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The stock market experience 5 years do foreign exchange 3 years share these years of trading journey!

cashback forex calculator Onl cashbackforexpipcalculatore am a native of my country, but now live in Singapore, some friends want to underst cashbackforexcalculatorOnline why I am in Singapore, so I am ready to start from the beginning, I learn to do some trading insights, how to achieve a living by trading, how to come to Singapore process in detail to talk to you I am a le cashbackforexprofitcalculatorurely, love to toss people, when I first joined the industry is an IT engineer, who had thought that fifteen years later, today, I am in Singapore In 2007, I entered the financial market, an unfamiliar and exciting field, mainly by trading foreign exchange for a living. Fortunately, from the first day I entered the investment field, I was conscious of the fact that in the face of this unfamiliar field, I had to survive with my own unremitting efforts. Faced with a loss is probably the most difficult line of work in the industry in which human beings are engaged, more difficult than doctors, lawyers, architects, a line of life and death, a newcomer in this line of work can continue to earn money? And achieve the dream of financial freedom? Only by their own diligence, as well as a certain degree of talent, of course, talent I think does cashback forex simply refer to the IQ of the usual diligence will form a variety of accumulation of life perception, cultural accumulation, mental maturity, which is a gradual process of enlightenment talent will allow you to accumulate in all aspects of the water to the time, the stimulation of certain external factors, suddenly there will be like being struck by lightning general feeling, to reach the epiphany of The realm of epiphany! This moment is the phoenix nirvana I think I should now be considered to have been enlightened to look back on the road, will find that everything is actually very simple, as if separated by a layer of window paper, a poke with the hand to break, but how many people are close to the distance of this paper and fell in the end before the so-called loss of a fraction of a centimeter, the fallacy of a thousand miles is also I have always aspired to a free and easy life, aspire to have a do not need to look at the face of others, rely on their own However, when I got what I wanted, I realized that it was a lot of things that I had to trade back to do financial transactions, which will let you experience a lot of life in a short period of time: a snap of the fingers, through the vicissitudes of life; broken soul after three awakenings, only a moment of beauty in the eyes of others you will become A boring weirdo, so I just have to write something, make some friends with the original intent of the people trading, easy, exchange is also called the English trade, compared to the Chinese meaning to be much more profound Chinese classical philosophy masterpiece has "Yi", also called "Zhou Yi", "I Ching", this Yi, some people think that the sun and moon pictograms, "I Ching" can also be described as the study of yin and yang I learn "Yi" when a sage has a cloud The first realm: last night the west wind withered the blue tree alone on a high building, looking at the end of the road; the second realm: the belt gradually wide end not to regret, for the I eliminated people haggard; the third realm: the crowd looking for him a thousand hundred degrees, suddenly look back, that person is at the end of the light to learn to trade, self-perception, also like this: the first: not easy just When you enter the door, worship of the gods of stocks, masters, after the head of the poor, full of ambition to kill the market, expecting to instantly earn a full plate Yes, the new gambling boy just entered the casino, the casino will always give you a little sweet in your complacent thought to do trading is so simple, pulling the finger to calculate the monthly, annual … … Oh, no, should be a daily lucrative profit of the time, smooth sailing The days passed quietly, a new Soros is not born, the birth of a new hairy crab so, at least seventy percent of the people vowed that once unsettled from the financial market, these peoples memory is comparable to a goldfish, seven seconds after that is to forget what they said, once the market rebounded again, they feel at ease with the market again, to see, however, happy not two days, again set Week after week, caught in this dead-end cycle, can not move forward again step a small number of people realize the problem, re-learning, a different approach from the head of the road again, seems to have small gains, but the results are still a series of losses, can not understand the rest, and then a different approach to continue to try, into another circle, also can not move forward again this part of the people will be a very small number of stand out, and then enter the next realm of the second. Easy for me to enter this realm, experienced almost 8 years, and nearly 2 years of which is full-time in doing foreign exchange, to be able to break through, perhaps because of the sex Lu and foolish it If the A-share is a swimming pool, the foreign exchange market should be the sea A-share cycle cycle of bulls and bears is about 7 years, the foreign exchange market, if you encounter major data market, minutes to teach you to do it again (my record is currently within a second loss of (My current record is a loss of $12,000 within seconds, I hope no longer will be broken by their own) in the foreign exchange market by the experience far from the stock market comparable after such destruction, I finally cocoon into a butterfly (of course, I have seen a certain child, the first 20 will be a great enlightenment, its talent really let me sweat) to this state, basically will feel a little speechless trading feeling, before the kind of people who meet with their own different views on trading, then you have to argue an ugly cynical. The feeling of having to argue out a child, right and wrong, more or less empty no longer exists when others say they look at more or less, basically, they will just laugh and pass the third: simple as the so-called Avenue to simplicity to this one, in trading, it should be said that like a warrior in a martial arts novel, falling leaves and flying flowers can hurt anyone any trading system, basically at your fingertips, casual, all as natural as breathing at the same time, due to the trading The cognitive realm of improvement will make you feel less passionate about many things in life, such as mahjong, gambling, Mark Six, there is no interest in these to participate in the eyes of friends and relatives, you are a deviant, incomprehensible people this, perhaps can be called the harvest of the sang-fu, the loss of the east corner it God always treats people fairly, you want to get the same thing? Well, take what you already have and exchange it for it! Yi is also an exchange! The "Yi", a yin and a yang is called the road, the yin and Yang is unpredictable is called God My line of work is an