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Short-term operation in the risk control of the three major points

Short-term investment, r cashback forex calculator Onlineky, only to control the risk, well alive, to cashbackforexprofitcalculator the opportunity to turn over, turn over, to have the opportunity to obtain more benefits, to have the opportunity to pursue perpetuity, which is the first key to short term customers more than ten years of stock market hone, we formed a unique risk control three principles, which allows me to benefit greatly One, the cashbackforexpipcalculator is cashbackforexcalculatorOnline the price, with the trend when the short term operation cashback forex never look at the price of foreign exchange is how much, in what price, I only look at the trend, only focus on the trend, which is not the same as the ordinary value investors investment ideas I think, the trend is running well when the price of foreign exchange is high, can also buy, can build a position, can build a heavy position, the reason is that the bull market does not say top, with the trend is the most important when the market is adjusted, the price is low, can not rush to the bottom, because the bear market does not say bottom bear market environment If you cant effectively avoid such an adjustment, it will bring account losses, and the opportunity cost of capital employed So, for many years, I have been following the important principle of going with the trend, not against the trend Second, take profits and leave the market, the bag for peace The uncertainty in the trend is a huge risk that can not be grasped, with the method of short term operation, you can try to avoid this Risk specific operations, as long as the foreign exchange attack disappears, whether it falls, must leave the field, the bag for peace, this is the principle of short-term operations, but also our risk control process is always strictly enforced in the iron discipline Third, multiple filters, careful for the top Over the years, I have created a set of operating procedures through continuous research and exploration, in its set of multiple reference data to meet the corresponding requirements after issued a signal to remind entry or leave the field when the software issued a forewarning alert, I still have to carry out the second filter according to the disk situation, if the conclusion reached is inconsistent with the alert, I will choose to continue to wait for the right time we use this way, the risk control to the extreme, to ensure the absolute safety of investors funds The road to simplicity, speculation is actually speculation mentality small things, the right things, repeatedly do, the will definitely have a return! Speculation in foreign exchange in fact there is no secret sauce, is to simplify, vegetarian heart like snow, mind without distractions; choose the right investment strategy for themselves, and constantly replicate, will certainly have notable achievements!

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