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Share a little personal experience of speculation in foreign exchange!

The principle of trading cashback forex calculator Online independent analysis, so that you can know when to enter, when to withdraw When you first start practicing, you can try all the indicators in the software once but there are prerequisites, do cashbackforexpipcalculator correspond to any indicator reference book to practice indicators open, find out for yourself the laws of indicators, record insights, and classification after having notes and then look at the introduction of indicators book, see what you did not expect, what others did not expect, there must be. There must be, because the indicators are not very detailed introduction after some effort, your understanding of the indicators is not shallow, after all, is your own summary of the law I was two months to do cashbackforexcalculatorOnline work, almost forget to record every day on several large books this work is done, basically you also pick out two or three more love to use the indicators I use the most conventional macd and kd, these two in logic also There are complementary, or understand the principle of some indicators you do not understand, it is best not to use, like the Japanese cloud chart, I did not understand, do not use it at this stage you should have more insight into the entry point of the search, but the entry point alone is far from enough to do a single will appear obviously the market judgment is right, but always encounter stop loss to close out, or a single can not take the choke problem below to consider is the stop loss stop gain and exit point Judgment problem stop loss stop gain and exit point judgment is actually the judgment of the market trend after entering the market, up, how many points will rise? About how long? Will there be a pullback? How about the contradiction between the size of the cycle? These are the core issues of foreign exchange trading indicators of the problem of hard work can be done, this is not easy the following is my own experience: drawing lines! At the beginning will feel that drawing lines is not very reliable, what makes the cashbackforexprofitcalculator to reverse, why there will be Fibonacci? The line drawn on their own also do not hope but after a period of practice found that my judgment of the market deepened but note: the practice of drawing lines must be sure to draw with the instant quotes, do not use the history of drawing fun, that use is not much drawing lines several points: the high point on the high point, the low point on the low point, trading intensive areas to draw the following is the time to hone, but do not draw too much at once, try to be concise this is also a Long-term study work to this time, the role of indicators began to diminish, their own drawing of the line will be effective ecstatic, then the study of the K-line chart on the table I was once confused at this time, the indicator simple, their own drawing line, staring at the K-line is a very energy-consuming thing this time you basically also determine the time period of the transaction, whether to look at the hour or minute, everyone different holding time is basically determined down general Hold single time is the chart 4,5 K column if you look at the 4H chart, hold single time only one or two hours, K line is simply meaningless this stage of practice on the overall grasp of the market is crucial this stage if completed, then basically stable profit is about the same speaking of the proportion of positions, basically 10,000 dollars a hand to two is a more reasonable range, the size of the capital and so on hold a position too small also have problems The purpose of doing foreign exchange is to improve life, not to experience the excitement of trading money earned is to take out, even if the institution will also be in a fixed percentage of profits when the settlement you earn 5000 yuan a month, if you can earn 1000 U.S. dollars, will not take out to improve life? Some friends mentioned that the same proportion of funds to enlarge the mentality of the problem of foreign exchange mentality test does not lie in earning money, profit when how to say all justified key in with the loss, especially when the floating loss if your amount of money is too large, the psychological pressure of the floating loss is simply unimaginable, I have a period of time, in the large capital floating loss, full of thought is this money I can buy how many good things, which is how long my hard-earned money Ah, the pressure almost to carry will have I have also seen people crushed by the pressure, open the plate on the nervous, a whole big market in front of the complete walk through the round, are afraid to place a single, have convinced themselves not to place a single reason so the amount of money to progressively, feel the strain on a retreat, which is also the fatal hurdle of the master period if the road ahead are gone, also find their own suitable trading time, position then The rest of the time is to reduce the time to look at the plate every day, yes, the reduction of foreign exchange is not normal work and rest, but the requirements of the mind and very high, if the body collapses, the basic did not have to engage in the movement is the most important activity at a later stage, regardless of whether you are in a hurry or not, the money is there life is easy down, trading up and relaxed, the effect will also be better

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