IT engineer, after graduating in 1999, from Guangzhou drifted to Beijing, and then drifted to Shanghai, very much in the Internet industry to get a tide at the time I joined the company engaged in the newly emerging e-commerce, my boss started this Internet company, than I am now to 7, 8 years younger, young and talented, outstanding The idea is very not modest to say that the concept of the current public review network, the United States network to play the rest of the year we played we were only edge cell phone network era actually started to do cell phone website, dedicated to business people to provide find restaurants, find hotels, book airline tickets and other services because only business people can afford to pay for cell phone Internet access … … this A year, there is a young man, from Hangzhou, surnamed Ma, also founded an e-commerce company, called Alibaba because at that time the e-commerce industry in Beijing just started, the circle is small, each other are familiar with my boss as a local Beijing, more or less look down on this outsider, behind the scenes do not know how many times ridiculed the name Alibaba, think that this sky is too bad name a year later, my I then followed the Taiwanese company to Shanghai. After seeing the ten miles of Shanghai, I returned to Guangzhou at the request of my parents, and I later heard from a former colleague that my After the Internet bubble burst in 2000, many Internet companies have collapsed after burning up the money financed, while the ET-like Ma boss has been like a fool to stick to the mu of land, through the Nasdaq Internet bubble winter, the company grew, and finally succeeded in becoming the industry oligarch, but also once the richest. Back then, I have always been very saddened, if I had the opportunity to jump to the Ma bosss company, I would not be one of the eighteen Luohan it? In that case, perhaps I later do not have to suffer so much in this line of financial trading, ha ha (article from the Foreign Exchange Institute: www.waihuibang.com) back to Guangzhou, parents in order to I no longer leave their side, begging grandpa, grandma to find me a relationship into a bureau of institutions, the name of this unit sounds very high, and I am just a The name of this unit sounds very high, but I am only a temporary worker, monthly income of 1500 yuan, less than my previous income is more than half, with the official establishment of the staff income is not bad, only double, probably mainly because this is a relatively unproductive unit, with the establishment of the income of people in the same level of units are considered low my main job is to maintain the computer, in order not to let my parents disappointed, and strive to enter the establishment, to get a stable job that my parents hope I still work as hard as before in the Internet company, and occasionally work overnight without complaining, there is no overtime pay because I at least in the jungle for two years, the technical level than the average fresh job market is quite good, so I am willing and able to work, it is logical to become a small leader in the minions, brought out a group of disciples of computer maintenance in the system of these units in the year, 8 hours outside the basic or I have been interested in the history of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom when I was in college, read a lot of books on the subject This period of time, I have been to the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom South King Feng Yunshan a couplet to encourage themselves to temporarily lend the mountain of Jing perched phoenix, chatting will be purple water live dragon, determined to ride a donkey to find a horse like I love to toss people do not want to do so no name of temporary work, the day I joined the idea of jumping ship again, and has been actively At that time, Microsofts training, certification has been done in the domestic rotten, Ciscos network engineer certification is on the rise, the general income of those who have taken the test can rise quite a lot so I spent a months salary to go to training classes, and then spent a months salary to do the exam fee, took a CCNA test this certificate before the unit leader, the leader felt that I was still a pretty progressive young man. As he is also a computer science class, he knew that the gold content of this certificate at the time after many years, it seems that because of this incident I was in his mind should have greatly improved the impression of the unit because it is engaged in computer maintenance of such marginal business, has not been popular in the bureau, a number of establishment, the background of hard people will not stay long, after a period of time, such as other good units out of the vacancy Transferred away in 2003 when transferred away from such a person, leaving a job vacancy, the unit leaders feel that I have done a good job for more than a year, while walking point of luck is that no greater leadership to install people in, so I got the long-awaited establishment, is right to eat the royal food system, I think many friends have heard of the situation, shallow income, dry a bunch of work, the seniority of people with less income. The seniority of people with high income, basically do not work so I am a shallow seniority, in the eyes of other old comrades think that the young people can do some work almost became a universal table I am a screw, where the need to nail from the computer repair, web pages, P photos, cover for the leadership of the night shift to include the replacement driver to the leadership of the car and so on chicken and dog things, everything because I a part-time driver, the driver can take a vacation, while I am in the The driver and I are relatively low profile, so the driver and I have come to know each other very well drivers usually in addition to driving to and from work, usually very idle, so the drivers, ten out of ten people will speculate in the stock market at that time is in 2001 to 2005 this unprecedented bear market, the degree of misery, the time span is unparalleled, the old stock market is now mentioned are palpitations At that time, speculation of people dating is absolutely unable to find objects my unit of this driver is estimated then is also set a lot of savings, all day long sigh, and even once to learn the principles of networking and Photoshop with me, want to change a job with more money but as time advances to 2006, things slowly changed … … and my fate has also been this In 2006, the driver of my work unit began to look better, without the anxiety of the past, without the long sighs of the day, I was completely out of touch with the stock market, did not even think about the stock market, just think this kid is not what luck, pick up the money, so good mood all day at the same time, I got married in 05, early 06 busy to continue to test Cisco certified CCNP, and then became a father, there is no time for him to care, so there is no in-depth communication with the driver of the reason why he is so HAPPY all day long because I want to marry my daughters name, I