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Island cashbackforexcalculatorOnline cashbackforexprofitcalculator an important reversal pattern in cashback forex morphology, that is to say, after the appearance of this pattern, the price trend often turns in the opposite direction investors see this pattern should promptly make a decision to buy (top) or sell (bottom) Island reversal is divided into top cashbackforexpipcalculator reversal and bottom island reversal This is a strong reversal of the stock trend signal definition price after a period of sustained rise, a day Jump cashback forex calculator Online acceleration up, but then the price hovered at a high level, and soon the price fell in the form of a downward jump gap, and this down gap and up jump gap, basically in the same price area near the horizontal position, so that the high contention area on the K-line chart looks like an isolated island shape away from the coast, the gap between the left and right side makes the island isolated on the ocean, which is the top of the island reversal pattern; price in the process of continuous decline will also appear island reversal pattern, the price after a period of continuous decline, a day suddenly jumped low leaving a gap down, followed by a few days the price continued to sink, but the price fell to a low point and suddenly peak circuit, the price jumped upward and began to rise sharply, this jump up gap and the previous gap down jump, basically in the same price area near the horizontal position, so that the low contention area in the K-line chart, it seems like an island away from the shore shape, the gap between the left and right side of the island isolated on the ocean, which is the bottom of the island reversal pattern formation mechanism prices continue to rise, so that the original want to buy at low levels of investors can not eat in the predetermined price level, the continued uptrend so that this group of investors can not stand to step short The pain, finally could not resist regardless of the price of the grab into, so the formation of a rising gap, but the price did not continue to quickly upward because of this, at a high level apparently appeared to put the volume of stagnant horizontal, indicating that at this time secretly have a huge pressure to sell, after a short period of contention, the main force and foresight of a large number of institutions fled, the price finally can not be supported at high levels, once the fall triggered the collapse of market confidence appeared Gap down, down gap above the set of a large number of chips, the price also began a long decline; prices continue to fall after the final formation of the bottom of the island market meaning and the formation of the top of the principle of uptrend island form often appear in the long-term or medium-term trend of the top or bottom, indicating a reversal of the trend form characteristics 1) the left side of the island for the upward depletion gap, the right side of the down breakout gap, is to fill the gap with gaps, these two gaps appear in a very short period of time, indicating that the market emotional characteristics; 2) the top of the high island shape is generally a relatively flat area, and the sides of the steep graph to form a sharp contrast, sometimes the top is just a trading day accompanied by a day volume composition, which is the product of extreme market emotion, the top of the beginning of the volume is decreasing, and the left side of the volume is 3) bottom island reversal is often accompanied by a large volume, if the volume is very small, this bottom island reversal is difficult to establish; the name comes from the name, as the graphic, the price is clearly divided into two pieces, the middle is separated by two gaps, making the chart "island" part of the K-line like floating off the coast island General (sometimes the island may also be composed of a K-line) reversal form bottom island reversal bottom island reversal will often be accompanied by a large volume if the volume is very small, the bottom of the island reversal graph is difficult to establish bottom island reversal is a turnaround pattern, it indicates that the price has bottomed out, will be transformed from a downtrend into an uptrend although this turnaround will not be smooth sailing, the two sides will have a fierce Usually, after the bottom of the island reversal, the price will inevitably appear fierce up and down shock, but in most cases, the price in the lower up gap will stop falling, and then again power upward investors face this bottom of the island reversal of stocks, should first think that the situation may have begun to reverse, not bearish again aggressive investors can be in the island reversal after the up Jump gap above the buy, steady investors can be in the price rush back to explore up jump gap to get support and then buy, of course, if the price back to close the jump gap up do not buy. Should closely watch the general (other forms) gap is closed, the market will turn weak after the gap is worth noting is that there are many prices, the bottom of the island reversal to the gap is closed, the price does not reappear down, and will soon re-energize the upward trend, which may be the bottom of the island reversal of the gap and the general gap is different from the upward gap, therefore, investors to fill the gap upward gap After that, once again power up to jump on the jump gap above the stocks to continue to pay close attention to hold chips can still hold shares to do more, short positions can be followed up in due course here to note is that, to fill the jump gap up, the price also continues to sink the stocks can no longer see more, at this time the investment capital should promptly stop loss to leave the field to watch the top island reversal price in the early rise left a jump gap up after, continue to Upward, but the trend has obviously turned weak and gradually transformed into downward when downward to the previous upward gap jump position, suddenly with a downward gap jump, the formation of the top island reversal top island reversal for a very strong top signal top island reversal once established, indicating that the recent price to light has become a foregone conclusion, at this time, investors holding chips can only admit defeat out, if you continue to hold shares will certainly be subject to greater Losses and short positions of investors in the near future, it is best not to ask the stock, even if there is any rebound midway, but also try not to participate, can focus on some other potential prices, another opportunity to find good operating strategies island-shaped form the best buying and selling point for falling below the downward trend line and the second gap occurs, because before this can not determine the direction of development island-shaped reversal is an isolated transaction intensive area, and the previous trend After a wave of price action, the price jumps in excessive anticipation, forming an exhaustion gap, and after a day to several days of consolidation, the price jumps in the opposite direction, making the pattern during consolidation like an island Key tips (1) gaps that appear before the island are exhaustion gaps, and gaps that appear afterwards in the opposite direction of movement are breakouts gaps (2) the second gap appears within a short period of time, the shortest time may be only one trading day, or may be as long as a few days to a few weeks or so (3) the formation of the two gaps of the island shape are mostly within the price range of the same section (4) the island shape begins with a depleting gap and ends with a breakthrough gap, this situation is to fill the gap, so the gap has been completely filled (5) the island reversal of the two The greater the total turnover between the two gaps (which can be a large number of changes in a short period of time or a small number of changes in a long period of time), the stronger the signal of reversal. (6) If it is a short period of time a huge amount of hands change, it becomes a composite pattern of island and "V-shaped reversal", its signal is very strong. The significance of the island reversal is not the main reversal pattern, because it is formed in a fairly short period of time, not enough to represent the meaning of the main trend, but it is usually a small trend of the return point for obvious reasons, because the previous short jump occurred, soon after the reverse short jump, it is clear that the original existing trend in excessive expectations, the phenomenon of the weakness of the existing trend in the weakness of the follow-up suddenly disappeared, so Reverse forces will take advantage of the momentum, there will be a reverse gap This is the result of the distinctive growth of long and short forces in a short period of time, so when the reverse gap is not immediately filled, it represents the growth of long and short forces to establish, become a trend reversal signal read island reversal to receive the latest gift

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