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The rhythm of the foreign exchange market

There are many ways to conduct foreign exchange trading, some relying on subjective interpretations of cashback forex patterns or calculated indicators However, many indicators look at the cashbackforexpipcalculator in exactly the same way They consider foreign exchange price fluctuations to be largely independent of cashbackforexprofitcalculator, cashback forex calculator Online similar market movements usually send market signals Some traders, especially short term traders, and especially those who have been trading for Traders who have been trading for some time take a more instinctive approach to the market Usually, they try many technical indicators and currently use only 1 or 2 of their favorite indicators More importantly, many of their decisions in the market are based on instinct and intuition Many claim they can feel the market and follow its cashbackforexcalculatorOnline Two types of market rhythms Being able to feel Getting a feel for the rhythm of the forex market is an important skill, not something as simple as picking technical indicators For example, have you ever seen a moving average crossover or relative strength indicator (RSI) signal in an otherwise quiet holiday market?  This happens because technical indicators are based only on price In fact, a professional trader will see a crossover or RSI signal and ignore it because he knows it is a signal in a quietly traded market and therefore unreliable In fact, an experienced trader will use the rhythm of the market to trade based only on a more reliable signal Time rhythm  The first type is time rhythm, which is a measurement between price peaks and troughs that can be simply calculated, but should be measured over at least 3 different time periods to produce reliable results By calculating the average of the difference between peaks and troughs over different time periods, you can see if the market has a time rhythm In this way, you can find patterns like the following: the market changes between peaks and troughs It usually takes an average of 20 minutes This helps to determine the best time to trade price rhythm Another type of price rhythm is found by comparing the direction of the general trend and another trend, such as an ordinary retracement Usually, determining price rhythm is natural, but it can also be calculated by looking for a pattern of movement between the general trend and the second trend  For example, if the market rises 5 units or 5 segments and retraces 3 units like this, the trading scenario is to sell after 5 up segments and buy after 3 down segments The important aspect of trading rhythm is to standardize your unit measurements and observe them in different time frames

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