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Wonderful eight banana fan indicator - stochastic KDJ

  graph is an important tool to analyze the pattern of stock market changes cashbackforexpipcalculator stock cashbackforexprofitcalculator patterns, the so-called pattern, refers to the higher frequency of a certa cashbackforexcalculatorOnline shape in the graph graphical analysis of the advantages of intuitive and clear, the disadvantage is that analysts are prone to subjective assumptions about the graph therefore In the actual war, the Imperial Army and hunting guerrillas in the bankruptcy and anti-sweeping often put the main effort into the graphical analysis above in the graphical analysis techniques, stochastic indicators cashback forex indicator is the most familiar and commonly used by investors, especially the large main and professional investors are so  stochastic indicators is to determine the trend of stock prices to turn a forward indicator so-called forward, refers to It is often able to give the corresponding buy and sell signals before the stock price rises to the peak or falls to the trough KDJ indicators can be applied in different time frames, such as minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and other professional institutions are most commonly used to judge the latest listed stocks in the first day of the degree of involvement with 30-minute KDJ, to judge the short term timing of buying and selling stocks with the daily KDJ, to judge the general market with the weekly KDJ, to judge the special circumstances With the divergence KDJ  Because the stock market trading profit or loss is based on the closing price, so the closing price is very important KDJ indicator measures the strength of bullish and bearish investors at the close when the trend is rising, the stock price at the high end of the possibility of closing, but if the bullish forces before the close is very strong, the stock price is raised very high, and the close is unable to close at a high level, the days K DJ indicator will appear down, indicating that the actual bullish forces than the surface forces are weak, generally speaking, this is a sell signal; the same, when the trend down, indicating that the bearish forces are strong, but if the closing price closed in a higher position, the days KDJ indicator will appear up, indicating that the actual bullish forces than the surface forces are strong, which is a signal to buy, of course, some have a very strong will to absorb or ship the Zhuang stock will be the above phenomenon over-exaggerated, in addition to some of the more important technical indicators of the beautiful degree of institutions will also use the tail market reverse correction indicators  The use of KDJ indicators of the same trading principles there are two:   The first traditional classical theory  A reverse sex   When prices fall (up) to a new low (high), and the KDJ indicator did not reach a new low (high), called the bull (bear) market reversal, look at the chart should operate in the opposite direction of the current operation of the stock price  two excessive   when the KDJ indicator over (down) over 80 (20) line, indicating that the market has been speculated overheating (cool) phenomenon, the stock price Not long thereafter may turn the trend  three trend  KDJ indicators run in the same direction, giving the same direction of operation signal, three lines intersecting at one point is a golden fork or a dead fork  four the current scope of application   almost all the technical books and Ordinary consulting analysts have the above understanding, mainly for stock selection  The second professional institutions of the use of theory  A short term acceleration   When the stock price in the K-line relative low, the stock price strong rise, and KDJ indicators run top divergence, the stock has a strong Zhuang host, the short term will rise, for example Huadong Electronics in September 9 around the K-line graph; when the stock price in the K-line relative high, the stock price weak fall, and KDJ indicators run bottom divergence, indicating that the stock is extremely vulnerable, the stock price will accelerate the decline, such as May 19 before the general market  two medium acceleration   when the KDJ indicator back and forth in 80 -100 between the volume run, the stock medium-term upside space; when the KDJ indicator back and forth between 20-0 volume run, the stock for no bankers cold stock, the stock price in 80 or 20 when the speed of operation to be significantly faster than other periods  three selective     nbsp;When the KDJ three lines set in a point, indicating that the stock price is about to occur short breakthrough options, with the volume of energy with the majority of the choice of the same direction breakthrough, without the volume of energy with the case, the stock price in the opposite direction of a small movement  Four complementarity   The best complementary indicators of the KDJ for MACD, pagoda line and SSL  nbsp; Five currently popular range   Most private institutions, futures institutions and earlier participation in the market brokerage self-management plate, mainly used to choose the timing of intervention   

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