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The traits of successful traders

can be successful traders cashbackforexpipcalculator mainly of two types: one cashbackforexprofitcalculator the figurative memory of cashbackforexcalculatorOnline, of cashback forex expressed as a good level of painting cashback forex calculator Online calligraphy K-line charts can be firmly remembered in their heads in the financial markets K-line charts constantly repeated is one of its characteristics, so this kind of people can apply experience to make money and another is the abstract memory of people, often expressed as a musical talent they are good at reasoning, to be able to deduce patterns from a variety of K-line charts than ordinary people. They are good at reasoning and are able to deduce the laws from the numerous K-line charts, thus having a higher accuracy rate in prediction than normal people in most of the standard IQ tests are graphical reasoning, these people have a very high IQ they are good at comparing various factors, taking the main and going to the second from the chaos to find the law is their expertise some people who have been operating for more than ten years and are able to survive in the market, usually have the former qualities the real Collector is often the latter, or the former latter have the genius of the former So, Wall Street, those who earn millions of dollars a year, often have a musical talent and make money ordinary veterans, often have a higher talent for painting As for those who have no talent for anything, it is best to exit this market believe it or not three major elements of successful trading (11 elements): (a) the psychological elements 1, mature private life; 2, positive 3, the motivation to make money; motivation to make money and trading success is not significantly correlated, but still be very careful to check, because the lack of motivation to make money and internal conflict and large, the success of the transaction is very damaging 4, the balance of internal conflict; 5, the sense of responsibility for the results; (B) decision-making elements 6, the technical side of the market with adequate knowledge; 7, to make objective decisions (C) management and discipline elements 9, the control of risk; 10, patience; 11, an additional element: intuition  psychological characteristics of failure include: 1, can not cope with a high degree of stress; 2, negative attitude toward life; 3, there are many internal conflicts; 4, always complain about others when things go wrong 5, will not adhere to the principles as its The operation of the norms, 6, easier to become follow the masses of people 7, lack of organizational skills and patience Author: Wall Street Nightmare

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