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Long and short options five-minute K-line as an important basis for selection

In addition to the average price as the ma cashbackforexpipcalculator short-selling cashback forex calculator Online long options, here the focus on the role of the five-minute average cashbackforexprofitcalculator pattern generally to the daily K-line, monthly K-line, weekly K-line, five minutes, fifteen minutes, thirty minutes and 60 minutes several K-line patterns, daily K-line, weekly K-line and monthly K-line used in the trend analysis of a foreign exchange species in the long term For the short term, these indicators are important to determine the trend of foreign exchange species, but many times when it issued a buy or short signal, it seems late in the short term is the main parameters of the five-minute average line five-minute average line settings and research and judgment cashbackforexcalculatorOnline be used in the following ways: [the average line settings] in the five-minute K-line chart there are several averages, including four to five averages, in the computer In its natural setting is 5, 10, 20, 30, etc., I like to set it in operation into 3, 7, 55, 113, 250, a total of five averages, the different settings of the five averages have different uses 【The use of averages】 After setting the use is extremely important Generally speaking, the short term operation of the short and long options can be based on the following averages: A, M3 averages and the use of M averages B, M3 The actual cashback forex refers to the three five-minute formation of the mean, M7 mean as well as the following discussion of M55, M113 mean is the meaning of this aspect In general, in the plate to choose to do more to do more, you can observe the M3 mean and M7 mean crossover when the M mean on through the M7 mean, can be used as a choice to do more, when the five-minute K line appears negative, can be used as a timely opportunity to intervene in the opposite short if Appearing sideways, try to wait and see as appropriate c, M55 SMA and M113 and M250 SMA usage In specific operations, I used the most M55 and M113 SMA, especially M113 SMA, strictly in accordance with its tips, if you look closely at the M113 SMA, you can find that it is more clear tips on doing or shorting its operating principle is: If the exchange rate in The five-minute K-line in the M113 average line can do more, and vice versa to sell short mainly do not believe that users can go to study

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