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Teach you how to read the foreign exchange K-line chart

foreign exchange market, the number of cashback forexvestors, their investment using different cashbackforexpipcalculator methods have the strength of the research institutions or capital groups to fundamental analys cashbackforexprofitcalculator, most retail investors use technical analysis, there is also a significant portion of the investment community is using quantified programmed trading analysis In fact, regardless of the fundamental analysis, technical analysis or programmed trading analysis, the In fact, whether it is fundamental analysis, technical analysis or programmed trading analysis, the analysis methods are diverse. I would like to introduce the technical analysis methods used by most retail investors. I believe that among the many technical analysis methods, cashbackforexcalculatorOnline analysis is the core cashback forex calculator Online fundamental because many technical analysis methods are based on the four prices in the K-line. In 1750, the Japanese began to use the yin and yang candles to analyze the rice foreign exchange, the K-line theory was born. Different people look at the K-line, it will produce different views, so the same K-line chart in front of many investors, will be analyzed to produce many different results is also the result of this makes the capital market game more intense, but also more attractive to many investors involved in fact, the K-line often has a similar shape but God Not similar to the case, that is, history does not simply repeat itself also therefore, the simple negative, positive, cross-star three K-line pattern will draw a century of Wall Street not end repeat the history of the trend, and will continue to interpret the longer unrepeatable future market face of the various K lines and their combinations, many investors can not help but be a little difficult to see up when it down, down when it up, or although see the direction but not more This is the result of investors do not correctly understand and use the K-line only the correct understanding and use of the K-line, in order to truly play the power of the K-line technical analysis here are two tips: one is to look at the number of K-line yin and Yang, the second is to look at the K-line pattern contrast Look at the yin and Yang and the number of yin and Yang represents the direction of the trend, the positive line indicates that in the up market and may continue to rise, the negative line indicates that the in the down market and may continue to fall to the positive line, for example, after a period of time, the closing higher than the opening indicates that the long side has the upper hand According to Newtons theorem of mechanics, in the absence of external forces under the price will still run in the original direction and speed, so the positive line indicates that the next stage of the price will continue to rise, at least to ensure that the next stage of the initial can maintain the inertia upward Therefore, the positive line implies that continue to rise. This is in line with the technical analysis of one of the three assumptions of the price is a trend fluctuations, and this trend, that is, the trend, is the most important analysis of technical analysis ideas Similarly, the negative line implies that the price will continue to fall Generally speaking, in a possible phase adjustment or rebound, if the continued presence of more negative K-line or positive K-line, it is implied that the later phase of the price adjustment or rebound will increase the magnitude This time investors can first invest part of the funds to do short or do more, to be confirmed by further technical breakthroughs, then you can add short or add more single Look at the K-line entity size and the length of the upper and lower shadows large positive, large negative, small positive, small negative, cross stars and many other examples of K-line personality constitutes a complex market in this market, these examples according to the combination of dates and the degree of combination expressed different market behavior, but also in The larger the entity, the more obvious the upward or downward trend, and vice versa, the less obvious the trend. The larger the representative of its intrinsic upward momentum is also greater, its upward momentum will be greater than the entity of the small positive line Similarly, the larger the entity of the negative line, the more downward momentum is also more sufficient Shadow line represents a possible turning signal, the longer the shadow line in one direction, the more unfavorable to price changes in this direction, that is, the longer the shadow line, the more unfavorable to price increases, the longer the shadow line, the more unfavorable to price decreases to the lower shadow line, for example, after a period of more than short After a period of struggle, the short side finally defeated, regardless of whether the K-line is negative or positive, the long lower shadow line part has constituted the next stage of the lower support, the price rebound upward is more likely. Similarly, the upper shadow line implies that the price adjustment downward is more likely Different or the same K-line in different combinations also expresses too much information, even if it is an independent K-line, because the stage, strength, timing In the actual market trading, the K-line often plays an important role in finding the entry point and grasping the timing of the market, but of course the K-line alone cannot make a more accurate judgment of the pattern and trend. The application of K-lines also requires the principle of mutual verification, with a comprehensive analysis of trends, patterns and cycles in order to arrive at a relatively reliable judgment. The interpretation of K-lines has become increasingly complex, because with the advancement of the investment community and the growth of investment capital, short-term K-lines are often manipulated in the market and there are pitfalls, so we need to use the principle of relativity and technical analysis to filter The principle of relativity includes quantitative measures and analytical work so that we can increase the probability of success in our analysis and operations. Without the K-line chart, investing is still investing, the road is still winding, and other methods can still be used.

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