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Speculation in foreign exchange small capital how to do big Talk about my experience

I also cashbackforexcalculatorOnlineef="">cashback forex calculator Online up from small capital, say two words of my experience, may cashbackforexpipcalculator cashback forex suitable for everyone, only for your reference, I hope to help some talented people early profits 1, do not do short term, especially intra-day; many people small capital heavy position to do intra-day, hoping to earn a little every day through the day, day after day to make the money bigger, for 90% of speculators, th cashbackforexprofitcalculator belongs to the foolish dream to Know that the shorter the time, the closer the price trend to random, to make big money, you must catch the big fluctuations and trends, and the big fluctuations take time, for small funds, the best way to find an opportunity to open a position, set a stop loss, and then close the screen until you earn enough profit experienced traders know that in the long run, the profits of intraday is less than overnight, while the risk of capital exposure is 2, about trading systems and techniques, do not be too presumptuous; foreign exchange trading has a long history abroad, countless intelligent and brilliant people in it how many years, do not think you are smarter than these people, read through that "technical analysis of the futures market", enough to make you thousands of dollars from the futures market! To remember: KISS is the most beautiful homeopathic + retracement, turn + confirmation, with these two patterns follow the direction of the weekly line in the daily line to find the entry point, I believe that someone can understand 3, the position should not be too light, nor full position, 50%-70% is more appropriate, to be opened at once; very simple: the original money is less, light position, then profits will be even less, but remember 4, only do a large fluctuation of a variety of I have done testing with programmed, the same strategy, the greater the fluctuation, the higher the profit, but remember: must only focus on no more than 2 varieties, (if the money is small, it is best to keep a close eye on 1), do not be tempted by those who see the opportunity to catch, foreign exchange on the least shortage of 5, on the number of open positions, it is recommended to set the number of times a month because of the relationship between the funds I have begun to shift to the long term, to do intraday and long term approach is often times the opposite of the original did not want to make up, lest we be said to pretend to B do intraday, if you still fantasize about making money, do not go to believe what "follow the trend and for "The best strategy to do day trading is always to use the idea of oscillation, dont think about how to encounter a single side, you assume that the intraday market The best strategy is to always use a single edge, dont think about how to encounter a single edge, you assume that the daytime market is in a space of oscillation, the potential to stop you will be empty, the potential to stop you will be more, more and more to eat back and forth, do wrong to carry, there are profits at any time run, absolutely can not let the profits into losses some people ask so encounter a single edge will not die? Of course not dead, because carrying losses also have a bottom line, encounter single-sided will be a single day big loss, but you tell me how many times in the past year the intra-day decent single-sided it, do trading is to play the probability of a very simple probability problem, do not be misled by those so-called classical profits, the inventors of those theories simply do not engage in trading, they are too sure to focus on the establishment of their own trading system, not to participate in others needlessly Dont try to convince others to accept your ideas, its a waste of time. Dont rashly say that other peoples things are ridiculous when you dont understand their operating system. If your trading system is perfect, then even continuous stop losses should not be discouraged, because what you lose is only the number of times, the amount will never affect your overall capital The next success will bring you huge gains Keep your passion for trading, to love what you do Always remind yourself of your How much risk, but do not care too much about making as few mistakes as possible, even if you make mistakes, but also to understand the root cause of the mistakes, to improve do not let the mistakes affect your life do not use your experience to predict the behavior of the market, more to observe believe that you are a mature person, believe that you are a responsible person, believe that you can do things well to think, do not have the courage, do not go to the ignorant Dont think about things that are not practical, dont feel sacrosanct do what you should do, make a decision when the time comes" a friend of mine always likes to say: I go to do stocks, I will be able to make money, I will how to do and more than once said I said: buddy, you go to open an account ah "know their own trading system of The shortcomings of the trading system, to make up for these shortcomings to improve the establishment of a good trading system with personality, to be consistent in the implementation of the trading system, do not let your trading system break the road to pay attention to money management, which is the only condition to ensure the safety of your money to do a normal person self-confidence, self-respect, self-reliance a big win big loss will tell you tolerance, is one of the necessary conditions to do a good trader. When you do tolerance, you can do to block many outside interference. You will not hold a grudge because of the previous days quarrel with others. You wont be upset by a friends betrayal. Everything is normal when you use a tolerant heart to interact with others is, you will also get a lot of tolerance. And when you are forgiving to the market, the market will bring you profit. When I mention tolerance here, I am not trying to say that there should be no principles, but rather self-control. Relax your brain, relax your body. Let concentration and relaxation be under your control. If you feel your body tight, stretch your arms and kick your legs. If your mind is tight, read a joke or listen to a song. If youre feeling tight, yell at the street. If you feel tight fists, find a sandbag.

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