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Write to those who are busy every day to send around the exchange commentary of businessmen!

Eve cashbackforexprofitcalculatory day we have to delete a large number of illegal posts cashbackforexpipcalculator the forum, most of these posts are from the foreign exchange salesman posted comments, why do we have to delete these posts? The reason cashback forex calculator Online just two, one is that such posts will be posted in the EA or indicators section (wrong classification) is the format of the post messy here to say to these friends who work hard every day to send comments on the exchange: these things you are to take to the customer to see, cashback forex to us the moderators to see, you so messy format, you think customers will be willing to read your cashbackforexcalculatorOnlines? Im afraid that even you yourself are not willing to look at it again! Spend so much time every day hard work in various forums, blogs to send a review, send a strategy is also very tired, why send dozens or even hundreds of reviews every day are still unable to find customers? Why? Because you release these simply no one to see, not that your analyst level is poor, customers are not willing to see, but when customers open this article, see is such an article format, he is still willing to continue to see? Lets look at two cases, in the end, which one can make you willing to continue reading: in example one, each paragraph of the article are spaced apart, which allows our customers to easily see what this paragraph is about, is the fundamental or technical analysis and in example two, you can see at a glance where he which are talking about what? Secondly, the article in example one does not have any advertising information, which makes customers look at the article will feel very professional, and if you intersperse what micro signal, QQ number everywhere in the article, which makes customers feel that the purpose of your article is to promote your advertising, so that people add your QQ, WeChat so here we suggest that you send a review of the friends, no matter which website you are in, release The quality of the article should be paid attention to, to quality to win customers, not by quantity! If the quality of your articles is very high, there is still a need for you to dozens or even hundreds of forums and blogs every day to send comments? Grasp the quality of the article, and then choose about 5 forums or blogs to release on OK the following to say specifically what matters should be noted in the release of the sink evaluation: 1, or formatting issues: in your article must remember that each paragraph must be separated (that is, more than one enter key), each paragraph try not to indent the first line suggested that we first use the word program to edit each sink evaluation ( Do not use notepad) 2, article content: the content of the article is divided into roughly 4 major parts, first, the market review second, fundamental analysis third, technical analysis fourth, specific operational strategies, of course, if you want to be more simple, on the third, fourth part on the line in addition to the best in the article with 1-2 analysis chart so that customers look more intuitive 3, contact information part: contact information, such as The QQ, WeChat, this information, it is best to take a paragraph to express generally in the last paragraph of the article or a do not the whole lot of symbols example: this review from XXX analysts, QQ: XXXX, WeChat: XXX a sentence to carry over if your customers feel that your review is good, he will certainly add you if you do not pay attention to the format of the article, even if your analysis again If you do not pay attention to the format of the article, even if your analysis is very powerful, you can really let your customers earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a day, but with your bad article format, Im afraid your customers will not look at your commentary, this little opportunity is not given to you on the contrary, if your article format is very well done, and in fact your skills are not how, this article can also give you extra points, perhaps people customers look at your rigorous attitude so finally Still suggest that all salesmen friends, instead of burying their heads in the sand every day to send ads and posts, it is better to quietly think about what your customers really need, what I can offer him, I give him something in the end is not what he wants do not spend so much time on something simply worthless heart to customers, customers will trust in you!

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