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Forex trading and psychology

F cashback forexex trad cashback forex calculator Onlineg cashbackforexpipcalculator a process of self-improvement, honing to a heart that is ancient cashbackforexprofitcalculator unruffled Tarzan-sensei in front of the eyes and does cashbackforexcalculatorOnline change, recognizing the general trend of the trend in order to be able to take the chestnuts out of the fire I believe that all Forex traders have experienced pain, excitement, confusion and other psychological states, to become a successful trader, the first thing to understand yourself, when trading to do - - normal mind, a very simple truth, but it may take a person a lifetime to reach the idealized state, whether for forex trading or other decisions in life, impulsiveness is the devil, emotional will go to hell for beginners, fear and greed, is the biggest two obstacles to place a single is a negative, slightly volatile The retracement is getting bigger and bigger, the panic in the heart is unbearable, began to doubt their own judgment, began to think wildly, is not the wrong direction, the direction does not come back to lose how much money, such as all kinds of negative information to come, and then, close the position, and then the direction may change towards the beginning of the direction; so, the backhand single, and go through the same journey, and finally burst, can not overcome the normal fluctuations in the loss generated by The fear of entering the foreign exchange market is the inevitable course of the heart, how to overcome fear? Do more simulation, the real position before placing orders in the simulation account to see if the trend; light position, do your homework before placing orders, recognize the trend and follow the trend, single or pending single after throwing aside regardless, go out to play or do something else, try not to look at the plate, even look at the plate do not feel free to close the position, you can move the stop loss in real time; to achieve strict self-discipline, which is one of the most important elements of capital management and risk control greed is Original sin, but how to judge greed or maximize the benefits, need a lot of practice in forex trading there is a famous fish head and fish tail theory, fish head and fish tail do not eat, eat the most fatty fish body fish head and fish tail is actually a trend into another trend process, the exchange rate is always fluctuating, down in the rise, up in the fall, absolute or almost no retracement of the unilateral trend, there, but not much, because the exchange rate The nature of the human heart is bearish or bullish, do more positions on the rise - can also be simply understood as more people do more on the rise, short people more on the fall (but some institutions give more or less sentiment index can only be a reference, can not be used as the basis for placing orders, because it is a response to the past, retail investors more or less will, rather than the future, the (The vast majority of institutions and the will of the people) in the right time to enter the field is a master, in the right time to leave the field is the expert, when the profit reached the expected target or indicators turn, no longer fantasize about greater profits, the appropriate control of their greed, this time not greedy instead of being able to maximize the benefits of reverse psychology is the common problem of many people, in the currency market, do not need to be different, in the subconscious everyone thinks They are the greatest miracle in the world, unique, and thus in the currency market is easy to produce the error of rebellion, thinking of different, maverick, and in the vast majority of cases in the currency market, the only result of the rebellious heart is counter-trend, the result is a loss, so the market is always right, the error is only our own herd mentality in the currency market is the magic weapon to win, with the right trend can make money, how to grasp the trend? For ordinary people who are difficult to grasp the fundamentals, which requires technical analysis In fact, both fear and greed can be overcome through the improvement of technology

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