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The process of newcomers to the foreign exchange advice

With the development of the economy cashbackforexprofitcalculator society, the cashbackforexpipcalculator cashback forex calculator Onl cashback forexe industry is cashbackforexcalculatorOnline and more developed, contact foreign exchange, learning foreign exchange more and more people, but many newcomers in the time to speculate in foreign exchange are somewhat blind, even the basic process is not very clear, did not find a good way and learning experience here, foreign exchange experts to our new friends in the foreign exchange market to provide some newcomers to speculate in foreign exchange process advice, you can slightly learn from the You can learn a little from the people who just learn to speculate in foreign exchange, that is, foreign exchange novice, for many processes are not very clear, then the main is to first understand foreign exchange, to understand the basic concept of foreign exchange, how to speculate, what tools and software to do to assist. Understand the form of Chinese foreign exchange. First participate in simulation operations, master the basic software buying and selling rules, learn to see the K-line, familiar with the basic indicators. How to see the market information! Further, learn to look at the external fundamentals, the basic analysis of economic data, familiar with the basic technical analysis, how to see resistance, support for newcomers, each transaction winnings start 2 points, should not be greedy trading, appropriate practice, you can exercise the ability to judge and decision-making ability slowly familiar with the habits of gold, and then the pursuit of winnings big so-called, planning and then move, just suitable for the trading learning process, do not listen to old exchange friends say I think the newcomers must know some basic knowledge of foreign exchange or to learn, look at the data, nothing more convincing than data and learning type more and the group of masters exchange to make money in the foreign exchange market for a long time, the minimum requirement of investors is more than 70% correct probability of trend judgment; and guide investors to operate the experts, on Must have more than 80% correct probability of trend judgment, otherwise, it is not a real expert, you put yourself down to the actual operation, will soon also lose money After understanding the above basic knowledge, you can be more comfortable in the foreign exchange market In addition, for the daily foreign exchange trading process, experts also have some suggestions 1, the day of self-assessment of the state (whether the previous days trading is smooth, whether it affects todays mentality, etc.) 2, do the days single plan. Do the days single plan (direction, entry, stop loss, exit point) 3, observe, wait 4, enter the transaction, set a stop loss (or abandon the transaction) 5, strict implementation, tracking and observation 6, profit exit (stop loss exit) 7, the daily trading log and statistics 8, close the transaction (do not trade frequently) Finally, I wish every friend who speculates in foreign exchange can be more profitable and make money!

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