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How to Use the Customer Service Telephone Number For Sirius XM

Sirius XM is a satellite radio company which provides a variety of quality channels. It offers live sports coverage, news, and talk programming. It is available in many vehicles, including cars, trucks, and boats. The radios are available from most major car companies.

SiriusXM offers a variety of subscription plans to fit a range of budgets. With a basic package, you can access over 100 channels, including the best music, sports, and comedy. However, if you want the most programming, you can upgrade to the All Access package. This includes over 160 channels of commercial-free music and the best talk.

If you have any questions about your subscription, you can contact customer service. They will be able to help you resolve the most common consumer problems. You may also need to contact your device"s customer service. For example, if you can"t play certain songs, you can contact your device"s customer service to determine if there is a problem with your radio. Depending on your device, the technician will be able to recommend a solution to the problem.

When you purchase your satellite radio, you will be required to purchase a receiver. You will need to connect the receiver to your car"s stereo, either through an aux input or through an FM modulator. You will also need to run wires to the power source.

To receive a Sirius XM subscription, you must first sign up for an account. Your account is linked to an email address. Before you can activate your subscription, you will need to select your location for an antenna. Once you"ve established your subscription, you can use the same account in two vehicles. In addition, you can sign up for a free trial period.

If you have a question about your SiriusXM subscription, you can call 1-844-LISTEN-1. Customer care agents are available from Monday through Friday 8am to 8pm Eastern Time. They will be able to help you with billing and technical issues, and can even make remote commands. Alternatively, you can submit an online form.

Some customers have reported that SiriusXM is a difficult company to work with. Some subscribers complain about long wait times and rude customer service representatives. Other complaints include the inability to cancel subscriptions and a lack of communication with customer service.

Sirius XM is owned by Sirius XM Holdings Inc., a corporation based in Midtown Manhattan, New York. The Sirius XM trademark, other marks, and logos are owned by the company, as well as by the other owners of the marks.

Sirius XM is a radio service that is available for most types of cars. Many people have reported that the signal often goes out in urban areas. A common issue with SiriusXM is that the lineup on the website isn"t accurate.

One of the biggest complaints that SiriusXM customers have is that the company fails to respond to their requests. Although they claim that they will respond to all requests, many customers have been left feeling ignored.

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