taught myself a little flat eight, and then addicted to the "I Ching", the charm of the ancient Chinese philosophy is very attractive, I was addicted to the inextricable time flies, into 2007, you can feel the surrounding The atmosphere is obviously different from previous years, the old comrades of the unit every day, I learned from the media that the stock market is good, but let me empathize with myself is that I bought the wedding house in 05 rose a lot because of the beginning of the marriage, they only have that poor by the salary income left savings, the down payment is naturally dependent on parents to give, not much money, buy a small room, after the birth of the child The room was even smaller, family conflicts also increased sharply because of this reason, so at this time my mind was a little bit stupid, thinking of selling or renting out the house and then move back to live with my parents house, parents after all, there is a unit of welfare housing, but also relatively large said dry, my wedding house soon took off, the net profit of more than 100,000 at that time I think is a huge amount of money, because My father was bought out of the original unit, decades of service is only worth this amount of buyers to the house money in hand, because there is still time before the mortgage needs to be settled, so my hands have a total of more than 300,000, the money in my hands, my daughter-in-law did not have a finger, oh about my good wife, I will have to devote a chapter to speak later, do full-time trading, without the support of his wife is impossible to succeed with the strength of the stock market I was still not moved by the fact that my parents had been hedged in the stock market, and thrown out in a hurry after the hedge was lifted, so I did not make any money in the stock market, which left a psychological shadow on me, but when colleagues around me, in addition to the newcomers who really did not have savings, nine out of ten have speculated on the stock market, and everyone went to work to talk about the stock market with great enthusiasm When I could no longer hold back, in August, tucked away more than 300,000, killed the stock market Speaking of drivers, usually the units, enterprises, the god of stocks or the god of gambling, no it, more time, extensive experience in the field my work unit drivers, after the test of the bear market in 01-05, from the war to learn the war, no teacher, engaged in a set of unique tactics, from then on, basically driving became a part-time job The other expenses, including the money to buy a house, are all earned back from speculation, of course, in hindsight, for the fashionable words of the day is: the wind comes, pigs can fly up everything, in fact, thanks to the bull market in 07 If the driver is a realist, then I am the academy I first entered the stock market, the risk of the stock market still has a certain The reason is that the previously mentioned parents brought me the shadow of an interest in the unknown, I generally read books to learn first, so I downloaded a number of domestic PDF books, book names have not remembered, of course, the names of these books generally contain the word "secret", belonging to the standard recommendation Fan Sapps "Road to Freedom in the Financial Kingdom" whether stable profits, from the length of time at least The actual amount of money that was lost was more than 8,000, and Im sorry Im too old to remember it all. The driver roughly mentioned this matter, the driver generously said, Ill teach you a few tricks a few days later, he taught me his unique method, which I later read a person more than a high speculative book never found after the speculative skills, is indeed considered unique, I announced today, I hope the driver do not go online to see after looking for me to collect royalties his set of methods are quite interesting, belonging to the crystallization of the wisdom of working people, do not see any Indicators, basically he only relies on his own formation of disk sense occasionally look at the K-line, mainly only to see the strength of the K-line, whether the bare head and feet, the focus of his attention in the price he believes that all the original shares of the stock is a dollar a share, to put it mildly, are a piece of paper, why is it worth so expensive price? So he never only fried the two lowest price of that one or two shares full position to buy the lowest price of that stock, when another stock fell to become the last, he sold the original holding of that stock, and then full position to buy the lowest price of this stock so that the number of stocks he holds on hand will continue to increase, when the stock rises, full position, of course, will make a lot of money, but when the bear market Well, the same full position down, but he does not care, still in accordance with the previous practice, constantly changing shares, constantly increasing the number of shares, note oh, not the number of money oh this practice, in the whole big bear market, watching the amount of money constantly shrinking, the average person is not persistent, I belong to this average person this full position operation practice, in the bull market, of course, will be very cool, then I follow the drivers practice to buy ST Mayan, two days in a row up, a day can earn more than 20,000 yuan but in the 6124 point after the start of the plunge, full positions held Bank of China fell, two consecutive days of the decline, the two nights I dreamed all K-line chart, until the opening of the eyes when the third day all the funds loss reached 20%, the amount of more than 80,000 yuan if other methods of speculation did not learn well, stop loss this I learned quite well, I cut off the position out of this night, I had a sleepless night after the loss of this large sum of money, I can only beat the door and swallow blood, bitterness to their own bellies, in front of my daughter-in-law and parents or forced smile, but secretly, the mental tension is not relieved, every night basically do or K-line dreams, a red and green, people are thus haggard a lot Although I stopped the loss to admit the loss out of the game, but a taste of the sweetness of doing stocks of people The companys main goal is to make sure that the companys customers are not too busy, and that they are not too busy. But how to turn it over? At this point I have been the drivers method of denial, and began to find a way out in a variety of speculative secrets, and then light positions continue to trade but, in the bear market, down is the general trend, even if the occasional rebound, but is only a mantis to stop the car so and experienced some small losses, I simply stopped the real trading, and turned to open a virtual account, while reading books to learn while frying virtual disk book after reading a lot, found and I did not gain much, of course, with my improper selection of books have a certain relationship, as a new stock market, the choice is basically the kind of title to attract attention, publicity to do a good book, actually bought back to read, according to do a pass did not