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How should Forex traders eliminate negative emotions

When you encounter cashback forex luck in trading cashbackforexcalculatorOnline encounter setbacks, sadness, anger, depression, sadness cashback forex calculator Online other health-impairing malignant emotions cashbackforexpipcalculator come in droves how to actively resolve as soon as possible and as early as possible? Foreign exchange institute recommended the following measures, you may want to try a, do more running, circles, walking, swimming and other physical activities these activities are one of the proven measures to resolve bad mood two, sunshine famous psychiatrist Mueller pointed out that sunlight cashbackforexprofitcalculator improve the condition of depressed patients three, eat bananas German nutritional psychologist Professor Padel found that bananas contains a substance that can help the human brain to produce pentothal, which can reduce the secretion of undesirable hormones, so that people quiet, happy   four, cry out loud find a secluded place, enjoy crying out loud Japanese psychologists research found that this cry can make the repressed psychology to get full vent, at the same time, the toxins generated by bad mood, can also "cry "out five, sleep well sleep to help overcome bad moods, stabilize the mind and wake up, the mood will be much better six, listen to music music can make the brain produce a calming and tranquilizing substances, but pay attention to the choice of "right" music seven, enjoy the flowers The color and smell of grass and flowers, has the role of mediating peoples mood Eight, watching the mountains and green water, singing and dancing, will put you in a beautiful situation, the mood will be "fast activation" in the weekend or find some time to go out more travel, do not spend all the time on the deal Nine, playing puppets will be puppets to stick on the name or event name to make their own bad The name of the person or event name, and then desperately hit after the person is no longer suffocating, the mood will naturally be good Ten, shower in the bath shower, can produce a kind of tranquilizing active molecules, unhappy, might as well take a shower, will be a relief after

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