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How to learn to operate the order risk control management

The foreign exchange market cashback forex calculator Online other financial investment market, there are risks and foreign exchange margin trading for investors to bring high profit opportunities at the same time, will also bring a certain amount of risk but for investors, will cashbackforexcalculatorOnline be because of the possible risks and give up the opportunity to obtain high profits Therefore, I provide investors with the following recommendations to help you minimize the risk as much as possible, but also as much as possible to achieve First, control the opening ratio of each transaction For traders who have recently entered the market, the opening ratio should not be too large, only when the accumulation of sufficient trading experience and have a consistently good trading record and then consider gradually expanding the opening ratio for newcomers to the foreign exchange market, I believe that the proportion of orders placed in the total amount of money does not exceed 10% will be safer and have more experienced traders generally placed Single in the total amount of money proportion of 20% (heavy trading, equivalent to gambling, as long as you lose a bet, you are likely to your original profit amount out of all, or even lose your principal) Second, each transaction should set a stop cashbackforexpipcalculator price and strictly enforced, when the exchange rate to their own operation of the favorable direction of operation, you cashback forex constantly track the narrowing of the stop loss (for example, do more, when the exchange rate rose can raise the stop loss price; short, when the exchange rate falls can be adjusted downward stop loss price), but in turn when the exchange rate to run in the direction of their own open positions can not expand the stop loss, otherwise it is against the original intention to control the risk and set a stop loss (fried foreign exchange positions burst friends, the vast majority are because they refuse to set a stop loss, the direction of the wrong judgment but refused to admit, holding a fluke psychology waiting, resulting in a burst position) Generally cashbackforexprofitcalculatoreaking, a relatively small stop loss control the risk is relatively small, short term operation can set a relatively small stop loss, medium and long term operation can set a relatively large stop loss in addition to the stop loss point is not set farther than the mandatory closing point, or not to the stop price is forced to close the position, the stop price will not work Then, set the stop can also reduce the risk because the floating profit generated by the open position is not really money, only Generally speaking, for short-term operations, the stop-win can be relatively small, and for long-term operations, the stop-win is relatively large In addition, the stop-win space should preferably be twice the stop-loss space or even higher for each operation. Therefore, the potential risk of short term trading is less than that of long term trading. Avoid holding positions past the announcement of major data and events, and try not to hold positions past the weekend in the short term. Before the actual operation, it is recommended to simulate the operation of the trading platform to practice, so that you can effectively avoid unnecessary losses caused by low-level errors such as the wrong order, under the reverse order!

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