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The trend in foreign exchange trading

In the domestic foreign exchange trading, we cashback forex only do more non-US currencies at th cashback forex calculator Online stage in order to profit often encounter such some people, buy a certain currency, ready to make medium cashbackforexpipcalculator long term, the results of the buy soon began to fall, and reluctant to cut the position out of the field, and finally the deeper the set; also some people bought a certain currency ready to do short term, buy after the real rise, so rushed to close out the position, but After closing the position found that the currency bought is still rising, regrettable; there are some foreign exchange people found a currency is rising to buy, the results of buying immediately after the fall, very decisive stop loss, just stop loss, the exchange price rose again, the results buy is not, not buy is not, nothing to do These situations are often encountered, but also the main reason for the loss of some people speculate for several years, or In fact, the reason is not complicated, there is an important issue is overlooked, which is about the three cashbackforexprofitcalculator division of the importance of the trend think we all know very well then, the trend is how to judge? And how is the trend generated? How should investors operate different trends? These are the most fundamental issues of speculation in foreign exchange, if you can not deeply understand these elements, speculation in foreign exchange is like a blind man feeling the elephant, make money do not know why to earn, lose money do not know why to lose if speculation in foreign exchange before, already clear how to carry out the three market division, to guide their operations, these mistakes can be completely avoided, each time the success rate will be greatly improved About the three market division, refers to a certain The current technical state of the currency, which can be understood as the trend state of any currency at any time corresponding to the exchange rate, must be in one of the three trends, without exception, these three trends are up potential, equilibrium potential, down potential, or called the bull market, oscillating market, bear market The same investors each operation before they already know that they do this single is medium and long term or short term, position of The size of the position, the size of the profit space, the length of time to hold the position, the correct judgment of what to do, the judgment of how to respond to errors …. Everything is in your control, you can fully enjoy the fun of investment, fully enjoy the wealth brought by investment How can you accurately divide the three markets? What we have to do is to find a way to find the most simple and effective method: look at the technical graph of a currency, the first entry point is the direction of its 30-day cashbackforexcalculatorOnline to the indirect price method, for example, if the 30-day average is up, then this currency is in an uptrend, belongs to the long market, it has investment value if the 30-day average is moving horizontally, then this currency is in a balanced trend, there is value for short-term operations if the 30-day average is moving horizontally. If the 30-day average is moving down, the currency is in a downtrend and there is no chance of profit. With the weekly and monthly charts, the judgment of the long-term trend will be more accurate. The weekly K-line chart can filter out some secondary fluctuations of the daily chart, and the monthly K-line chart can filter out some secondary fluctuations of the weekly chart. In operation, for medium and long term investment, as long as the 30-day average is still up, you can continue to hold positions until one day the 30-day average begins to flatten, while the 5-day average, 10-day average down or about to cross the 30-day average, this time for medium and long term investors should close their positions and leave the market This is the most basic idea of medium and long term investors Of course, for different markets to take The operating ideas are not the same, do not hold in any market conditions, unchanging strategy, the so-called unchanging to change is the wrong way to operate the correct method is to change with the market, as the so-called enemy change I change

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