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How to look at foreign exchange indicators

synchronous cashbackforexcalculatorOnlinedicators of change in time cashbackforexprofitcalculator the general cashback forex calculator Online situation cashbackforexpipcalculator basically the same, lagging indicators of change in time is often behind the general economic situation changes These two types of indicators can show the general trend of economic cashback forex, and determine or deny the economic development trend foreshadowed by the prior indicators, and through them you can also see the depth of economic change more important synchronous indicators and lagging indicators are.  (1)GNP and price deflator (GNP and GNP Deflator)  GNP is a country in a certain period of time (year, quarter) expressed in monetary terms the total value of all products and services it is a summary of the entire national economy, is a comprehensive reflection of a countrys economic strength and economic Usually the higher the U.S. GNP means better economic development, interest rates tend to rise, the dollar exchange rate tends to be stronger    The price deflator (GNP Deflator), which is published at the same time as GNP to eliminate price changes, represents the official measure of price level changes in the last quarter, reflecting the inflationary pressures faced by the economy. Faced with inflationary pressures, but also often for the market concern  (2) Unemployment rate (Unemployment  Rate)  unemployment rate is also a sign of good or bad economic development unemployment rate increases, meaning that the economy is hampered; unemployment rate decreases, meaning that economic development momentum is enhanced    (3) Retail Index (  Retail Sales Index) Retail index is an indicator that includes cash purchases and credit purchases, which reflects the state of social consumption and overall economic activity higher retail index indicates full social consumption, economic development potential, interest rates tend to rise, the dollar exchange rate tend to rise  (4) personal income (  nbsp;Personal Income) Personal income includes all income obtained from wages and social benefits it foreshadows the future changes in the level of consumer demand, thus reflecting the general level of overall economic activity (5) personal consumption expenditure (Personal Consumption  Expenditures) Personal consumption expenditures include personal purchases of goods and services in two areas, is an important indicator to measure the consumer spending of residents  (6) industrial production index (Industrial Production) Industrial production index reflects the total production of U.S. production and manufacturing, usually with National economic development in line with the higher level of industrial production, the better the momentum of economic development, capital investment is also more, thus driving the dollar exchange rate up    (7) National Association of Purchasing Managers Index (NAPM) NAPM index is generally published on the first Monday of each month, reflecting the level of activity in the manufacturing sector, often earlier than the unemployment rate Show the end of the development of economic activity changes in the previous month the index is higher than 50% is considered to be the expansion of the manufacturing sector, below 50% means that the economy is shrinking 

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