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What cashback forex calculator Onl cashbackforexpipcalculatore a stop cashbackforexprofitcalculator? Stop loss is also called cut, is when an investment loss reaches a predetermined amount, timely cut out of the position, in order to avoid the formation of a larger loss its purpose is to limit the loss of investment mistakes in a smaller range of investment cashbackforexcalculatorOnline gambling is an important difference between the former can be limited to a certain range of losses through stop loss, but also to maximize the success of the payoff, in other words, stop loss makes In other words, the stop loss makes it possible to win greater benefits at a smaller cost. The countless blood facts in the stock cashback forex show that an unexpected investment mistake is fatal enough, but the stop loss can help investors to turn the danger into success The importance of the stop loss professionals often use the crocodile rule to illustrate the original meaning of the crocodile rule is: suppose a crocodile bites your foot, if you use your hands to try to break free of your feet, the crocodile will bite your feet and hands at the same time you The more you struggle, the more you get bitten. So, in case a crocodile bites your foot, your only chance is to sacrifice a foot. In the forex market, the crocodile rule is: when you find your trade deviates from the direction of the market, you must stop immediately, without any delay and without any luck. eclipse again please look at a set of simple figures: when your money from 100,000 lost into 90,000, the loss rate is 1 & divide; 10 = 10%, you want to recover from 90,000 to 100,000 need to win the rate of interest is just 1 & divide; 9 = 11.1% if you lost from 100,000 into 75,000, the loss rate is 25%, you want to recover the win rate will need 33.3% if You lost from 100,000 into 50,000, the loss rate is 50%, you want to recover the win rate will need 100% in the market, to find a 50% decline in individual stocks is not difficult, and to ride and sit on a 100% rise in the dark horse, Im afraid you can only rely mainly on luck as the saying goes: stay in the green hills, not afraid of no firewood stop loss is to ensure that you can survive in the market for a long time even some people say: stop loss = The reason for the need to stop loss is twofold: First, the subjective decision error every forex trader must admit that he or she may make a mistake at any time, which is a very important idea behind the reason, because the financial market is characterized by randomness, tens of millions of people gaming makes it impossible at any time to exist any fixed law, the market Of course, the foreign exchange market in a certain period of time there are indeed some non-random characteristics, such as dealer manipulation, capital flow, group psychology, natural cycles, etc., which is the soil of the survival of foreign exchange experts, but also continue to attract more people to join the foreign exchange market to maintain the operation and development of the basis of the currency market, but these non-random characteristics of the operation will certainly not be a simple repetition, but only in the sense of probability. Only in the sense of probability exists if the probability of success is 70%, then at the same time there is a 30% probability of failure in addition to any laws are sure to fail, and this time may be clever you encounter when encountering the probability of failure becomes reality, or the law fails, it is necessary to swing the stop-loss second is an objective change in circumstances, such as the occurrence of unexpected unexpected good or bad fundamentals The second is an objective change in circumstances, such as an unexpected sudden positive or negative fundamental change, a major change in macro policy, war, coups or terrorist events, earthquakes, floods and so on Stop-loss implementation of the reasons for the difficulty of understanding the significance of stop-loss, however, this is not the final result In fact, investors set a stop-loss and did not implement examples abound, the market, the tragedy of being swept out of the door almost every day Why is stop-loss so difficult? There are three reasons: First, the psychology of luck some investors, although they know that the trend has broken, but because of too much hesitation, always want to take another look, wait a bit, resulting in their own missed stop-loss good time; second, the frequent price fluctuations will make investors hesitant, regular wrong stop loss will give investors a lingering memory, thus shaking investors next stop-loss determination; third, the implementation of the Stop loss is a painful thing, is a bloody process, is the challenge and test of human weakness In fact, each transaction we can not determine the correct state or the wrong state, even if the profit, we also have difficulty deciding whether to immediately exit or hold the wait and see, not to mention the state of the set human nature in pursuit of greed instincts will make every investor is not willing to win a few points less, not willing to lose a few more point

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