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The way of securities trading learned from opening a clothing store

Suppose you are go cashbackforexpipcalculatorg to open a clothing store, cashback forex calculator Online you cashback forex some preliminary research, will you consider the purchase of goods, the cost of store rent, purchase channels cashbackforexprofitcalculator so on and so forth, that is, you will consider carefully before making this investment, but I believe that cashbackforexcalculatorOnline many people can consider their opening position carefully in the futures trading, and will not even consider more than 3 minutes immediately after If the first batch of goods you bought immediately made money and sold quickly, would you consider buying another batch, if it sold again, then buy another batch, but if the first batch of goods you bought sold more slowly and the earnings were not good, would you quickly continue to buy the next batch of goods? Obviously, you will at least think about it, but I see many friends in the futures trading, not in the profit after the code, but in the loss of money, hoping to pull the low cost, the results of the market gave him a heavy lesson why a small similar instinctive reaction when opening a store, put on the futures market, but not at all resolute implementation? If you say, the store you just opened, then you must have psychological preparation, at least within 2 months, customers will be very few, so lose money in the expected, at this time you will be at peace, if you say open 8 months, still lose money, you will certainly seriously consider what went wrong, and then hold their pockets, hoping that their next purchase will not be too big a problem, you will be very cautious in the futures is also So, at the beginning of the position, we set a small stop loss, in order to ensure that their capital will not lose too much, and the future of the market in their favor, we will naturally be at peace, but such a simple truth, but I see many people do not set a stop loss, or set a stop loss, to the point and repeatedly hesitate when you open a store will be repeatedly hesitant? Again and again to buy goods, take their capital jokes? Your store opened down, if the first year to lose money, the second year to lose money, the third year to lose money, the fourth year you will do? Continue to do? Maybe many people will consider taking the store off the market to keep some capital for themselves, but in futures trading, you have lost money in several transactions, will you stop and think seriously? Suppose your store is profitable in the first year, and then again in the second year, and then again in the third year, what will you do in the fourth year? Will certainly continue to do, or even open branches, expand the scale, but such a simple instinct-like reaction, put into the futures, your profit is so take the single down? I believe that 99% of the people will not take their profits for too long again, suppose you open a store, the first business earned, the second loss, the third you do? The store plate? Im sure you wont be stupid enough to do this, but I found many friends to take the profitable single into a loss, chagrin has been countless times, many QQ friends asked me, how do you deal with the profitable single, I said hold ah you can not take the profitable single hold, which is very scary, because it means that in the future, even if there are many times a big market, a big opportunity, you will certainly not make money, you Will only stay on stop loss after stop loss, until the principal loss so do not be afraid to turn a profit into a loss, because there is a chance for you to earn back, you fear, you are equal to failure if you lose a few times in a row, look at how much principal loss, think about the story of the hypothetical own store, and then stop, take a break, think seriously, and then make a decision before continuing, you open a clothing store, you will will not enter some computers to sell? But in futures, I see a lot of people, today, oh, triangle finishing pattern, breakthrough, do in tomorrow, oh, the average support stands, looks like an opportunity, do in the day after, oh, KD golden cross, MACD divergence, empty turn more signal out, do in these, in my eyes, like opening a clothing store to enter the computer to sell the same, do not know how ridiculous you can not even the most important of a computer to sell. How ridiculous is it that you dont even have a basic way of trading, how do you make a profit? Stocks or futures investment is the simplest of all, including real-life investments, and you know why? Because only they are historical data for reference, you open a store is never historical data for you to consider, the stock futures investment is a large amount of data, whether you are doing trend operations, or swing operations, or intraday short term and there are simulated transactions, you can not lose the principal in the case of countless trial and error and then trial and error, until you can succeed but how many people are really Drill into the history of the market to study, whether it is just conceived of a way to trade and then take the money to verify that you should at least take a book and pen, according to your ideas, in the history of the market calculations, to see if you can profit open store every day, at the end of each month, you will take a plate of goods, will keep accounts, will do the math, consider, how to operate this month, which into the good, which can not, to find a pattern, to find out the tricks but the Find out the law, find out the trick but I have rarely heard of friends doing futures, the daily closing of the settlement opened to see how their own operations today, to see if they firmly implemented the plan, to find their own problems and mistakes, to summarize you look back and think about the story of the opening of the clothing store, you will not feel that your current deal is really ridiculous.

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