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Right side trading in a nutshell!

The price walk cashback forex a very artistic process on the current view cashbackforexcalculatorOnline have observed the price movement cashbackforexpipcalculator two ways a perfect symmetrical trend a kind of imperfect rush like destructive trend here I would like to ask you to temporarily put the consolidation, down trend up trend forget with me into the price of pure art-like atmosphere perfect symmetrical trend of the emergence of the environment is in what kind of this I have not gone to the specific Research here is just a discovery in order to facilitate the perfection of the price I will give examples here I take out the euro example to say that perhaps the euro is more widely traded varieties of these two walks embodied more thoroughly in the above cashbackforexprofitcalculator before I elaborate on my general description of the perfect trend here can not call it a definition because it is not yet well thought out just observed the perfect price walk: when the price of a 5-minute upward movement out of the 5 minutes. When the price in the 5 minutes out of a regular pattern, it will certainly be in 15 minutes again to show this pattern when 15 minutes to complete, will certainly be in 30 minutes to show cashback forex calculator Online so on, the perfect pattern will appear in the 1 hour, 4 hours daily weekly and specifically to the monthly, because the relative number of K lines is relatively small, a little will occur fuzzy deformation but this does not affect its overall recognition of this understanding I think not too difficult as long as the example to illustrate good here I give an example of the euro I want to start from large to small on the chart because the number of MT4 price K-line limit in the 1-hour K-line chart I can only see 13 years, so 1 hour below the chart can not send but this does not affect the existence of this law because I have started from 5 minutes to stare at the plate, until the hourly chart 4-hour chart, there are patterns overlap phenomenon the following in order The euro monthly chart weekly chart, daily chart and 4-hour chart of course, the smaller the time window on the chart below, the greater the price changes affected by data, news and unexpected events, but the overall does not affect the progress of the pattern of the article on the title of the right-hand side of the transaction its natural also out when a perfect trend to appear, you just need to go in the corresponding left side to find the area corresponding to the right and enter the field on the good In addition, if you miss the 5 In addition, if you miss a good point and pattern on the 5 minutes, you can bide your time and go to 30 minutes and 1 hour to meet him again This is what I mean by trading on the right side In addition, the last one extends a new concept about the price trend market prices are not the same as we see a flat chart in the change of market prices is three-dimensional rather than two-dimensional plane, it is three-dimensional that is to say, there are X, Y If we want to express it, the above graph is a perfect evolution of a three-dimensional graph that exists in space from far and near in three dimensions, while our watch software is limited by technology or do not need to develop three-dimensional plate, so it has become a flat graph of its three-dimensional another element of the z-axis before and after the relationship is divided into a separate 1-minute chart 5-minute chart 30-minute chart with 1 hour 4 hours daily and weekly monthly in addition in this three-dimensional graph price change is to constantly jumping points to walk from the beginning of the price jump chart to 1 minute if you remove the front and back of this three-dimensional graph and left and right two variables, only retain the up and down variable becomes the price in a vertical straight line jumping up and down price graph in the OX chart is the principle of the production of this price only do up and down jump I think I almost finished expressing what I have to say, I think this article is very raw and difficult to understand, but it does not matter when the joke to see it because it is completely similar to academic research will not specifically rip operation after all, these raw and difficult to understand things, for me personally is only just formed in the brain of the general concept can be said to be very raw and primitive everyone when the transaction of the rest of the strange and bizarre to see on the good

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