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Speculators are will cashbackforexprofitcalculatorg to take the r cashback forexk of changes in the subject of speculation (stocks, bonds, futures, warrants, foreign exchange, gold, stamps, art, real estate, etc.), once the cashbackforexcalculatorOnline is predicted to rise, speculators will buy; once the price is predicted to fall, speculators will sell, cashback forex calculator Online then seize the opportunity to hedge when the price changes in the same direction as they expected, so as to profit type basic division Speculator type The division of speculators is based on different criteria: according to the size of the transaction volume, can be divided into large speculators and small speculators; according to the distinction of trading parts, can be divided into long speculators and short speculators; according to the length of time speculators hold the contract, can be divided into trend traders, day traders, hat grabbers trend traders usually hold the contract for several days or weeks, more than a few months, when the price changes favorably, and then the contract Day traders and cap traders are short term traders, long and short (a) from the trading position, can be divided into long speculators and short speculators in trading, speculators based on the forecast of future price movements to determine their trading positions buy futures contracts speculators, have a long position, known as long speculators sell futures contracts, hold a short position, known as short speculators large speculators and (b) From the size of the trading volume, it can be divided into large speculators and small and medium speculators. The definition of large, medium and small speculators is generally based on the size of their trading volume and the amount of capital they have, which in turn is related to the size of the market in which they are involved. The basic school of analysis is to predict price movements by analyzing the supply and demand factors of commodities. The technical school of analysis is to analyze the price movements of commodities by means of graphs and technical indicators. Traders usually hold the contract for a few days, weeks or even months, and then hedge the contract when the price changes to their advantage Short-term traders generally place orders on the same day and close the day traders within a day or a few days, generally only for the day or a trading session of the purchase and sale, rarely will hold the position until the next day, generally for the exchanges own members of the hat grabbers, also known as small profit-seekers, is to use small price fluctuations to to earn tiny profits, they are frequent in and out, but the trading volume is very large, hoping to earn profits with a large number of small profit positions  

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