earn, I was thrown into the bookcase until I once on a stock forum, into a moderators section, read his analysis of the general market and stock section for a period of time, he was more I was convinced that he soon published a book called "Winning in the Stock Market" (click to download the e-book), so I rushed to Taobao to buy a copy (* here to declare that the article only states my personal experience, I have no relationship with the author or bookseller, financial interests, so there is no intention to do advertising, after the article I will also mention a number of books that have helped me, I like all (I think this book is very suitable for me at this stage of the situation, it will average, MACD indicators to do a more detailed explanation, and taught me first from the broader market, to determine the bull and bear. I think this book is very suitable for me at this stage of the situation, it will average, MACD indicators to do a more detailed explanation, and taught me to start with the general market, to determine the bull and bear trend, followed by the basic analysis of the section, and then select technical patterns and fundamentals to form a resonance of individual stocks from the general market section of individual stocks, layer by layer, so that I, a new stockholder formed a set of systematic stock selection thinking I remember, the book did not mention money management, I must say some regret Fortunately, the same period, I plucked on Taobao Chen Jiang Tings "wisdom of speculation" (download e-book) (Click to download the e-book), for the first time let me have a preliminary sense of money management ("the wisdom of speculation" is a classic book on stock speculation, I and the author Chen Jiangtings experience is extremely similar, are out of the country, and trading for a living) after reading these two books, reinvigorated my confidence, I re-entered the real plate in early 2009, finally let me wait until the opportunity to test some of what I learned before due to the / / / central announced the release of 4 trillion, A shares in touch with 1664 low point after the start of the rebound, I entered the market at about 1700 ~ 1800 points, held all the way to more than 3000 points afterwards we know that this wave of the market peak at 3478 points at the time, I certainly do not have the ability to foretell where the highest point, my initial preparation is, as long as the market does not fall below the 10-week line, I am not prepared to liquidate the position But sometimes you really cant ignore the good luck in the trading process that was one night, I went to the sauna with a friend, I was with him at the front desk waiting for the checkout, sitting next to an old lady, I heard her talking to a male next to her, that who who who, recently made a lot of money speculating in stocks ah! I listened to all of them in my ears, remembered in my mind, after returning home, thinking about it, so I could not help but associate it with the Wall Street shoe-boy theory So, the next day after the opening, I asked all the positions at that time, the stock market situation is from 3478 points down for three days, and rebounded up, basically near 3478 points, but could not break through 3478, I liquidated my position is about 3400 points About, then the market began to plummet how many years later, I learned that this technical pattern is called a double top, so whenever I think of this past, I will be complacent, on the one hand, to thank God for the gift of the old lady, on the one hand, I am glad that I made a timely decision without the slightest hesitation this is the only time in my trading career of stocks so lucky to copy the bottom, escaped the big top, the matter has been in a number of years I This is the only time in my stock trading career that I have been so lucky to have made a bottom and escaped a top, and this has been my capital to show off to my friends for years! This kind of bottom escape from the top of the strange encounter is often used by industry insiders to brag about the capital, but there is no egg use at that time, although I copied the big bottom, escaped the big top, but did not make a lot of money, that is, basically the previous loss of money back to the capital and then earn a little more, because I did not understand the importance of money management at that time, the beginning of the light position after trial and error found to be homeopathic, and did not add positions in this wave of unilateral small bull In this wave of unilateral bull market, but because the position is too small and can not maximize the benefits, can not help but make me feel resentful so I have to toss again Usually, restless, love to toss people is not much perseverance in theory, after the test of this battle, I should be on the existing trading system for money management part of the perfect can, but because the height of cognition at that time can not reach the current level, I will then deny the system, and turn to I was influenced by another book and completely changed my style of stock speculation This book is Li Chis "Chinese Value Investing" (click to download the e-book) Li Chi can impress me because he seems to be a philosopher-like words, such as the more unproductive, the more extraordinary, and his do large swing operation is also more suitable for office workers, after all, at that time I can not stare at the plate now in my opinion, Li Chi is a deep understanding of the Chinese national conditions of the slick, slippery. The Chinese stock market understanding of Dan Bin, Li Daxiao and others above a lot of Li Chi in fact and the Shunshou black horse concept can be said to be consistent with the value of speculation, but under the guise of Warren Buffett value investment, the difference only lies in the trading style: Li Chi is a left-handed trader, willing to take the initiative to buy sets of undervalued stocks; and Shunshou black horse is I was an admirer of Li Chi at the time, and I read his book until the skin fell off. I have a fixed income every month, every month to buy shares as a fund fixed investment, every month after payday, go to buy shares so, in the case of many domestic stock forums unanimously bearish bank stocks, I took a long position in bank stocks, and continue to buy right, I forgot to say, this period, I also opened a Hong Kong stock account in Hong Kong, to buy the price of the Minsheng Bank cut but the price of bank stocks have been still half dead I have been watching and watching, there is a kind of stock, called peoples stock … … my own choice of bank stocks, with tears also have to continue to buy ah, buy buy buy, the wifes salary also used to buy, my salary also used to buy, the salary to buy, on the provident fund, housing subsidies, etc. Housing subsidies, etc., anyway, in addition to meal money, I only have banks left … … shares so boil ah, boil ah, from the end of 2009 to the end of 2011, a full two years of time, finally years of daughter-in-law boiled into a mother-in-law, the end of 2011 to the beginning of 2012 the wave of bank stock market to Minsheng Bank and