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Qiao 60-minute K-line to find selling points

If cashbackforexpipcalculatorvestors carry out short-term or even ultra-short-term trading, you have to pay attention to the 60-minute, 30-minute, 15-minute technical form, which cashback forex calculator Online particularly 60-minute chart both stability cashbackforexcalculatorOnline swiftness in one violent oscillation of the variance or lack of upward energy in the plate, in the 60-minute chart, the specific performance is as follows: 1. According to the principles of the core K-line system The normal rising positive (solid positive or entity greater than the upper and lower shadows of the positive) and the normal falling negative (shrinkage negative, to be exact, the cashback forex is less than the cashbackforexprofitcalculator amount of negative), this is the normal market, the price in the absence of external forces, will still move in the original direction, we can rest assured that once a day of violent oscillation or with the amount of down, in 60 minutes on the performance of the long upper shadow, long lower shadow, long upper and lower shadow In the 60-minute period, the average volume line is greater than the average volume, such K lines we call the K line of variation 2, after a period of release of rising, upward energy began to recede insufficient, showing that the upward attack began to be weak or ready to enter a longer period of adjustment, in the 60-minute period for the short-term average volume line below the long-term average volume line, showing that the average degree of short-term volume release began to shrink these two situations appear Any one or even two at the same time, we must be ready to sell state, close tracking, ready to evolve according to the back and short term out of the final selling point confirmation: in the premise of the above situation, if a day there is one of the following three situations, or even any two of the three situations compound situation (down almost become 100%), must not hesitate, decisive out of the game! positive volume is greater than the amount of down negative, we call benign volume, when an hour up positive volume is less than the amount of down negative, while the subsequent emergence of down negative volume is still enlarging, showing that the long and short forces began to transform, the short side prevails, while the price fell below the 5-unit average, the indicator in the technical high dead cross, for the selling point 2, an hour after breaking the 5-unit average, two hours are suppressed by the average, can not stand back to the average, the 5-unit average downward turn, combined with the technical position of the indicator, for the selling point 3, suddenly without any signs of decline, the technical indicators quickly slipped to 20 below the oversold area, patiently waiting for its technical reversal, in the indicator to re-reverse to the technical high, for the selling point the same reason, when there are 1, 2 selling points, if the price has slipped to an important mean support level or the indicator slipped to the oversold area, can be sold without haste, waiting for its This technique is only applicable to short term rise or wide range oscillation of the currency, and does not apply to the narrow bullish oscillation of the currency and the overall in the downtrend of the currency, the former personal short term traders should not participate in the horizontal oscillation of the currency, before choosing the direction of the breakthrough, very early exit, after choosing the direction, and then make plans not too late The latter is in a downtrend, 90% of the time selling is right, only once is wrong, and that is when the bottom falls out.

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