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Foreign exchange trading strategy development method

forex trad cashback forexg strategy cashbackforexcalculatorOnline most investors need a kind of cashback forex calculator Online advice a good forex trading strategy for investors to foreign exchange trading is very helpful in the foreign exchange cashbackforexpipcalculator, in addition to accurate market research cashbackforexprofitcalculator good capital control, the most important than the formulation of a good operation strategy lack of perfect operation strategy, even if the market analysis up to 100% of the The most important thing is to formulate a good operating strategy.  1, the direction of operation: first consider the direction of the market short, medium and long-term trends, decide to want to carry out the operation belongs to that kind, so as to carry out the operation of the layout of the long term operation direction to follow the market trend, medium-term operation is more focused on the market in the volume and price with the performance, while the short term direction lies in the breakthrough, is a purely technical point of view to seek the best entry point, to short term technical Analysis as the basis for entry and exit 2, capital planning: after the direction of operation is set, it is necessary to make a good collation of capital planning first decide how large the part to be operated, usually with the input capital as a reference, long-term parts can be a higher proportion of capital input, short-term parts preferably not more than one-third of the total input capital, avoid heavy full position operation at the same time, after the entry, calculate the point target The probability of profit and loss, when the probability of profit and loss probability ratio of 3:1, you can carry out the relevant operations good money management can almost sway the success or failure of the operation strategy, investors should not take it lightly 3, attack and defense to have a plan strategy formulation of the first priority defense, with a solid defense plan before the external attack trading in progress, do not be impatient, must have patience and self-discipline, to avoid the emotional In the development of forex trading strategies, the entry point and operation should have a precise analysis of when you can increase the size? How much? ……Perfect attack and defense plan can be in the field before the transaction that is to understand the maximum loss of each transaction, in the ability to bear the range, the face of short-term market fluctuations can also be dealt with 4, the setting of the stop-loss point: when the foreign exchange market is in different stages of operation, the setting of the stop-loss point also has a different long-term operation, the choice of stop-loss needs to be higher A high proportion of the funds accounted for a higher proportion of the market to prevent a momentary reversal of the market and was swept out of the field medium-term operations stop-loss selection usually tends to be technical, to the current trend line or the previous wave high and low as a reference basis In addition, the time stop-loss setting is also important, only experienced investors can better distinguish Forex trading strategy settings, is to ensure that investors better face Market fluctuations in the market security in the foreign exchange market full of unknown risks, the perfect trading strategy is also the best measure to reduce risk

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