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Wave theory pushing waves and their variants

If there cashbackforexpipcalculator an animal stand cashbackforexprof cashbackforexcalculatorOnlinecalculatorg in front of you, you will know if it is a human or a cat or any other animal you know, if it is a human, you will know which part of him is different from you, but you will know that he is a human In Elliotts cashback forex calculator Online theory, the shape of the wave determines its nature whether it is a pushing or a correction wave but the shape of each wave is not exactly the same in In reality, pushing cashback forex can have some variations depending on the fundamentals, but in terms of standard pushing waves, they are five-wave pushing, five-wave up in a bull market, five-wave down in a bear market, and five-wave ending with a correction wave. When a wave is extended, it will make a sequence of nine waves of similar size, and if there is another extension in the extended wave, we will see thirteen waves of similar size. If it is not possible to identify which wave is extended in the analysis, it does not matter because in Elliotts system, five, nine and thirteen waves or even seventeen waves have the same meaning. What we are concerned with is what the extension of the wave gives us. For example, if an investor finds an extension in wave 3, then wave 5 should be a simple structure similar to wave 1 or, if both wave 1 and wave 3 are simple rising waves, there is reason to believe that wave 5 may be an extension, especially if volume increases sharply. In emerging stock markets, wave 5 often appears to be extended as well. A push wave can either extend or fail. . Because the unfinished is easy to make people think that the 5th wave is not yet over when the 5th wave can not make a new high (low), it is likely that the market will be a major reversal of its deeper meaning, not here in a few words can say clearly To remind the reader is that in the practical application must pay attention to the 5th wave in the next level of 5 small waves clearly appear before you can confirm the failure of 5 waves. Otherwise, it can turn into a 4 wave b, as long as it is a failed 3 wave. In most cases, the appearance of a 5 wave is caused by a sudden and significant change in fundamentals, such as a change in interest rates, a war, a coup détat, etc. However, a change in fundamentals alone, without an excessive rise in wave 3, can hardly cause a 5 wave to fail, just as the real world is not perfect, so the stock market often has regrettable In addition to extensions and failures, the inclined triangle pattern is also a variation of the push wave, which is really rare compared to the first two.

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