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How to skillfully set a stop loss

The first po">cashbackforexpipcalculatort to think of foreign exchange investment cashback forex calculator Online how to cashback forex the risk rather than greater profits, in the absence of reasonable risk prevention before, all profits are floating clouds, then how to control the risk? Then it is nothing but stop loss and decisive closing of positions, the brave man broke his wrist! Do not be whaled by the crocodile, then today a few simple mentions hope to help investment friends:  First, cashbackforexcalculatorOnline control to shorten the time to hold a position  In the financial markets, regardless of the size of the risk of the species you are trading, as long as you did not enter the transaction, then the short position is no risk and as long as you enter the transaction, then all the time are faced with varying degrees of risk so control you The time to enter the transaction becomes particularly important here we take an example: we can think, in a minute, the price of gold rose 10 dollars or fell 10 dollars probability is not big? The answer is definitely: not much! At least in normal trading, almost rarely appear unless they encounter some unexpected events, the probability is very low then we think again, if it is in an hour, up 10 dollars or down 10 dollars? I think this is a frequent occurrence Therefore, we can conclude that when we hold a position the shorter the time, the less risk we face; and the longer the time to hold a position, then the greater the risk is to reduce the risk, then to shorten the time to hold a position, when you hold a position to shorten the time, then your profit target must also be shortened Second, position control 1/3 of the funds used to open a position (novice less than 20%) Once you find the wrong direction, to strictly stop loss; trend has been very clear, short term heavy position to 60%-70% of the position into the field, fast in and fast out Often people are asking: what kind of position is considered reasonable? The answer given by many professionals is one-third is to assume that your account has a total amount of funds of 3 million, then the use of 1 million of funds to open positions, the remaining 2 million as backup funds, especially in margin trading, which is one of the important means of risk control, but in the actual transaction, due to the amount of funds and trading situation of each investor is different, if all according to I think, because everyones investment experience and professional degree is different, so the control of the position should also be different if you have a lot of trading experience, in the trend is already very clear, the chances of winning are relatively high, then the short term heavy position to 30%-50% of the position into the field, the problem is not too big, and may quickly profit a lot but this premise is that And once you find the wrong direction, to strictly stop loss To combine personal circumstances, many customers are playing the simulation position after doing the real position, but the real position and simulation is completely different, new investment customers recommended that the position should not exceed 20% Third, the technical control after the single must develop the habit of stop loss Technical control refers to the use of technical analysis tools, the After the comprehensive study and judgment of the market, set a scientific stop loss on the risk control stop loss target, that is, to lock the maximum loss each time in an acceptable range to avoid major losses In the foreign exchange market, any professional analysts may have judged wrong time, because after all, people are not God, it is impossible to make a 100% accurate prediction of the future so once found The direction of the wrong time, then you should promptly close the original wrong single, although this is a loss out of the game, but at least not continue to lose money, and finally lead to a substantial loss of this market is not afraid to make mistakes, the most afraid to drag! Broken arm is very painful, but life is still in ah! Especially newbies, after the single must develop the habit of following the stop loss

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