other joint-stock banks as the leader, to force the short form of rapid As you can imagine, this time to hold back two years of my chest can finally be a vomit, and then the spirit up just in early 2012 A shares in full swing, an old classmate with me lost contact for many years through social media found me this classmate in junior high school after graduation that immigrated to the United States with his family, there was no Internet, so we have been out of touch thanks to the great Internet, let I talked to my classmate about the stock market, and he said he also had an allocation of A shares, and as the chat gradually deepened, he had a preliminary understanding of my experience in stock trading, and then mentioned his work to me, it turns out that he works at Deutsche Bank on Wall Street, is a member of the foreign exchange analysis team, he talked to me about some foreign exchange knowledge He told me that individuals can speculate in foreign exchange, but he did not tell me specifically how to open an account, with what platform to do so I just swallowed the whole thing, know that there is such a thing, did not put too much on the heart, because I am soaring for my bank stocks dark cool, have not thought about doing other about to March, one day due to the interbank lending rates soared, resulting in the day the stock market plummeted, originally my stock float surplus of There are more than 300,000, this day did not drop a lot, really let me heartache, but whether to liquidate the position out? Li Chis book did not specifically say when to exit … … my heart 10,000 alpacas in the gallop if people lose the original thing more painful, then let you get and then lose should be more painful so in the hesitation and uncertainty in a few days, suddenly one day the old man asked how my stock, I think he was in the newspaper to see what I told him originally The old man said, or clear it, dont speculate A shares again his old man still has palpitations on the stock but this is a kind of psychological implication to me, and after a few days, while the stock price rebounded a bit, I reluctantly asked off all positions, including Hong Kong stocks with more than 200,000 satisfied to leave the stock market did not think, the old mans prophecy, I I never touched the stock again because I found a new object of speculation after clearing the stock after clearing the stock, I thought about where to open a foreign exchange account, through the network search, basically either Carlson, or the ads of the FWIW, under a look, found that the original are not domestic, I could not decide, I did not know which one to choose, so I gave up and returned to the proper commute not to speculate in the days of the stock. I was a monk, but perhaps it was fate, one day in January 2013, I went to the MBA course, a new acquaintance with a table, chatting between classes, the sea of nonsense, naturally talking about the stock market, and then he mentioned that he was doing foreign exchange margin trading everything seems to be so natural, is trying to doze off, it came to send a pillow is really to step through the iron shoes, no place to find, to get I know that the process of opening an account at Forex, so I went home and opened an account at Forex, and invested 5K U.S. dollars. I then went online and bought a copy of Lu Xiwus "Trend Trading Method", as well as my classmate at the same table recommended Li Hanjuns "Forex Trading Practice" to start the Forex demo trading. It? But this writing is my intention because no matter what the market, its essence is the same, human nature has never changed, under the sun, and there is nothing new my stock market experience is the basis of my foreign exchange, speculation 5 years, speculation 3 years, my entire trading career is 8 years, not cut learning always to first lay a solid foundation, and then gradually improve, if the beginning of the challenge of high difficulty, such as my 07 years directly into the Foreign exchange margin market, that I will not know the difficulties and retreat is still hard to say in the process of trading, it is inevitable that people will make mistakes, but people can not always step into the same river the reason why I will be from the beginning of the trading experience are written out, is to hope that we can learn some lessons from it themselves forex life  www.waihuibang.com/ fxschool/fxstory/before I did not summarize the write out, here is a list, please check, in the foreign exchange market whether you have also made the same mistakes: 1, heavy position or even full position trading; 2, did not maintain consistency, often change the trading system; 3, intends to spread low cost, counter-trend trading; 4, please continue to see below: my foreign exchange demo trading is basically in accordance with the trend The method of trading method to carry out the right, I changed the trading system again, which is the cause of my road to the financial free kingdom took so many detours a fatal wound "trend trading method" in the method is actually Victor Sporandys "Principles of Professional Speculation" (click to download) in the ABC rule and 123 law, I did a month of simulation, and began to do transactions according to this book to do Half a year later, still do not get it, sometimes with this method to do a single, sometimes useless, the three or four, and occasionally chase the rise and fall, and occasionally plunge to touch the top, and sometimes in the non-farm payroll data out of the up and down hanging single, anyway, the common activities I am basically interested in a try so, messy to do half a year, 10,000 U.S. dollars of capital only left more than 5,000, a loss of about half a chance, in a foreign exchange forum to see An article about the Vegas channel, I read it and felt very good, repeatedly carried out some research, the Internet can search for articles on this method are all downloaded back one by one to learn, and then use the chart, actually several months in a row profit, and each month the amount of profit is more than 4,000 U.S. dollars I began to drift, mistakenly thinking that they have the ability to stabilize profits! It so happens that during this time, a friend who wants to immigrate to Canada knows that I have always had the idea of immigration, so he introduced his acquaintance with the immigration company to me, a talk, found that there are Singapore immigration options, I went home to discuss with my wife, my wife very much approved, the main reason is that I think there is basically no language barrier to live in Singapore, and close to Guangzhou, food, climate and Guangzhou is similar, plus the most important point, I thought I was stable and profitable, the source of livelihood after immigration can rely on my income from speculation in foreign exchange so, we decided to immigrate to Singapore! In this Behind this seemingly hasty decision, there is my heart of a running seven years of immigration In 2005, a familiar engineer around, after taking the highest level of Cisco network specialist certification, technical migration to Canada This planted the