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The difference between the stock market and the foreign exchange market

  The stock cashback forex calculator Onl cashback forexe and the cashbackforexpipcalculator cashbackforexprofitcalculator market, the market r cashbackforexcalculatorOnlinek, the consequences at your own risk, the world knows but to mention the risk, or there is a certain difference, compare it at a glance: 1, foreign exchange is a leveraged transaction, naturally high risk, high return; stocks are 1:1 principal trading, but on the current market, stocks, funds are inevitably subject to systemic risk This risk is calculated according to the proportion of the principal, not smaller than the investment in foreign exchange 2, foreign exchange is a dual-track market, you can do more, you can also do short stocks is a single-track market, it is likely that a fall of several months or even years on the market can do, the cost of time is simply not compared with the currency market 3, foreign exchange is a T + 0 transaction, what you see is what you get, profit can be closed stocks is T + 1, the day bought, the next day to sell. The next day to sell, if the next day to a low open low, only dry eyes 4, foreign exchange is global, there are few institutions of capital can manipulate this huge market stocks are not, many institutions, bankers say smash on smash, say pull on pull, retail investors simply can not compete with the 5, commission problem: for example, I now play the company, foreign exchange is a fixed spread, a one-time settlement fee of $ 240, as opposed to its 2000 U.S. dollars a hand, 1:1: 1:1. With its 2000 U.S. dollars a hand, 1:300 leverage, the operating capital of 600,000 U.S. dollars counted, only 1% of the points more than the two-way commission of the stock is about 3% 6. trading time problem: the stock market opening and closing time are in office hours, difficult to grasp; the foreign exchange market is global, because of the time difference, there is a section just fall in the evening break, work speculation foreign exchange two not to miss the proverbial; eggs can not be Put in the same basket, in the current downturn in the stock market, I wish the majority of investors in the foreign exchange market to find a bucket of gold.

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