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The trading philosophy of outstanding traders

Outst cashback forex calculator Onlineing traders usually have a special state of mind, which involves a persons values and attitude towards people How do you feel about money? What cashbackforexpipcalculator your view of society? How do you view the individual and the collective? How do you view taking and giving? How do you view strengths and weaknesses? The cashback forex philosophy of outstanding traders usually includes the following elements: cashbackforexprofitcalculator, principles, trade-offs, cashbackforexcalculatorOnline, testing, accumulation, that is, capture the trend, adhere to the principles, grasp the rhythm, maintain balance, continuous testing, and gradually accumulate each of these elements from the concept of trading outside the trend of history, society and economic development has its own laws, the direction guided by this law is implicit in the trend of trading is Around the trend to do the article to capture the obvious manifestation of the trend is to follow the trend, chasing up and down non-obvious manifestation of the trend that is oscillation, can be high throw low suction trend formation has a gestation period, the rhythm of the trend is fast and slow, there is a retreat "trend trading law" principles principles by the law of the lead? And come, the law is implied in the inevitable principle of things change is usually a set of necessary conditions to achieve a certain goal such as laws and regulations, if people behave in accordance with this set of conditions for constraints, there will be a certain harmony of the scene can also be considered the principle is to avoid certain situations and set the bottom line adhere to the principle, that is, today, at this moment, the immediate implementation (the gift of ghosts) trade-offs trade-offs represent for Limitations of the objective understanding of a persons limited understanding, limited knowledge, limited energy, limited time, if you want to seize any trading opportunities, is not to understand the trade-offs trade-offs represent screening, restraint and waiting (out of the illusion to maturity) balance good ecology requires balance, benign development also needs to balance the supply and demand for goods need balance, a persons work, career and family also? To balance the risks and benefits need to balance the mind balance represents life, trading, to people, to things do not go to extremes, on behalf of peace, contentment, gratitude trading like life, there are always shortcomings, many things missed it is difficult to return, but the only way to continuously improve the experience, in order to similar opportunities in the future to come to no longer miss, is the best way to make up for the past ([Dow Theory]) test test represents from subjective to objective, from Plan to reality of the transition strength needs to be tested, success or failure needs to be tested, judgment needs to be tested, profit and loss needs to be tested, the trading system needs to be tested test on behalf of like the time factor and in harmony with it, test on behalf of retaining the flexibility of correction accumulation accumulation on behalf of the process of achieving the goal resources, contacts, need to accumulate, knowledge, wealth, need to accumulate profit and loss is? The gradual accumulation of probabilistic events accumulation represents weakening the emotional involvement of a single profit and loss, accumulation represents for controllable losses in the mind to accommodate [wave theory

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