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Good investment habits is the key to winning speculation

  1. Survival rules: by the pr cashbackforexcalculatorOnlineciple of opening positions, short-term principles, the maximum amount of r cashback forex calculator Onlinek three principles; to protect the security of capital is the most core law of investment! This is the cornerstone of all investment laws cashbackforexpipcalculator investment strategies as a professional investment manager, the minimum in order to long-term stable development and survival of the next 10 years, risk reduction, risk avoidance, risk control is the top priority! 2. Maximum risk amount principle: the maximum loss of any one transaction shall cashbackforexprofitcalculator be higher than 5% of the assets, is the last layer of survival law protective wall cashback forex not control the loss, the risk / reward ratio is too high Trading is improper trading, want to stabilize the development must avoid DD improper trading can not afford to lose, can not afford any unexpected blow, out of the game on everything! 4. patience, one of the basic skills, give up the give up, grasp can grasp; only adhere to do in line with their own investment standards of investment, simple to win, simple to cope with the complex, grasp the medium-term time frame, with unlimited waiting patience! Abandon the gambling game that does not meet the requirements, can easily say no to opportunities outside the ability to market there is limited risk and huge profit space strategic opportunities! No win rate no shot in the long run, good patience will eventually get a good return! Patience DD trend remains the same, hold the position! Hold the position firmly!!!! For a medium and long term traders who take trend follow up positions, should not have earned a small profit on the eagerness to bag the heart, because the market will certainly eventually abandon you and lose your position 5. self-discipline, the second of the basic skills, no implementation of everything is empty talk, is to have a perfect system can not be effective, because the weakest link is the weakness of human nature, must be restrained, restrained, and then restrained market Is not controllable, we can control only ourselves, a person who can not control their own behavior ability is impossible to succeed the key to success ------ lies in the continuity of the consistency of the ability to trade and self-discipline! 6. courage, the third of the basic skills, courage and courage can be cultivated by knowledge, can be based on the odds and signals to enter the market. If you lack the courage to enter the market, you will not achieve anything when a transaction is confident, the full concentration of positions to attack, have the courage to build a large position! The cowardly do nothing, the courageous can not survive courage needs to be built on an effective strategy, in the transaction where there is a conflict with the law of survival of the strategy or principle, are the first to obey the law of survival 7. Objective to maintain the consistency and continuity of the transaction, in favor of firm execution! Truly abandon subjectivity, objective trading, probability to win, and ultimately achieve a smooth means of winning 8. focus on improving the winning rate of trading! The object of a very high chance of winning, should focus on the power to really grasp the opportunity! 9. give up, objective follow, calmly respond! Tolerance to give up their ability to give up things outside, do not think of their old can buy the lowest point and throw the lowest point, in the end, but specialize in doing small loss of large low-energy things; with a flat highest top section of profits to wrestle a whole section of the trend, give up short-term fluctuations in the gains and losses, tolerance to wrestle with the trend of failure to spit back, is the greatest success habits! 10. trend, for all markets, decide its trend is the most important point; never Against the big trend trading (Haite) belief that the market development must have a trend! Do the big trend of those who become a big job! In the long run, without doubt, firmly comply with their own effective system is the most beneficial to me 11. light position is the key to success! Keep it in mind in your mind, apply the right method in medium-term trading, do not care if your position is too small, because your plan is to add to a position that has been proven correct, only then can you really lose less and win more 12. What is important is not whether your judgment of the market is correct, but how much money you make when you are right, and how much money you lose when you are wrong! Trading is not possible every time you open a position signal is a good point, should set a fluctuation interval in advance, for the stop loss to set aside a certain space, so as to prevent the transition of the transaction 13. Futures market is a war of plunder between long and short capital, a variety of uncertainties are full of variables, long and short have the basis for entry, each set of K-line structure, are reflected in the results of the local battle; prices are often reflected in disorderly fluctuations, so there is no one can determine the Once and for all method of making money, excessive expenditure of energy to perfect the details is futile, we only seek to secure the strategic premise, to grasp the orderly wave; only when the two sides of the power imbalance, the trend will begin and gradually accelerate, the collapse of the party will certainly be mostly driven out after the market will come to an end 14. Not just for the money to maintain the right investment attitude, calm and calm trading, you will not miss the big market

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