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The master trading system no matter how perfect not necessarily for yourself

buddy fried foreign exchange gold for five years, cashback forexmetimes feel that the sea of learn cashbackforexprofitcalculatorg cashbackforexpipcalculator endless, turn back is the shore huh in doing foreign exchange before cashback forex calculator Online do stocks, there are ten years of experience, cashbackforexcalculatorOnline balance in 2007 had more than ten times the growth, but in 2008 only less than 10% of the miserable state, 2008 to 2009 the country started 4 trillion investment, my account again I like to do active subject matter stocks, so it is easy to ups and downs stock market long-term deviation from the fundamentals (Chinas central bank by printing a lot of money to have turned itself into the worlds largest central bank, the stock market does continue to record low, Chinas stock market is a typical policy and capital city), so people can not understand, now no longer speculate in the stock market in 2010 a chance to open a A gold foreign exchange mini account, the first time to play T + 0 and leverage varieties, I was fascinated, so the stock short term operation all stopped, only blue-chip stocks (at that time, I think there is an opportunity, the country engaged in many times 4 trillion) long-term hold, take more than three years, and then to use the money, the stock loss of more than 30%, was empty now I concentrate on learning to play gold foreign exchange just started to play, the storm over two 100 yuan, the basic After figuring out how to operate, the third time charged 1000 yuan, and then set the rules for themselves: gold + do more + one twentieth of the position + no additional positions + stop loss of 100 points + intraday short + two or three single 2010 gold long trend is obvious, so five or six months later, the account grew by more than double, when self-confidence swelled, expecting a significant increase, want to improve the level, so that the account grows faster, so strengthen the learning Strength, bought a lot of books, downloaded a lot of master insights articles on the Internet, I made a fatal mistake, I copied the masters of the trading system, denied their own trading system, and then occurred one at a time violent position, the account basically can not control, sometimes feel very funny, my wife sometimes joked that you often read (lose), do not lose is strange huh the second half of 2014 I went back to own trading system, account and stable growth, confidence is still recovering (violent too many times), so now think that any master trading system no matter how perfect, not necessarily for their own, learning as you say "you understand it", "your own participation it "Then perfect your own trading system Author: Listen to the market

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