranked first at that time, the second place is Wang Bin, he is doing intraday, the same day there are gains, he is this kind of trading method as long as you can adhere to, whether it is always profitable? Zhang Haifeng: He has always been profitable, and so far have not heard of him having a large retraction Communicator 1: this style of trading, he can always adhere to, then he has been able to maintain a profitable but his capital volume can not be expanded if he does with a hundred million, forever on a hundred million, he can not increase to two hundred million three hundred million Communicator 2: Wang Bin his single account can only do about 5 million Zhang Haifeng: limited capital capacity, but for so many years he has been profitable. But for so many years he has been profitable, no losses and annual profits are not bad last year I met with him in Shenzhen lectures, he often joked that I quit, too hard, completely physical work Question 4: In your trading process for so many years, whether you have used programmed trading, how do you see programmed trading? Are there any problems with stop loss and poor execution in programmed trading? Zhang Haifeng: I have used programmed trading, but now not do 12 years after losing a lot of money I tried to use programmed, I personally will be affected by many factors, risk control aspects are more difficult to do, the best advantage of programmed is to be able to exclude human factors programmed for about six months, I still continue to do subjective trading I used to put some funds for others to do programmed according to my trading ideas I think the program is like a weapon, a very sharp knife, for a person with low martial arts skills, there is a knife in the hand is relatively good, but for people with martial arts skills, more than one knife may be a burden, this knife is not meaningful, because the master does not need to use the knife I asked a lot of trading done I asked a lot of people who have done well in trading, we all feel the same way, like Ding Hongbo, Fu Aimin are successful people in the industry, they also feel the same way for people who have been trading for many years and relatively profitable in this market, the program is meaningless, but for a person who has just started the industry, the program is still quite useful, it can help you control the risk and if you do the right point in time, the effect is also It is very good because any programmed strategy, to do the swing market, especially to do a large trend market, is certainly 100% good results like at the beginning of this year, with the program to do the egg people, by now has made a lot of money, just find a program in the market can make money, even if the silly programmed can make money Question 5: You just shared the money management, we are very interested, you are full position, the The profit is moved out of your now larger amount of money, or you later issued products, how is your money management this piece? There is also a fundamental analysis, you will not go to the origin, spot traders to investigate the fundamentals, how do you confirm the fundamentals of this piece? Zhang Haifeng: First of all, the core of capital management or to exclude human factors, our teams capital management is relatively simple, scientific management can be, in strict accordance with the risk control system we are now basically based on past experience in the market to configure our current funds such as the products past maximum volatility is how much, may lead to the maximum profit shrinkage is how much, the maximum range of profit is how much, according to these to I have five accounts now, generally each account put two million, when the opening of each account are open, I think the varieties have the opportunity to use an account to do a variety, other varieties have the opportunity I will use another account to do, if there is only one variety of opportunities today, then I will only do an account, there are two to do two accounts I The latter account will only be done when the market is very sure of my daily use of funds may be 20%, 30%, 40% of my total funds, and different varieties I basically two accounts will not do the same variety I just started doing transactions, there is no money in the account idle habit, as long as I go to do a variety, will use all the funds in the account, I look each time the maximum amount of money can be I look at the maximum amount of orders, and then directly into the order, a single I will go after the price, the price of the transaction will not be chased, will be chased until the transaction just mentioned fundamental analysis, the current team is not much, only thirty people, it is impossible to go out to research, although the results of their own research is the most real We now cooperate with futures companies, futures companies would have been able to do for us the only thing is R & D, let their staff to help us do research, come back and report to us like some futures companies, such as Yongan, so many years down, their research is still quite methodical and level Now there are many large domestic companies are doing so the first to do is Mr. Ye, Yongan people research back to tell him, every time after Yongan research, or their report out, the first-class analysts to Mr. Ye There to talk, second-rate third-rate to our side to talk about we have been very reluctant to issue products, feel that the domestic market products are now a bit chaotic customers or capital management this section, every time you talk about the product, either capital preservation, or revenue, I think this thing is very strange, I have tried to make money for you, and give you capital preservation and revenue, my brain is broken? If we issue a product, take their own funds to do a product, or operational management product team side, the management of funds or quite a lot, not very urgent through the 2012 experience and then has been to do now, the most profound experience is never to make a reputation, must be quiet, the negative impact of fame will be very big Thank you!

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