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Investment why choose to speculate in foreign exchange

many people are speculating in stocks, buy securities, etc. And cashbackforexprofitcalculator cashbackforexpipcalculator investment, as a new household into a new investment varieties, has been in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing cashback forex calculator Online other centers and frontier cities for the general public to accept and recognize, and gradually into the mainland of large and medium-sized cities, for residents to understand and favor into following the stock, property and another hot investment topic why speculation in foreign exchange so The foreign exchange through the financial investment training Xiaobian combined with these years in th cashbackforexcalculatorOnline industry investment experience and customer exchange experience, summed up the following aspects of the reasons below Xiaobian take you to analyze the advantages of foreign exchange:   First: stocks, securities need to pay 100% of the amount of margin and foreign exchange is generally 1%-10% of the margin, control the risk!   Second: stocks, securities T+1 trading, the day can not be closed and foreign exchange T+0 trading, the day can be closed, at any time to buy, at any time to sell, can carry out multiple transactions to reduce the risk of overnight   Third: stocks, securities is open Monday to Friday, while foreign exchange is twenty-four hours trading, buying and selling can be done at any time (major holidays and weekends will be closed) which is part-time investment and finance The people who provide a good opportunity, do not have to work and stocks among which one to choose?  Fourth: stocks, securities investment is mo company, easy to be large capital people to do the dealer control, and foreign exchange investment target is the national economy, rather than listed company performance, so foreign exchange is not easy to do the dealer control Fifth: stocks, securities is a single transaction can only buy after selling, in the bull market to make money and foreign exchange is a two-way transaction, can buy after selling, can also sell after buying, bull and bear are can profit Fifth: stocks, securities volume of small foreign exchange volume is extremely large, there is no dealer and retailer difference (daily turnover of 1.98 trillion dollars) foreign exchange market is the worlds largest financial market Sixth: stocks, securities pay dividends several times a year, while foreign exchange, can enjoy interest every day Seventh: stocks, securities too many kinds of trouble to choose Foreign exchange market than the stock market is easier to grasp, foreign exchange varieties less, currently only about 10 or so   there are some advantages not to mention, so, want to invest money in foreign exchange is a good choice!

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