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Myths when building EA

__WaiHuiBang.comM cashbackforexprofitcalculatorconceptions cashbackforexcalculatorOnline the process of cashback forex calculator Online cashbackforexpipcalculator designMyth 1: Trading system is the optimization of indicatorsMany producers of trading systems believe that the trading system is the indicator after optimization, so these producers are keen to use the indicator optimization function of stock analysis software such as analysts cashback forex SUPERCHAT, and every day to each indicator In fact, these people make two mistakes: first, they mistake the predictive analysis part of the trading system as the whole trading system, ignoring risk management and investment strategy, but in essence these two parts are sometimes more important than the predictive analysis part; second, in addition to the optimization of indicators, the predictive analysis part of the trading system also includes the embodiment of investment philosophy. The producer must know the trend of the target species very well, and already have a good technical analysis tools, even if not optimized, the producer can be artificially more accurate analysis Second, the producer must be a number of conditions for the combination, not only to optimize the existing indicators, but more importantly, to program their own analytical ideas, or you can say that the compilation of a new composite indicators these These composite indicators are debugged and then optimized to improve performance so as to constitute the forecast optimization part of the trading system Myth 2: The total profit of the trading system is the most important, the trading system that can obtain the largest profit is the best trading system The total profit of the trading system is indeed an important basis for measuring the good or bad trading system, but definitely not the most important, if the system that can obtain the largest profit through historical data testing in practice. First of all, this total profit is related to the number of years of historical data used to calculate the total profit, which may be particularly high in a particular year and thus lead to high profits in several years. If the future market is not consistent, the use of this system will not be able to obtain high profits, and may even lose money Secondly, we should first of all avoid market risks in practice, on this basis and then to obtain stable benefits, if the pursuit of high total profits in the first place is bound to bear a greater risk Therefore, the trading system should first of all be safe, the ability to avoid market risks, and secondly, should be stable, able to The trading system should first be safe, capable of avoiding market risks, secondly, it should be stable, able to ensure that in different situations can be profitable, and then go to get as much benefit as possible Myths in the implementation of the trading system Myth 1: Trading systems are used by many people, and therefore can not be profitable This view is actually the trading system and common software confused, they believe that if more people use it will be inaccurate, affecting profits Trading system is very personal, it is the physical embodiment of trading ideas, because everyones trading ideas are different. Because everyones trading ideas are not the same, and thus these trading systems in the use of the process does not produce consistent behavior of these systems used by more people is indeed no different from commonly used software, in the practice of using the process will reduce profits, but this may essentially or because the quality of the trading system is problematic, after all, a good trading system can be completely through the market to obtain high profits misconception two. Trading system is more mechanical, only for reference people with this view of the nature of the trading system is not clear, the essence of the trading system is to help investors refine their trading ideas, the formation of a standardized specification and binding investors to follow the specifications of investment operations, to avoid losses arising from artificial emotional fluctuations trading system is made by the investor, the investors trading ideas if more mechanical, that If the investors trading ideas are more mechanical, the trading system formed will be more mechanical; if the investors trading ideas are more flexible, the trading system formed will be more flexible Of course, not all investors can refine their ideas and form a trading system, only mature trading ideas can form a trading system In fact, we can usually see the trading system is the optimization of some indicators, or does not reflect the risk management and trading strategies These so-called trading systems are not really mature trading systems, in the process of guiding the operation is indeed more mechanical misconception three: trading system profits are theoretical, but in practice can not do some trading systems do encounter these problems, most of these trading systems are the trading system of the signal in the plate in practice, these signals appear if not through the computer in a timely manner, each time you have to manually place an order after the signal appears, there will be a certain lag, and the transaction price may also be unfavorable, and thus in the actual operation of the profit is always not as high as the profit of the computer simulation but the root cause of this problem is not in the trading system to achieve the profit is theoretical, but in the design of these trading systems there are problems trading systems are designed to provide investors with Direct trading support and help investors to comply with established principles, if in practice the use of intraday immediate signals to guide the operation can not be achieved, then the investor should follow the signal he can accept at a particular time, such as the closing price according to whether there is a signal for the closing price in fact, the signals given during the session is often false, for example, the intraday price broke through a key resistance level upward, the The trading system therefore issued a buy signal, and then the price fell back below the resistance level, the signal then disappeared If you follow this false signal to operate, it will lead to unnecessary losses outside_Hub_BangWaiHuiBang.com

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