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Write your own MT4 platform forex trading EA (three minutes to get started)

Nowadays, Chinas foreign exchange market, not only cashbackforexcalculatorOnline cashbackforexprofitcalculator more participants, investors are becoming more and more professional, the strategy cashback forex calculator Online mature at the same time, a variety of auxiliary cashback forex tools such as ea trading is also rapidly gaining popularity, so ea trading or called programmed trading, is it very complicated? Is it very mysterious? From the individual investor is very far away? In fact not, ea trading is actually born along with the birth of mt4 and other trading platforms, and at present ea is still an extension of manual trading, said to completely replace personal trading or more outrageous, those on the market that they are more bullish than Google dog team of yoyo another story not more chatter, then since ea is very simple, how can quickly learn and write their first ea it? During this holiday period, I will bring you the following ea rapid introduction tutorial, and in the holidays, foreign exchange is still open, no time to trade? Write an ea it: first we review how the cashbackforexpipcalculator blank program is established the first step, open MT4, and then click the editor second step, click New, check ExpertAdvisor, click Next  third step, to our EA to take a name my first EA, next, the next window without checking the direct next, after which you can directly click Finish So our EA blank program is created, is not soeasy?Well, no more nonsense, next to start our focus today, write an EA of their own first recognize the blank program A area is the comments section, there is no this section will not affect the normal operation of the EA but we usually leave some basic information about the EA and the author of some relevant information here Area C is the initialization section, this program will be run once when the EA starts, and will not be executed after the EA starts, mainly used to initialize the data, when I need to modify some variables, I will execute this program D is the counter-initialization program, this program will be called at the end of the EA to close the EA when drawing lines, etc. Area E is the core of the EA, usually all the This is the reason why it is the core part of the EA, after all, the market is changing all the time, and the EA itself must always determine whether the conditions are in line with the opening and closing conditions Okay, lets start to write my first EA step, we want the EA to display Its basic information, its version number, assuming V1.00 Step 2, remind us what the function of this program is (we want the EA to show the plate real-time buy price today) Note, please try to use English input when entering letters and symbols Next we have to let the EA in our icon layout to show the buy price program is as follows: Program Description. Doublemairujia=0; define the double precision variable buy price and assign a value; stringjiage1=,xianshi=; define the string variables jiage1 and xianshi; mairujia=Bid; the value of the internal variable Bid to mairujia this variable; jiage1= DoubleToStr(mairujia,4); the variable mairujia retains four digits after the decimal point and converts it to a string type, then assigns the value to the variable jiage1; xianshi=current bid Bid=+jiage1+; assigns the value to the variable xianshi; Comment( xianshi); xianshi the value of this variable is displayed on the screen; so our first EA even after writing the   ea in the implementation of the transaction is still very obvious advantages, such as faster trading with the help of the server, more stable operation, and 24 hours without a break Oh!

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