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f cashback forexex trad cashbackforexprofitcalculatorg, in the face of complex changes in the situation, without extensive experience will cashbackforexcalculatorOnline be able to make the appropriate choice, the following summary in addition to forex trading in the common 10 kinds of top signals for you to learn 1, long upper shadow line must be more careful: long upper shadow line cashback forex calculator Online an obvious top signal 2, high cross for risk signs: when the daily K-line cross or long upper shadow of the inverted hammer-shaped positive or negative line When the key to sell the currency daily K-line high cross shows strong divergence between long cashbackforexpipcalculator short, the situation may turn from a buyers market to a sellers market, a high cross is like driving a red light at a crossroads, reflecting the market will turn, to avoid risk can be shipped after a sharp rise in the exchange rate, with a long shadow of the inverted hammer-shaped negative, reflecting the day of the sellers, the short side dominant, if the volume of the day is very large. More is the top signal 3, MACD dead for the top signal: the exchange rate after a sharp rise in the horizontal, the formation of a relative high, investors, especially investors with large amounts of capital, must be the first selling point to ship or reduce positions at this time to determine the first selling point is established skills is the exchange rate horizontal and MACD dead fork, the day of the dead fork is the first selling point formed when the first adjustment of MACD parameters: the MACD fast EMA parameters set to 8, the slow EMA parameters set to 13, the DIF parameters set to 9 moving average parameters are 5, 10, 30 set parameters, is to find the selling point 4, KDJ shows bipolar pattern that top: usually, the market in a long time or fast unilateral trend, there is a release of volume or extreme reverse trend, with the classic technical supporting evidence The typical signal of the top, such as jumping star-shaped large K line weekly KDJ line K value reached 85 or more, is the typical signal of the top 5, double-headed, multi-headed form to avoid it is good: when the exchange rate no longer form a new breakthrough, the formation of the second head, should be firmly sold, because from the first head to the second head are the main force dispatch stage M-shaped is the right peak is lower than the left peak is pulling up the shipping shape, sometimes the right peak may also form a higher than the left peak for the induced more shape again Reversal down more terrible, as for other heads such as head and shoulders, triple top, round top are the same, as long as the fall below the neckline support have to hurry to end the holdings, lest losses expand 6, break important average alert change: after the release of the exchange rate fell below the 10-day average and can not recover, followed by 5-week line was also penetrated, should be resolutely sold for just set people at this time to exit particularly favorable how to confirm the support level here is particularly critical Generally speaking, the 10-day SMA broke the first day after the second day back to pull but not stand on the support level (such as the 30-day SMA), is the confirmation of the break, back to pull the time is the time to reduce positions if the exchange rate continues to break the 30-day or 60-day SMA and other important average indicators should be resolutely liquidated 7, cover shipments must be cautious: when the currency market fell to reach a certain stage of the bottom, you can use the cover selling method, because at this time The exchange rate is far away from the investors purchase price, if forced to sell, often at a greater loss investors can properly cover their positions to reduce costs and wait for the market to rebound before selling at a higher level the best time to cover positions is when the index is located at a relatively low level or just reversed upward when the potential for a huge rise, the possibility of a fall is minimal, the cover is safer In addition, it should be noted that the weak currency does not fill, the previous surge over the super dark horse does not fill 8 The lower edge of the box is weak: whether artificially open high to go flat, open flat to go flat or even open low to go flat, presenting a box-shaped high and low oscillation, in the box top to dump, in the box low to buy but once the lower edge of the box support price lost, should not hesitate to polish hold the currency, if at this moment can not get off, in the plate of the box fell through, may produce a pull back effect, and at this moment the rebound is still not over the original box-shaped lower edge, representing weakness In addition, with exchange rate downward, gradually formed a downward channel, daily and weekly averages appear hollow arrangement If thereafter there is a rebound, the exchange rate up 30 or 60-day averages did not stand still, it should be firmly sold 9, single-day T + 0 buying and selling to reduce costs: mainly rely on the daily fluctuations in the exchange rate up and down, the use of small spreads to unwind 10, the second wave of weak rebound shipments: open low to go down below the previous wave of lows, sell (down price kill) Weak currency has a substantial short, open low, the rebound can not cross the opening price, and then reversed down to break the first wave of lows, the technology refers to the weakness, you should hurry to kill the market price, if not in time, but also in the second wave of rebound again can not cross the high point, and reversed down when the opportunity to sell orders

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