seed in my heart, as soon as I found the opportunity, it began to sprout We landed in Singapore in October 13, although there is a friend in this side, but everything is difficult at the beginning. Although this is a predominantly Chinese society, it was a former British colony and one of the former Malaysian Federations, a diverse and multicultural country. I once approached a man in Chinatown who looked no different from a Chinese and asked for directions in Chinese, but he said he was a Filipino. After a few months of steady profits, I started to lose money steadily again. After reading it, I felt that I had already understood these truths, and completed the preparation of the theoretical knowledge needed to do trading, I think what I lacked at that time was only the art of trading, so basically I did not pay special attention to it, but always try hard to find a set of trading system that can make me stable and profitable (article from Forex Academy: www.waihuibang.com) So, I shopped a lot of Forex Forum, regardless of Chinese, English Singapore here is not that great wall, which allows a self-learner has a very wide world, I can easily use Google search (can not open Google, try this method) I am interested in things, so I found a lot of English forex trading sites, but also let me know that there are automatic trading program EA (forex EA forum Compared to domestic forex trading websites or forums, foreigners have a very good point, that is, sharing is selfless he can contribute a set of trading system free of charge, the original explanation to everyone, but also one by one to answer questions; can also share the source code of the EA selflessly, without any advertising on the contrary, the domestic There are many people, the use of domestic and foreign information asymmetry, in foreign forums copied from others, packaged on Taobao to sell money, here specially despise it! Of course, the foreigners also have to sell things, but their commercialization and free sharing is very clearly divided I was not too cold on the free sharing of things, I think who will be so good people to do the Thunderbolt, so I only commercial trading systems and EA to pay attention to their selling price in U.S. dollars is not too expensive, there are 99 U.S. dollars, there are 199 U.S. dollars, and there is a 60-day unsatisfied refund But there are also some outrageous ones, like ForexHacked, ForexEnvy and other martingale strategy type EA, I dont know if the author is too confident about the attractiveness of his EA or what, but the price will actually go up all the way, and later on monthly or quarterly fees, you dont mind the price, they do not refund me. They have not gone up in price before buying the Martingale strategy used in foreign exchange margin trading is a strategy of active death, and my previous unit of the drivers strategy, Li Chis strategy, in fact, is a kind of thing, the use of human nature deep want to win fear of losing weaknesses, lose money without stop loss, the more down the more buy, Martingale even doubled to buy it without stop loss, because its stop loss is a direct burst in A shares This delisting mechanism is not perfect market, with this strategy is completely feasible, because the A-share stocks have a bottom, rarely delisted, choose cheap stocks to buy at low prices, when the bear market winter, ushered in the bull market spring, that is called a cliff of a hundred feet of ice, still have a flowery branch and in the foreign exchange margin market, due to the existence of leverage, both will be N times magnified your profits, but also N times magnified your losses, so The martingale used in foreign exchange margin trading, in front of the huge capital leverage, so that your foreign exchange trading is already dusk alone worry, more about the wind and rain Therefore, the use of Martin EA is to have considerable skill, the EA author also recognized this, in the use of manuals constantly emphasize the risk, and lists the countermeasures 1234 and so on but the innate genetic bad, you then how to engage in genetic engineering is also a natural and Egg fireworks are always brilliant when they burst, Martin EA is the same as the fireworks, after the profit situation is brilliant, the fate is to burst I read the manual in detail, on various forums to see the experience of others, with 1K U.S. dollars position to do a test, found that the profit is not too much, so on the 5K U.S. dollars, the next day on the U.S. and Japan a wave of large trend market, decisive burst and then re-input gold I continue to engage, each time I have not had time to transfer the money away from the profit, and then exploded others with Martin EA, there may be a fireworks moment, Im good, just see the popcorn, a total of three positions exploded, a net loss of more than 5K per month, is the richest man in the world can not stand so sitting on the empty bar, I went back to that sad, tearless situation, especially this time, I still Unemployed people … … zero Ding Yang sigh zero Ding, fear of the beach said fear is the best picture of my life at this time although relying on the previous savings to support a year and a half or no problem, but the landlord can not just rely on eating surplus ah, we have to think of a way, right? Martingale is not available, is it possible to find a Nightingale to treat my physical and mental pain? So I continued to look in various forums to find a good friend: in early 2014, met a bull, he is a certain Arab countries in the Middle East, from its display in the mfb above the actual plate, is not very cheating it? The Arabian bull X brother from August 2013 registration, every month profit rate is very high he sold his signal source online, after buying can automatically follow the single, the price of 100 U.S. dollars per month, I bought again I think I can follow the single, follow the bull learn to profit so fierce technology this bull X brother trading strategy allow me to first sell a shut, first of all, I follow the single situation the first month I in a 5K U.S. dollars The first month I followed the single in a 5K U.S. dollars account, the profit situation is very good, to see the profit situation so stable, of course, is to increase the input, the sun cold ah, so increase the deposit to 60,000 knives subsequent months really continue all the way to red, making money every month, the previous loss of money all earned back by chance so coincidentally, after my capital, his good fortune seems to have come to a head, the brother of Allah Allah may not cover him, he went from Walking in the clouds of Ma turned into a Malaysia Airlines passenger plane crashed: sometimes, I cant help but think, this savior is not again God specially sent to hitchhike me, let me back to the capital, but only stop there, gave me an impressive lesson, and then summoned him away…… this bull X brothers bubble actually sooner or later to burst, his trading strategy is actually just a Ma Dingle strategy variant, foreigners generally called Grid, the domestic call is the grid which grid can also be divided into homeopathic grid and