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Why should foreign exchange trading be closed on important holidays

In th cashbackforexpipcalculator cashback forex calculator Online, there is no uniform rules, we follow the principle of fairness, voluntariness and honesty in cashbackforexcalculatorOnline, trading, there is no uniform price, the two sides of the transaction a call price, a selection of prices, can reach a deal on the transaction, failure to achieve a cashbackforexprofitcalculatorher to find a simply does not exist like the stock market, the timing of the opening and closing, the same moment the same commodity must be when the same price transaction phenomenon foreign cashback forex market is more like a Free market, everyone open quotes, free trade foreign exchange market is the mainstream of what? This performance constitutes the mainstream of the market, and this performance represents the average level of the market. No, the foreign exchange market is a global market, each country will have its own traditional holidays, their own country holiday, does not mean that the foreign exchange market is not trading but, for Christmas, the almost global nature of the holiday, the majority of participants are on vacation, but does not exclude individual traders are still trading, but these transactions, can not affect the average level of the market as the first day of the year, as the first day of the year. Many free market traders are at home for New Years Eve, but there will always be individual hard-working vendors will still be out of the stall, as well, we have no right to blame which individual traders at home for New Years Eve Why do domestic banks take Christmas off? First of all, the individual real foreign exchange trading business is the banks intermediate business, all the customers trading funds aggregated, by the bank to close the position, the bank can not bet with the customer, since to close the position, there must be trading counterparties, the banks fixed trading counterparties are international reputable large banks, Christmas, these banks are on holiday, the domestic banks naturally can not find a counterparty to close positions, so the market is closed is a reasonable Christmas holiday, why the screen price will change? As already mentioned, the foreign exchange market and the stock market is different, for example, the domestic stock market, said 15:00 closed, at that time, the entire system will be closed, the price naturally does not move, but the foreign exchange market simply does not exist similar to the stock exchange such a centralized quotation mechanism and system, we see the price changes, is the trader to the information company to provide, which only represents the will of the trader If you are a vegetable seller, on the first day of the New Year, if you want to rest at home, you can rest, if you want to make money, you can go on selling vegetables as usual, you do not have the right to ask other traders to accompany you to sell, and then to sue others during the New Year Strikes and strikes will seem more ridiculous to participate in this market, we must understand the rules of this market, as to whether some banks are still able to trade, it is difficult to say, is to be able to, it is also normal, perhaps their counterparties are still working hard, perhaps they are willing to hold the positions that everyone gives them

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