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The Martingale trading strategy which is known as never lose money should be used in forex trading

In the foreign exchange market, with the simplest classification, there are two typical cashbackforexpipcalculator methods trading with the trend cashbackforexcalculatorOnline trading against the trend of the former cashback forex calculator Online to find the trend, following the trend to make a deal; the latter is to enter the market trend rest or pause, to do with the original trend or inertia of the direction of the opposite trade whether to judge the trend will continue or will reverse, the most fundamental is to find the trend therefore for most people, it is difficult to judge the trend In this kind of trend is difficult to understand the market, an ancient trading wisdom Martingale trading cashbackforexprofitcalculator should perhaps re-enter the vision of traders This strategy is very simple, in a pressure of large or small betting board, has been constantly pressed only a single side (such as pressure of large or small), every time you lose money, the number of losses multiplied by twice, until your pressure plate to win once, you You cashback forex win back all the amount lost in the front, theoretically never lose money Martingale trading strategy foreign exchange market is different from the casino point is that foreign exchange up and down is not a matter of betting on the size of the odds of using Martingale trading strategy most afraid of investors into the transaction, the market is running in the opposite direction of the trend in accordance with the Martingale theory, because the pressure will be bigger and bigger later, so losses to the late very likely The most important issue for Forex traders who want to use this strategy is to choose the appropriate starting position and multiplier according to the amount of capital if the starting position is too high, it will lead to each doubling of the capital invested too much, maybe If the initial position is too high, it will result in too much money being invested in each doubling of the position, which may not last until the moment of price fluctuation, and too high a multiplier will also lead to the same problem. The currency rate starts out at 1.3500, at which point the investor enters the market to buy 1 lot, adding 20 pips to the position distance after the currency drops 20 pips to 1.3480, the investor continues to add 1 lot to bring the average cost of buying down to 1.3490 that is, the currency drops 20 pips, but as long as it rises another 10 pips, the investment is guaranteed to continue without losing money trading. The currency has fallen to 1.3420, a cumulative drop of 80 pips, but as the average cost of buying has been amortized by adding positions at lower levels, the loss can be recovered by waiting for the exchange rate to recover by 19 pips to 1.3439. The chart below is a more visual representation of this, and some may doubt that the exchange rate can recover to this level, but as mentioned above, the best use of this strategy is in an oscillating market where In such a market, it is not unusual for a currency to fall by 80 pips and then rise by 19 pips. Perhaps some investors have already seen that in an oscillating market, the martingale trading strategy can only be used to preserve existing gains and hedge risks in the next period of time, limiting gains in the event of an upward trend. As the name implies, the anti-Martingale trading strategy is to reverse the Martingale trading strategy and increase positions whenever profits are made. As mentioned earlier, the difference between the foreign exchange market and the casino is that the rise and fall of foreign exchange prices is not a matter of mere probability, but the existence of a trend. Suitable for out of the uptrend scenario below to see how the specific operation example to 1.3500 for the hypothetical currency of the current price, to 20 points for the position distance, is when the exchange rate rose to 1.3520, for the first time to add 1 lot can be seen, if the currency appreciation trend has been maintained, this strategy can theoretically get unlimited returns but assume that when the 5th time after the position the price of the currency If you set a fixed distance to increase your position, this loss after the price reversal is inevitable, but if you are a little more flexible, you can avoid this loss by selling when the price falls back to 1.3561. If you can accurately predict that the trend is about to reverse, and directly choose to take profits in the first few trades, then you can get a great profit even if you do not have this predictive power, as long as you can strictly follow this strategy, the final loss will not be very big but the disadvantage of this strategy is that the above is a very ideal situation, since the market fluctuations can make Martingale trading strategy to avoid losses, will also limit the reverse Martingale operation In addition, martingale trading strategy also in the long-term use of derived from some variant strategies such as risk control, the starting position can be selected from the bottom of the band has a long space, from the bottom up 60 points, and then start to reverse short, gradually increase the reverse Martin position, so that you can eliminate the bottom of the accumulated risk factors; In addition, you can also choose Martin and other technical indicators In addition, you can also choose Martin and other technical indicators with, such as in the 30, 60, 200 and other average position, or the upper line of the Bollinger band rail, with different dynamic Martin position Martingale trading strategy related reading There is a Martin, not counter-trend, not carry a single, not burst, but…… (top) There is a Martin, not counter-trend, not carry a single, not burst, but…… (bottom) forex trading using Martingale trading strategy need to pay attention to the place Martin trading strategy, really can make your forex trading stable and profitable forex EA reveal the road to deciphering Martin EA king detailed explanation of Martingale EA advantages and disadvantages! 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