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The psychology and emotions of the mind that affect the investment returns of forex traders

Fo cashback forex calculator Onlineex cashbackforexpipcalculator psychology, cashbackforexcalculatorOnline is, the feelings cashbackforexprofitcalculator reactions of forex investors to forex trading, is an important part of the trading process, yet this factor is often overlooked All traders look at the same prices, read the same news, analyze the same charts, so what cashback forex the factors of the mind that make some traders profitable and others are not?  A wide range of emotions can affect your trading in both positive and negative waysEmotional trading takes many forms, but almost all are not wise FearSome people find it difficult to make the transition from trading with virtual money in a virtual account to trading with real money in a real trading account with their own money, and they can become anxious and fearfulIf you are struggling with this, keep in mind that the virtual environment is a great place to trade. If youre struggling with this, keep in mind that what you learn in the virtual environment will help you Greed When your positions are performing well, you naturally long for more gains. Illness, or even a move or job change, can distract you and affect your judgment Joy especially happy times can also affect your trading (if everything is not going well, your mood will immediately fall) when you may be too optimistic, you take risks are often beyond your normal tolerance You need to understand how their emotions are affecting their decisions Anger you should pay special attention to how your emotions are affecting your decisions nbsp;angerYou should take special care to avoid conditioned behaviorFor example, you should never try to go back into the market after a trading lossSometimes you will be upset about a bad decision you made, take this as a lesson learned because no one can always be right, everyone learns from their mistakes emotional trading When making decisions, you should try to avoid being emotionalFor example Some traders may re-buy previously profitable stocks without thinking carefully about the situation at the time A financial instrument that has brought you excellent returns in the past does not mean that it will naturally win in the future Patience Patience is a necessary quality for trading, and most people learn to be patient from their own experience After reaching a deal, you should give the market some time to react as you expect. Dont lose your patience and close your position before the market moves. Similarly, chasing a market that has already started is a sign of a lack of self-discipline. Develop a clear trading plan and implement the trading plan allows you to avoid emotional instability when making decisions, all you have to do is implement the plan without any emotions You can visit the Develop a Trading Plan page for specific methods 2. If youre staring at your screen, afraid of the wind, the market is prompting you to scale your trades down to a size that will give you peace of mind. The other side of the coin is acting decisively You need to be willing and ready to act, because your window of opportunity may be small, especially in the financial markets, where everything changes so quickly Be decisive Dont be afraid to make the occasional small mistake If you follow a trading plan and manage your risk wisely, you will soon learn the skills you need to improve your chances of making a profit The Risk Management page will show you how to prevent excessive losses

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