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The number of open positions definitely can not be used as a measure of whether the trader experienced a wealth of criteria

a friend around me said these words: into the foreign exchange industry has been three years, experienced several open positions, but has been harboring the dream of trading for a living, I kept reading books, review, write plans to review, summarize their problems, but has been losing again, friends around me without my efforts but cashback forexubled, feel that they have been bewitched I know that life should cashback forex calculator Online only trading, th cashbackforexpipcalculator period of time has been living in the opening of the depression, despair cashbackforexprofitcalculator confusion, after the stop I know should return to life, I kept suppressing their emotions, feel about to collapse! This makes me recall when I was in high school, there are so a bunch of students, learning cashbackforexcalculatorOnline not be described as not hard, every day reading books are very late, caught can not be a question on the teacher classmates a series of questions, the results are always on the failure, and finally feel that they are not this piece of material, and then complain about those who do not work harder than their own exams I think what? The gap between anyone is actually not so big, the big thing is the perspective of understanding things, some people hit the nail on the head, some people only slightly taste the skin and do not know that back to do trading it, blowout this really nothing to brag about, blowout how many times also absolutely can not be used as a measure of a trader whether the rich experience of the standard so I am very strange why so many trading people sitting together have to go share some of their own blowout Experience if you only focus on skills, or analysis, do not take into account the actual situation of the funds, the funds finally can not be tensed strategy is very normal, and then can not be tensed well, it is burst if a trading beginner is very normal, but if the account in the whole into the trading industry since the continuous burst, this is definitely a problem, because there is no concept of risk control, the funds are not managed well, which is still doing transactions? This is in the gambling well may be some people feel that this sentence is a little heavy, because you will feel that you are after analysis, such as you see a support here, or a divergence or a golden fork so you enter the field, justified Well I will give a very interesting example when he was still in school, I study operations research, at that time a teacher private communication is good, and then a chat, talking about blackjack strategy At first thought to find a light topic to talk about, which know that the teacher speaks excitedly moved a small blackboard calculations, look at our face of disbelief directly to us to deduce his experience several times he is gambling, or in the casino but most of the time he has some stable profits, but many traders? So who is gambling when you compare with him? In addition, trading, you read a lot of books is not important, what you learned, think about what is important to understand the exchange friends inside there is no shortage of trading books no less than dozens of people (forex ea home, a collection of various trading books), I told them that I am serious about reading is also a book, and in the memory is good when I saw this book can be memorized because he brought me to think about understanding let me see a lot of things The book is a good example of the kind of thinking that I can do, and let me survive in the market which reminds me of a person, an investment company boss, himself very addicted to doing transactions, every day himself, and do some single one day he asked me with great enthusiasm what level he can now trade in? The initial intention of asking this question is very simple, want to get sure well, and the current transaction basically found the highest minimum point but I do not look at him these, but look at his account for a period of time the flow of water, ask him why out of the field into the field, ask him some single reason of course, finally I complimented to tell him okay, because I can not tell him even the door into it a good day does not mean anything, you can do long-term trading, and know why you make why you lose. And know why they earn why it is important to lose but many people do not understand this, many people rely on complete analysis of the transaction, so both domestic private or institutional, there are many technical analysis of the master, there are many fundamental analysis of the master, their analysis are very powerful, but the single does not necessarily do very well, and even lose money for the simple reason that, for trading, the analysis of the market is only a tool The final implementation of the trading behavior of your analysis may be very accurate, but the final implementation of the transaction, you may perform to the end of their own do not know what they are doing no execution well so, many institutions do not take the analysis as their lifeline, but capital management, I can control losses at a bad time to ensure that do not die, favorable time to try to get profits, to the end result is always not better than those The analysis of relying on the release of people self investment to be worse, said the mentality problem, in trading, discussing the mentality is to have the prerequisites because your trading does not have a clear logic, purpose and execution before, simply not qualified to talk about mentality mentality is not possible well you do single win money, not inflated to death even if modest you lost money, a single two single no problem, more, you will always doubt their own implementation and not in place of the analysis, and then The mentality is getting worse all the way to the collapse, which is an almost inevitable result, what is good analysis? So I think the subject of the problem, perhaps more serious than this, that is, to do this for several years, may not have started I never want to evaluate who is not suitable to stay in an industry, you are not suitable for the market will eliminate you, without me grinding my lips, for the above friends problem, in the end should do? Very simple, you must first learn what is the transaction 1, first do not think about entering the market to do a single, there are several years of trading records is not short, first these are laid out, and then through self-questioning and analysis, the purpose of their own transactions first clear what kind of transactions you want to do? High frequency, short term, swing, trend? Corresponding to the time period and the amount of space is how big? These are not just your ideal state, but to combine your mentality to analyze, such as you confirm that you look at the profit you want out, a few years down so, then the time and space magnitude of the larger transactions may not be with you, because your own execution will be too much of a challenge, the analysis of the right may end up single take if very patient to be able to do, then of course, is also a possibility 2, the right understanding Analysis, find a relatively fixed analysis mode, do not make it too complicated, but relatively simple as far as analysis is concerned, there is a probability of right and wrong, do not think about what must be changed to improve the probability, but to figure out the reasoning behind, to figure out a method of analysis, what market can make money, what market can not make money first so that they can catch the money market and then think about the rest of this can not catch. You want to make the method more accurate a little more complex is also a waste of time and then learn to face the results of such transactions do not put the icing on the cake as a way to make as much money as possible single, but corresponding to a trading method, the time to make money first not to miss, not to make money when the risk can be collected, can do this is already not simple of course, this step to think of things, and the front to suit your time Space magnitude corresponds to are not and you, research more is also white research, the implementation can not be as long as I can do things, logic can form a closed loop, and have a relatively in-depth understanding of the analysis model, enough 3, do not always look at the market, to correctly understand where the risk in this market to see how much their principal, and then on the basis of the principal allowed to think about how to control risk, the market A lot of people take the blowout as a bullish experience, just like many high school students hide in the toilet smoking as a bullish thing, which is not able to take out to blow in my opinion funds to enable the implementation of the strategy, blowout is not right, not to mention that many capital management projects are also strictly set up with risk control, blowout in this industry really can not eat the above three points, can slowly form a from the analysis to the implementation of the mode, at least trading can almost say that the introduction of course, analysis I believe that many people are qualified

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