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Hand to teach you to build a set of free across multiple foreign exchange platform business MT4 local forward and reverse follow single system

cashback forex calculator Online our daily foreign exchange cashbackforexpipcalculator, often have some trading needs, must rely on third-party software to ass cashbackforexcalculatorOnlinet in solving the MT4 just solve the basic pending cashbackforexprofitcalculator, single problem, like across multiple platform business for signal synchronization single such needs, just rely on manual is not solved, need to use cross-platform The single software, and there is a positive single and reverse single function at the same time to solve today, the foreign exchange business Langya list of small detailed account, how to build a free set of local cross-platform forward and reverse single trading system Software provider: fxblue security: security, foreign exchange industry well-known foreign software developers to provide the way: installed to run the way EA URL: www. fxblue.com website is currently all English, you need to have some English reading ability however, the overall are relatively simple English, so you do not have to worry about the basic features of the software: 1, the local installation of multiple foreign exchange platform MT4, you cashback forex achieve a one-click multi-platform with a single transaction and a flat position 2, you can set up only with the single or short single, or multiple short single 3, can be set only with certain species 4, can be set to reverse with a single 5, can set the size of the single and a variety of risk control indicators 6, can be set to send e-mails, screen warnings and a series of trading warnings prompt information   more features, not to elaborate on please feel for themselves important is reliable, free   use the installation instructions: the first step, in fxblue on, with an email address to register a website account URL is: www.fxblue.com, login to fxblues official website, click to the software download page software name: FXBluePersonalTradeCopierforMT4http://www.fxblue.com/appstore/2/mt4- personal-trade-copier as shown in the picture: Freedownload Here are the zip packages of the installation program Merchants MT4 Local Forward and Reverse Follow Signal Synchronization System.jpg "height="440 "src="http://www.fxcom.cn/uploads/ allimg/c161127/14P22H2JM20-63348.jpg "width="600"/> Download and unzip it and install it, it will automatically find the local MT4 installation directory can be selected in full multiple MT4, it can be installed to each MT4 EA directory restart MT4, you can see in the navigation " Navigator EA The two EAs here in trading, one is the signal sender, one is the receiver (Receiver) we assume, for example, to let the two platforms to achieve synchronization of orders trading we set XM as the main trading account, that is, the signal sender (Sender) to let the account of the stone as a single account (Receiver), to receive the XM issued Trading signals double-click the FXBlue-TradeCopySender in XM, the pop-up window shown below settings:   Note: check the two red arrows shown in the place to pay special attention to: allow the import of dynamic connection library at the same time, double-click the FXBlueTradeCopyReceiver in the window of the radical stone, the same set two red Check  so that the XM signal, synchronized to the function of the radical stone to close the position, one side to close the position, the other side automatically follow to close the position Common parameter settings:    Worth noting a few important parameter settings:   Set the reverse to follow the single   Set only with do more or short single Follow the single function so set up a set of free across multiple foreign exchange platform merchants MT4 local forward and reverse follow the single signal synchronization system, so complete the exchange merchants Langya list small editor has been in the local multiple platform merchants MT4, the realization of this function with the feeling, quite smooth According to the observation, follow the single delay most For 1 second consider if this system is put on the Ali cloud, the speed should be faster One of the forex trading scenarios: I want two different platform accounts to be able to open and close positions at the same time If you are an individual trader, each forex investor will open an account with three or five brokers, in order to fund safety will be spread to multiple platforms of which there will be one or two platforms, is the main platform you go to do The others, at some point in time you will also consider which involves a basic question, how can you get your hands on these platforms to place orders at the same time? For example, I have $1000 in XM, $1000 in IC I want two accounts to be able to open and close positions at the same time This is a very common demand The past practice is to open the two platforms on the local computer MT4, after the XM order, rush the mouse to the IC MT4 to place an order The time taken, at least in 10 seconds, and may be in the rush to place an order At this point, you strongly need to have a software that can connect these two accounts trading MAM multi-account system can only solve the problem of following the same platform, but is unable to solve the problem of synchronized trading across multiple platform providers Forex trading scenario No. 2: both to show their level, but also to avoid real-time display is followed by a single If you are a foreign exchange trader or agent, you need to solve the Signal display and distribution of the problem of awesome traders, do not want others to see their real-time order situation, and therefore do not want to bind accounts to third-party signal display sites, such as MQL5.com, because this will allow others to see each of your real-time transactions read-only password also exists this problem, the operations shown are real-time to their own transactions, instantly exposed in front of everyones eyes, think will Let every trader is not comfortable both to show their level, but also to avoid real-time display is to follow the single how to solve this problem? There is a way to solve: MT4 account delayed display For example, we are based on MT4 to build a set of trading signals automatically generated release system, the MT4 of all the trading list, are transmitted via ftp to the static web generation page at the same time, the provisions of the transmission interval such as 10 minutes That is, your closed orders ten minutes later, before automatically transmitted to the static web page investors can see your trading record ten minutes ago through this performance display page At this point, derived from the real demand: the display of investment records is for the business service of signal synchronization trading customers feel that your manipulation is very good, they are willing to synchronize the signal to your main account This time, whether it is to talk about the agent, or talk about the net worth share, can be launched on the basis of this signal synchronization This goes back to One of the needs of the trading scenario: many investors of different platform merchants MT4 account, after seeing your trading records on the web side, you need to synchronize the signal with the main account as a trader (or agent) to achieve decentralized, multi-platform, multi-account model of foreign exchange asset management function Forex trading scenario No. 3: across multiple platforms MT4 account reverse follow single function  nbsp; reverse follow single is a common demand it is based on a simple principle, this market to make money is always a minority then, when you have enough data samples and probability to determine a sample pool, to be able to stabilize losses, you reverse to follow single these low-level investors trading signals, you can get positive returns on a large probability  for example, you in infinox Infinox has $1000, in AVATrade has $1000 do not know what reason, you always want to, in Infinox open a position of 0.01 hand to do more Europe and the United States, you can automatically open a 0.01 hand in AVATrade synchronous shorting orders in Europe and the United States to close the position also, the synchronization of the two platforms single automatically close the position cross multi-platform MT4 account reverse follow the single function, can be derived A wave of business models such as, can be set up only with a single direction of the transaction single, you can derive a grid trading model variant of cross-platform account hedging; two-way hedging grid trading; also, for example, cross-platform arbitrage, the proxy business in the multi-account hedging, etc.  hedging is an old topic in trading, reverse with a single is one of the models have a reverse tool, trading model can be free to play

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