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The use of trend line stock selection

  In the stock market bubble time longer investors know, do stocks must follow the cashbackforexprofitcalculator, and can not move against the trend here the so-called potential, is the general direction and trend, that is, the direction of the stock market movement trend direction there are three: cashback forex, downtrend, horizontal trend (no trend) in our country, taking into account that there is no shorting mechanism, investors speculation only by buying low and selling high to make money, so the selection of stocks with an uptrend is particularly important, that is, in the selection of stocks, you have to choose the K- cashback forex calculator Online graph of each of the peaks and valleys are higher than the peaks and valleys in front (that is, a bottom than a bottom high) of the stock will have an uptrend in the stock of the two connected lows are connected in turn, the resulting uptrend line usually, the uptrend line on the stock cashbackforexcalculatorOnline to play a certain support Once the uptrend line is formed, the stock price will run above the trend line for a period of time According to this principle, we can select stocks above the uptrend line 1 uptrend line buying time (1) buy near the uptrend line First confirm that you draw the uptrend line to meet the following conditions: ① the existence of an uptrend, that is, the existence of two sequentially rising lows ② draw a straight line, it is best to have more than the third point falls on this line, the more points fall on this line, the more effective and reliable the trend line; ③ the longer the continuation of the line, the more effective   uptrend line formed, the stock will run along this uptrend line but in the process of running up this line, the stock may have a short pullback, many times will back down to the trend line near, some even smashed the stock price to the trend line under investors in stock selection, if you can confirm the trend line is effective, you can wait for the stock price back to the rising trend line near, short, medium-term intervention (2) selected after the stock price fell below the rising trend line, quickly in the sun or long sun back to the trend line above the stock At present, more and more main insight into many small and medium-sized investors to use the rising trend line stock selection, therefore, they are in operation, often deliberately smash the stock price through the uptrend line to do so can play a part in washing out the role of the unwavering followers (3) medium-term uptrend, the stock price pullback does not break the uptrend line and stop rising is the time to buy in the medium-term uptrend, the stock price of the low and high points are constantly moving up, the two obvious lows of its continuous upward movement into a straight line inclined to the right, is the main uptrend line, It will become the support when the stock price back when the stock price each pullback to the line does not break the line and stop falling back up, is the uptrend in the short term buying time The use of this method of operation should be noted: ① stock price pullback to the uptrend line, the volume should show a contraction, otherwise the uptrend line is difficult to support the stock price ② the actual operation should be based on changes in the situation timely correction uptrend line  2 down trend line buying time  When the stock price in a day volume upward breakthrough down trend line (A point), as a buy signal  Using this method of operation should be noted: (1) but sometimes, in the stock price breakthrough down trend line, the volume did not increase with, which can be regarded as a short-term rebound, the stock price (2) When the stock price breaks through the A point, sometimes the stock price will reverse down, but the stock price fell to the B point, and did not fall below the downtrend line, and then the stock price reverses up, then the B point can be regarded as a second opportunity to buy 3 horizontal trend line buying time The stock price for a long time Run, each time up to a certain price level, are blocked retracement, the number of high points linked together, will form a horizontal trend line When the stock price on a certain day, the volume of upward breakthrough of this horizontal trend line, as a buy signal The use of this method of operation should be noted: (1) the stock price upward breakthrough of the horizontal trend line, if the volume does not cooperate with the enlarged, meaning that the exchange of hands is not active enough, it is possible that soon after the breakthrough (2) the stock price for a long time in the level of the line, due to the main force to reverse or protect the reason, the cost of the position is also rising, when the main force and then pull up, obviously for this batch of chips later out again to pull out the space such a high degree of control of the main force If the stock is running at a high level, investors can only moderate participation in the stock selection point gold in the use of trend line stock selection a guideline, we must first clarify the stock price through the rising trend line is a real breakthrough or a false breakthrough if the stock price in a small drop through the rising trend line after the trend line near the consolidation, and can be broken within a week after (the less time the better) to the sun or long sun to re-stabilize the rising trend line above, and there is volume If the stock has a false breakout, the stock may start a short-term retaliatory rise when the stock price is back above the trend line.

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