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The psychological tips to have to speculate in foreign exchange

(1) stable In the foreign cashback forex cashbackforexprofitcalculator, a small amount of money for tuition, careful study to underst cashbackforexpipcalculator the details of each l cashbackforexcalculatorOnlinek, watch the plate simulation for a single, there are a few points of power for a few points of investment, rather than under a small number of mouth, not full mouth, beyond their financial resources to know that foreign exchange investment has a high r cashback forex calculator Onlinek, coupled with the pressure of insufficient funds, when the loss of confidence, it is naturally impossible to play a high degree of wisdom, and the certainty of winning is relatively small. The so-called stable, of course, is not just follow the tide into the market, to have a clear idea of the general trend to do serious analysis, to have their own way of thinking, rather than follow the flow of the so-called stable, but also their own estimates, from time to time, combined with the market trends constantly revised, and win in this way In other words, speculators need to be flexible thinking and objective analysis of the situation, only then, to be able to make They are invincible (2) tolerate the foreign exchange market, the rise and fall of the market and not overnight can be formed, but slowly formed the formation of the long market is so, the formation of the short market is also so, therefore, the potential is not formed before never move, lest kill into and out of the impulsive investment, to learn a word of patience small intolerance is chaotic, tolerate a step, the sea is wide open (3) accurate The so-called accurate, is to If a woman walking like a small foot, take a step to shake three, and then breathe is not to do a big deal if you think about things, think about thinking, dragging out the time too long that it is difficult to talk about the word accurate of course, what we say is accurate is not completely absolute accuracy, there is no very sure thing in the world if the general trend all the way bullish, do not go against the general trend for short, at the same time, see the market, the mind (4) hard The so-called hard, there are two meanings on the one hand, when the direction of the wrong, to have the courage to break the wrist to admit the loss out of the field on the other hand, when the direction of the right, you can consider the right amount of code, multiplying the victory in the early stage of the rise of the exchange rate, if you have been full of a profit, may be held again foreign exchange more For a while, not easy to take profits to close, and then earn him a (5) roll Run in the foreign exchange market investment, earn eight points full on the go, the exchange rate reversal and down can be used to filter the principle of immediate withdrawal, the exchange rate decline in the early stage, do not flow love, to be brave, ruthlessly closed when the short market, in the foreign exchange chip holdings should be reduced as much as possible, it is best to stay away from the stock market at this time, when the long market, and then enter at the right time  The above talked about stability, patience, accuracy, hard, roll five psychological tips, in the overall use of strategy, accuracy or second stability is the most important because in any kind of skill, accurate need to rely on the assignment, stability is dependent on the strategy and capital, and thus can be achieved through the means of management so that the general public should be built on the basis of steady and stable, in order to level the playing field, a flight to the sky

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