counter-trend grid, his grid is counter-trend, really and Martingale is a pair of difficult brother, can be called the Gale brothers Niu X brother only do Europe and the United States currency pairs, each open single is 1,000 U.S. dollars open 0.1 hand, my 60,000 U.S. dollars account each single have to open 6 hands if it is homeopathic to earn If the money, not to add positions, basically a 20 ~ 30 points of profit on the flat, to find the opportunity to open a single; if the floating loss, then whenever the loss to a certain number of points, will add the same number of lots, the specific number of points to add positions, it is not fixed so, this set of strategies to let him in August 2013 to March 2014 between this relatively volatile market market market has achieved very good results, from less than 10 Million U.S. dollars invested to July 15, 2014 when the peak grew to more than 160,000 U.S. dollars, less than a years time fully doubled 16 times: But in May 14, the European Central Bank President Mario Draghi speech put QE after the big move, the euro exchange rate plummeted, it is reasonable to adhere to the constant high short, but the Arabian Niu X brother in a rebound after doing more, and in the exchange rate plummeted after still keep adding positions The beautiful bubble has been transformed into a colorful and attractive glow, and many people around the world have invested money to follow the single, although some people have chosen to quit after recognizing the illusion, but Im afraid more people are following the bull X brother together with the car destroyed the bull X brother estimated or little loss, his account was later revealed to be a miniaccount The main source of his money is to sell the signal source money, this time burst, the next change of name then can sell those who recognize the illusion, ahem very honored, and have despicable (here should be applause) as Soros said: the worlds economic history is a series based on illusion and lies to gain wealth, the practice is to recognize its illusion, into which, and then exit the game before the illusion is recognized by the public with the previous Ma Dingle EA lessons, as well as my familiarity with the book "get out", I have a clear understanding of this dead carry not stop-loss or big stop-loss small stop-gain, only one-sided pursuit of the win rate strategy is a sober understanding of the weakness of this strategy in April 2014 has almost exploded, because in Draghis speech before the euro in all the way up, and at this time the choice of this bull X brother is to add positions for the previous short is trapped single, resulting in my account Counter-trend position of the number of lots to amazing, I was manually stopped out of half of the position single if not Draghi speech that night Draghis mouth more bullish, the Arabian bull X brother must have exploded that night, and I have to lose at least half so at the end of May I did not renew this signal source really, the Arabian bull X brother dodged the first day, did not dodge the fifteenth, July, this kind of oscillating city invincible Strategy encountered a single-sided city on the warp, any how long before you are how infinite scenery in the peak, but also let you suspect that the Milky Way falls nine days (article from the Foreign Exchange Academy: www.waihuibang.com) Arabian bull X brother so gently away, waving a hand, do not take away a cloud, take away is someone elses money in his most brilliant time, the average monthly return almost reached 40% I once sent an email to him, said to him: brother, you are so bull X, Warren Buffetts annual rate of return is only about 23%, your average monthly rate of return has exceeded him so much, and then do a few years, you can surpass Barlow 70 years of earnings this is not scientific ah! The bull X brother calmly back to the mail: do not worry, brother, follow brother, there is meat to eat the results, profiteering did not, burst position came Charlie Munger said: If I know where I will die, then I will not go there this July, in the bull X brother blossom rich moment, I remembered the old gentlemans famous words, as if struck by lightning before so many years are in this kind of martingale strategy in circles, they have burst a few times, no thought of this quote, now suddenly remembered, I reckon it may be because this lesson is too profound know martingale strategy is bound to burst, that I use anti martingale strategy is not bound to survive in the market, to avoid bursting? Martingale is not stop-loss, I stop-loss can not avoid the burst of the position? The direction of this idea is certainly right now, but in the details of the operation still needs to be perfected but at the time I did not think through, because there are many people, including the single I did before, the vast majority of the money lost is caused by the stop loss, so many people will therefore give up the stop loss and use the Martingale strategy, Im afraid this is also one of the reasons why this type of EA so well sold money Secondly, Martingale also has a feature that is a loss The second feature of Martingale is that it is a losing position, so can I make money by adding to my position? It seems not well, I have also tried to add positions with the trend, the result in the reverse movement of the exchange rate, the added position dragged down the previous profitable positions, or lead to losses really depressed, left also can not, right also can not, dare to ask where the road ah? With full of doubts, I went back to Guangzhou to deal with some family matters back home, re-find "out of illusion towards maturity" (click to download) the book, quiet, away from the market, a hundred battles to return to read again results, the book has a golden house this time reading, so I can say that I will observe the market, look at their own perspective and elevated to a new height before this more than a years time, I have been doing dog bite The tail game is just, constantly in the circle, constantly jumping from one fire pit to another fire pit, because only know to bury their heads pulling the car, and forget to look up the road financial trading industry, probably the most temptation and fallacies circulating industry let people confused not because of too few choices, but too many choices So, I choose to go back to the origin, start again from scratch, follow the principle of Occams razor, delete the complexity and simplify back to the origin, from the Dow Theory", back to the price, back to the original market, all indicators can not be read, I was enlightened, and "out" of the book together, finally completed the framework of my trading concept, my own trading way to understand, from then on there is no confusion, the art of trading is just a tool to carry my trading concept, which tool I feel comfortable with, I can use it! For example, our generation, when we were young, we played a game "The Legend of the Golden Age", the great warriors of the jianghu, each with their own tricks, the nine swords, nine Yang Shen Gong, Ling Bo Wei Bu, etc., as the protagonist, you can practice, choose