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What does Gann Line mean

Many people say that cashback forex calculator On cashbackforexpipcalculator L cashback forexe is identified as Gann Angle Line, in fact, it is not accurate, Gann Line is just a generic term for various analysis lines of Gann, because all use the method of Gann Theory to do the analysis, so we can say that Gann Line, Gann Line contains: Gann Time Line, Gann Angle Line, Gann Price Line First of all, lets talk about the Gann Time Line Gann Time Line that uses various Gann cashbackforexprofitcalculator cycles The analysis tools formed by the time analysis line common like the Fay time cycle line, the gold time cycle line, etc., all belong to the Venn time line through the analysis of the Venn time line, we can predict in advance the future may occur in the time window of the trend shift in advance of the trading plan, cashbackforexcalculatorOnline can be in the start of the stock to buy, or sell before the adjustment to more accurately grasp the timing of the market, to improve the utilization of funds In the following graphs, we use the Venn time line, the Venn angle line, the Venn price line. The following graph, we use the Gann wheel in the wheel change point to analyze the time cycle, you can see the formation of the low and high points, are in the location of the time line, Gann also believes that time is the most important factor to determine the market trend, time to promote the trend change Then we talk about the Gann price line using the Gann price line, investors can determine the stock resistance, support and up and down space, can be in the actual operation In the actual operation, more accurate grasp of the buy and sell prices, good holding and buying and selling through price analysis, we can make a good trading plan in advance, good buy price settings, holding target, and stop-loss level settings, etc., in the stock appears to rise or fall, can be comfortable to deal with, clear market space, and make timely transactions Gann price percentage, band percentage, gold price resistance and support levels, etc. are The more common Gann price line when the stock down to the support level, support is not broken that is to buy; up to the resistance level, can not break through the selling point to buy after standing a line to see a line higher, down a line, then look at a line lower Finally to talk about the Gann angle line Gann angle line is a very classic Gann price tool, reflecting the relationship between price and time which 1 * 1 line is the most important, is a strong and weak stocks of the dividing line, each one Angle line will be the resistance or support of the stock to do a set of rising angle line and falling angle line, when the two groups of angle line have crossed, the location of these crossings, but also often an important time window in the use of the Gann angle line, the wave rate calculation is the key, angle line content is more, here is not a detailed explanation, you want to understand, you can check the Gann angle line related column article Gann theory is a set of perfect market forecast analysis system, but also a perfect trading system time, trend, price perfect analysis, allowing investors to form a set of solid profit model want to learn, you can contact online customer service

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