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FXMonetizer the brother of ForexGrowthBot

Today well review a cashbackforexpipcalculator FXMonetizer cashbackforexprofitcalculator offers some pretty strong performance I admit that I started the article cashbackforexcalculatorOnline attention to th cashback forex calculator Online EA because it was programmed by EugeneL, the famous ForexGrowthBot (FGB) which is one of the most followed cashback forex reviewed autotrading systems on MyfxbookWe can hardly believe that the team at AutoTrade targeted FGB last May So we are very happy to know that Eugene programmed another robot with a different strategy and some tangible results on FXMonetizer review, we will use a SynergyFX live account linked to Myfxbook and has been active since January 3, 2012, which gives us over two years as a reference but unlike its popular robot brother FGB, FXMonetizer has been more conservative in its trading over this rather long period of time Im also happy to report that the robot does not use any gambling strategies, so traditional trading enthusiasts should enjoy it The robot only trades EUR/USD with the goal of making profits from the market fluctuations associated with the pair The average duration of the trades is about 12 hours, which is in line with this softwares moderate trading approach of having a hard 50 USD, or a 25 pip stop loss, which is a comfort to those who dont like aggressive trading You can easily see the contrast with FGB, which trades using a very dangerous method called (unofficial) pyramid building: opening a set of counter-trending positions and then simultaneously closing them FXMonetizers trades are opened one step at a time, following the trend for each There is no grid or pyramid style trading here Now lets look at the performance of this robot You can see in the chart the ability of the robot to deliver profits Photo credit: Myfxbook The gain after two years (for a rather insignificant number of trades) is a remarkable 133%, while the relative retracement is a modest 8.5% which shows the risk of loss is relatively low and the return retracement rate is very good.15 The latter suggests that one can expect some substantial return on the investment in the trade the average number of pips per trade is also strong at 10, indicating the fact that the system is able to withstand sudden market changes, as well as the effects of spreads and slippage frankly, the trading system is stable if you have If youve fallen in love with this robot, you can buy it for $127 from select sites. Compared to the tag price of $300 for the last robot we reviewed (two scalping EAs), its an unremarkable price. come up with a personal idea, he has been answering my emails in a concise way I think it is because he has been overwhelmed with work and it prefers programming to chatting 

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