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David Bennett cashback forex calculator Onl cashback forexe an agricultural futures trader living on the Gold Coast of Australia. He works in teaching cashbackforexpipcalculator human resource management, but he loves to trade " cashbackforexprofitcalculator tried everything I had ever heard of for many years with mediocre results, then I started trading agricultural futures - and I never looked back! -I havent looked back!" David has three nationalities: British, New Zealand, and Australian, and he continues to chase the sun. David became chairman of a large pension fund and worked with some professional fund managers when he became interested in trading and finance. "The key to differentiate intraday trading from other trading styles is that all open positions must be closed out before the end of the intraday trading session" Reasons for choosing intraday trading: 1. Immediate gratification: you can know the results on the same day! 2. Risk reduction: the time your money is exposed to risk is the shortest! 3. Stable profits. 3, stable profits: smooth capital growth curve, sustained and stable profits 4, easy and happy: instant gratification, low risk, stable profit is not easy and happy? 5, not afraid of crisis: do not care whether the market because of a sudden news and crazy rise, or instant collapse! 6, its disadvantages: the selected species must have a large intra-day fluctuations and volume "never in any one The risk of losing more than 5% of your total capital in any one trade ideally, reduce the risk of losing less than 1.5% of your total capital in each trade" II. What to trade volatile, high volume varieties of domestic futures markets: soybean meal, plastics, sugar, threads, rubber, zinc, copper, stock indexes III. Resistance levels are where most traders choose to trade" Turning cashbackforexcalculatorOnlines on the chart are crucial for one side to win the war "There is no way to know which side will win, but the oldest trading adage is the trend is your friend, which gives some hints as to which side to support Gives some hints about the relationship between trading at the opening trading philosophy "Once I have identified the support and resistance levels and judged the direction of the trend, my plan is to trade the first important breakthrough If I break resistance, I do more; if I break support, I do short" 2, entry guidelines tendency: look The first candlestick if the candlestick is red, representing the first 2-minute period there is an upward movement, tendency to look long! If the candlestick is blue, tend to be bearish! If the candlestick is a doji, stay neutral and let the second candlestick determine the tendency to retrace: After the retracement is complete, do a breakout trade in the direction of the trend (tendency) After the market makes a new high at point A, if two or more consecutive candlesticks with lower highs than point A subsequently appear, a valid retracement is confirmed as follows: After the market makes a new low at point B, if two or more consecutive candlesticks with higher lows than point B subsequently appear higher lows than point B, then confirm a valid retracement as follows: If after the market makes a new high at point A, the retracement is so extreme that point B is broken through, creating a new low, then change the bias from up to down and start waiting for a retracement to emerge from the new low as follows: If after the market makes a new low at point B, the retracement is so extreme that point A is broken through, creating a new high, then change the bias from downward to downward up and start waiting for the retracement that emerges from the new high as follows: Breakout: In the direction of the current tendency, the market price after an effective retracement, hitting the previous high or low trend pattern, is a breakout in the uptrend, my tendency is upward, point A represents the current intraday high If the market appears to be at least two consecutive candles after the highs are below point A, the price crosses upward to point A In a downtrend, my tendency is down, with point B representing the current intraday low. If the market has at least two consecutive candlestick lows above point B, the price crosses point B down, which is a downward breakout as shown below: Trigger trade: Wait for the first intraday breakout and place an order in the direction of the breakout if there is no breakout, then no trade Exception: Second candlestick Pullback, followed by a third candlestick breakthrough as follows: 3, trade management profit and loss parameters set to suit "after entering a position, the probability of success of this transaction depends entirely on how we manage it" David Bennetts important statement: "Whenever I enter a position, I immediately follow the calculated stop loss Then I walk away from the trade and let it work itself out without changing those calculated levels" "I cant overemphasize the importance of this to my trading success" It is how I Its how I can trade with consistency, making sure that every single order I place is based on the same conditions as every other single order. Its how I can overcome the irresistible urge to move positions. I didnt find any additional benefits to me in the long run because of the long hours I spent staring at the market, setting stop-loss and take-profit levels. Login now

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