a lot, when your internal power is high enough, practice what, with what is not a problem when you practice to the highest level, the most powerful martial arts are these? None of them, the most cheating is the wild ball boxing commonly known as rock paper scissors, huh when the level of the concept is raised, it has the right values, in the chaotic world found their own road Jin Yong in the "Xiaoyao Jianghu" wrote about the Huashan school of gas, sword fight, the transaction of the Jianghu is not so? The moves are no longer cattle, no internal strength, make out and no lethality, and ultimately have to rely on the gas to harness the sword trading system is good, no correct trading concept, you will not be able to use it for a long time, as long as there is a slight setback, you will replace the system, the past I was so with the correct trading concept, as if the sea sailing found a lighthouse, to find the direction, and then to find some similar to their own concept of the previous masters The articles written, the system used, is a very easy thing, no longer have the old days of that sense of powerlessness and frustration because long ago stable profits of the predecessors adhere to the road, in fact, are the same since the financial trading line for hundreds of years, the theory of the idea, the invention of the system have been explored by previous generations but do not look at these truths simple, and I guarantee that as long as the people who have been doing a period of time trading One hundred percent know these truths, but how many people have really gotten the way? The people who do not understand are not because these truths are too simple, but they feel that they can make their own profits should not be so simple as I mentioned in the previous article, I chose to buy a commercial system, while ignoring the free shared trading system, and now I am using a trading system is precisely a system that people selflessly share on the Internet So, what is this way of trading in the end? I suggest you read "Dow Theory", "out of illusion to maturity", "the road to freedom in the financial kingdom" because the sages used the thickness of a book to illustrate the simple truth, I speak again, just picking up peoples wisdom, but also speak not as good as others for example: cut off losses, let profits run you must already know, right? But why should I believe this? I believe that this statement is the truth, because it is the cornerstone of my profit I am doing this, is to make you believe that the living example in front of you, by all the books I have read, believe in the simple truths they tell, the road to freedom in the financial kingdom, and you, too, should believe in some seemingly simple truths, and persistently to Follow it to guide your practical actions in order to let friends who are still struggling to survive understand, so that friends who do not have a direction to find a way out, let me briefly make a summary according to my understanding, I think in order to stabilize profits, should do: 1, no matter how others look, to treat trading as a serious business, not a hobby to pass the time in leisure or gambling is not a proper job otherwise, you Just in paid entertainment, not in trading 2, read the right books, to establish the right trading concept for example: "The Road to Freedom in the Financial Kingdom", I personally do not like to read this kind of professionalism, but also the translation of the book, because the level of translation is usually poor, so I prefer to read "out of illusion towards maturity", this book can actually be regarded as the author of the book "through" after reading 3 The book is a set of trading system that is suitable for your trading habits, with positive expectations, such as: double averaging system, simple but not simple like I am a relatively impatient person, I choose is a short term trading system, with the Taoist forum on the five points of male predecessors almost the same, but I was from a foreign forum to find the 4, to your system for the annual calculation of historical data backtesting backtesting is to let you Confirm that this is a trading system with positive expectations, so you have a full understanding of your system, to enhance your confidence in using it 5, through backtesting the data, you can optimize the system in line with their own habits; optimize the system to focus on improving the profit-loss ratio, less pursuit of win rate 6, strictly in accordance with your trading system for mechanical trading, the less human intervention the better only according to the signal trading, strict stop loss, to overcome their own hand. Strict stop loss, overcome their own hand and brain drawbacks 7, adhere to the consistent use of the system, even if encountered a continuous loss, do not replace the trading system with positive expectations, usually in the encounter of continuous losses, often means that the profit will come immediately, otherwise, the two sides of the slap is bound to be you 8, finally, please remember the phrase, trading is simple, do not artificially complicated The transaction is so simple that only the opening and closing of the two actions repeatedly, and we can stabilize profits, not by what magic trading system, but by perseverance and persistence in doing simple things I do as a full-time trader, I assume the risk of the funds I can bear, I have my own ideas, I have my own rules pony across the river, the old cow said the water is deep, the squirrel said the water is shallow, over or not? The water is deep and shallow only when you try to be clear, suitable for their own is the best stand aside, pointing fingers and feet to others, standing and talking, of course, the easiest, but it is just a little bit of spit this kind of goods I have seen a lot in real life, there is really no shortage of where to be a spectator, please give some minimum respect for others to share, I lost and did not lose your money, I earned is not because Im not going to be able to earn enough money to feed a family of four in this market anyway, the rest I dont force dont take a certain expert to compare with me, Im not an expert, people can copy in the lowest point, out of the highest point, that is the ability of others, I cant do, and I dont have half a cent relationship with people who are experts with a good mindset, not Competitive, that is also someone elses business, I am a common man to live in the chaotic world, do not seek to achieve in the lords of the jianghu can have the South Emperor and the North Beggar, can not have the East Evil West Poison? I have seen Martin enthusiasts, delayed enthusiasts, speculation single enthusiasts; in this market in a hundred flowers, big money, who will not go to participate in each other, ask each other to follow their own set to do the road of trading, is thorny, or a hundred flowers deep, must go their own way we each go their own way, each in peace who knows how far I can go in this market? It is not easy to speculate in foreign exchange, and speculation and cherish

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