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How to invest in foreign exchange for newcomers The foreign exchange novice beginner related notes to explain

personal cashbackforexprofitcalculatorvestment in cashback forex calculator Online cashbackforexpipcalculator way: this there are many ways, now the main place to do foreign exchange, banks, foreign exchange platform domestic plate, foreign exchange platform foreign plate, first of all, the bank to do foreign exchange investment fees are very high not generally high, but very very high whether it is ordinary foreign exchange investment or want to play are not suitable, cashbackforexcalculatorOnline even not enough to make ends meet Foreign exchange investment domestic plate: domestic now intricate and complex domestic plate. Domestic now intricate internal plate, there are doing foreign exchange, spot, agricultural products, tea, a variety of, to sum up on a word: fake ~ are betting on the plate long-term profit probability of 0 foreign exchange foreign plate, because the domestic to choose a legal institution is difficult or state-owned platform like foreign plate can operate foreign exchange so many people choose to go directly to the foreign plate to operate, but there are the following risk factors foreign plate easy Volume fled, your money is lost Foreign exchange investment foreign exchange: foreign exchange is also intricate, there are also many fishy black platform mixed with foreign exchange, some platforms because of the region of the transaction may be delayed, resulting in customers can not instantly trade, but in general foreign exchange cashback forex varieties and patterns are relatively rich and perfect  foreign exchange novice beginners some considerations, as foreign exchange investment White, we need to always remain cautious and diligent learning!  Self-discipline habit: forex trading is not easy to get profit, just like the Olympic world champion often need to control the diet, training volume, training posture, etc. to get victory, trading is a craft that must be honed day after day, also need strict discipline in trading, the planning layout before trading, trading in the study of fundamentals and icons of the practice behavior, as well as the psychological training after trading, all help Disciplined behavior formation, which over time evolves into a habit, also helps in shaping the traders self-discipline Beyond the comfort zone: As the great trading psychologist, Dr. Brett Sbarger once said: Your growth always exists on the other side of your discomfort whether in the gym or in career decisions, you dont develop yourself by staying in your comfort zone Forex trading as Investment trading, is the use of money a kind of aggressive behavior, whether to reduce the volume of transactions or increase the volume of transactions, we all want to become winners Therefore, focus on improving themselves, become inescapable must do matters, only a moment of progress, it is possible to make this game to the next level About emotional balance: as the saying goes, seven points of mentality, two points of technology, one point of luck, investment spells a mentality Trading, you may have appeared due to overconfidence, and take a risky way to do a single may also have appeared due to six transactions in the wrong trading win points, and depression, and even give up emotions swing between, how to adjust the psychological state, how to control emotional abuse, become a regular topic of trading and training topics in this, our line of sight will also slowly shift, began to downplay the bottom line of profits and losses, and the bottom line of profits and losses. Focus on how to trade, and how to maximize their potential life lessons learned from trading to achieve curve trading because, as all traders know, the best mindset is both calm and relaxed Foreign exchange investment financial risk tips: foreign exchange investment risks and benefits go hand in hand, foreign exchange investment returns are 30%, then the risk will be magnified to 60%, newcomers to investment do not follow blindly, first go Related financial foreign exchange media to learn and understand  Novice how to invest in foreign exchange: For those who invest in the foreign exchange market, the actual operation process, you need to do the following aspects: 1, must set a stop loss set a stop loss, each new entry into the foreign exchange market investors have been told, and this, for veteran birds is also applicable to the same do not think that experience, after a wealth of skills can ignore the stop loss. In fact, whenever you set a stop loss is an effective means of reducing your losses as much as possible, therefore, every single, are to set a stop loss in time 2, a single loss shall not exceed 10%, the total loss shall not exceed 30% Many times a little inattentive, it may lead to losses generated losses are inevitable, but for the tolerance of losses should also have a degree, too much loss, plus the spread, commission, fees Therefore, to control the loss of each single, to avoid excessive loss of money 3, a single day shall not exceed 3 times, the daily loss shall not exceed two, two consecutive days of loss to stop operations do not mean profit, but is likely to represent the potential risk of loss and in order to control losses, to protect the viability, once multiple losses in time to stop operations is very important Foreign exchange novice learners related articles read foreign exchange novice beginners foreign exchange beginners: fried foreign exchange novice most likely to make the 3 fatal mistakes foreign exchange novice profit the most practical trading method fried foreign exchange novice learners: foreign exchange market in how to control risk to the extreme? 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