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Market maker top secret MT4 platform virtual dealer plug-in

Currently MT4 plat cashbackforexcalculatorOnlinem cashback forex widely used in metals, foreign exchange trading about MT4, there is a company that must be mentioned, namely BostonTechnologies The company provides the MT4 platform virtual dealer plug-in, see the following chart:  In order to underst cashback forex calculator Online the accurate, will Direct translation of the content on the image:  Virtual dealer plug-in:  Virtual dealer this software allows the use of manual execution to fully or partially emulate the dealers code group activities this plug-in has the following features:  • with a prescribed maximum of 5 seconds of execution delay to confirm the customers request, and to recheck the limit order and stop-loss order level and freeze level;   nbsp;•Suspend order activation, stop-loss order triggering, and hitting the stop-loss (finally understand why the stop-loss is disabled); •Determine price flow requests with adjustable allowable spreads - cashbackforexprofitcalculator control the size of the spread; •Observe price jumps  •automatically adjusts limit and stop levels and freeze levels upward based on a predetermined list of news times - when the news comes out , why the price will be frozen, see? Is settable;  •When the news comes out, cancel the setting of suspension instructions, change and redaction function;  •Work in parallel with the real dealer In this mode, only those requests where the volume does not exceed the preset level can be executed About the MT4 back office features introduced 1, group management functions. Internally: subdivision of the allocation of management functions externally: grouping for agents statistics 2, construction of accounts, deposit, withdrawal, borrowing, repayment for new accounts and the activities of opening and sending gold 3, customer password changes, password detection (for telephone trading) 4, online account monitoring, online overall position statistics, exposure to facilitate the adjustment of the offer strategy to the brokers perspective to go 5, trading history of various types of reports generated for a single customer, for agents and so on the way 6, for customer accounts at any point in any transaction (on the one hand for the dispute single history correction, on the other hand for doing the trick) 7, the adjustment of the quotation strategy: arbitrary adjustment of the spread of each currency, arbitrary adjustment of the quotation source to the customer receive the quote up or down compound calculation (for making the quote look not exactly the same as any broker)  8, arbitrarily increase the price of the specified currency and sent to become the quote (for playing customer stop loss)  9, dynamic control of the account orders are manually processed or automatically aggregated, manual processing can be controlled when you do not let the customer deal (the client shows that the price has changed Delay customer transaction brings the expansion of customer losses) The above are the main common functions of the MT4 background Notes:  1, the spread on the betting board is generally 3 to 8 points can also be dynamically adjusted, presenting the so-called dynamic spread, in fact, are artificially adjusted behind 2, before the announcement of the data, pay attention to the adjustment of the range of settings for pulling the stop-loss, so that customers The incoming can not get out or expand the loss and then come out 3, the pan room staring pan hand generally a person can look after 200 customers customers more after can pay more to do cascade management way, more than one pan hand staring 4, send a custom offer sweep stop loss, more than the current price of 5 points custom offer is best not to send, because it is easy to be considered artificial cheating  5, when the data is announced, you can use more methods to reject customer transactions, expand customer losses, or delay the entry of new orders

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