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Foreign exchange trading psychological secrets

   1, remember to become a winning forex trader cashbackforexpipcalculator a journey, cashbackforexcalculatorOnline a destination The world does not exist only win not lose traders try to trade a little better every day, get pleasure from their own progress concentrate on learning the skills of technical analysis, improve their cashbackforexprofitcalculator skills, rather than just focus on their own trading 2. As long as you follow your own trading plan cashback forex calculator Online do what you are supposed to do, then congratulate yourself and feel good about the trade, not caring whether the trade is a profit or a loss 3. That you are looking for is the fact of thoughtful consideration, rather than catching the wind 5, if your trading method tells you that you should do a deal, and you did not execute, missed an opportunity to make cashback forex, only to do the wall, the pain is much greater than you according to their own trading plan to enter the market to do a deal but finally lost money brought about by the pain 6, their own life experience to shape your understanding of the transaction if If you make the first deal you lose, then you will not get involved in the market for a long time, or even the chances of not touching that currency for life is very high, the psychological impact of losing money and failure is greater than the physical pain, the impact is also longer if you are not struck by a failed transaction, then the single loss of money will not have such a negative and lasting impact on you 7, education experience to shape Formal business education can give you an advantage in understanding the economy and the general state of the market, but this does not guarantee that you will make money in the market formal college education to learn the vast majority of knowledge does not provide you with the specific knowledge needed to become a successful forex trader to become a winner in forex trading, you must learn to perceive Most people are blind to the opportunities, you must tap into the knowledge that is essential to successful trading 8, arrogance and pride due to making money will make people bankrupt making money will make people emotionally charged, thus causing their own view of reality to be distorted the more you earn, the better you feel about yourself, you are also vulnerable to the control of arrogance the thrill of making money is what gamblers need gamblers are willing to lose money again and again, just For the thrill of making money once 9, always remember, no matter win or lose, one person to bear do not blame the market or broker to lose money to provide you with an opportunity to be able to notice what exactly went wrong in the transaction do not attack against individuals 10, successful traders quantify and analyze risk, truly understand and accept risk from the emotional and psychological acceptance of risk determines your in each transaction Mindset individual risk tolerance and trading time preferences, but also makes each trader different choose a trading method that reflects your trading preferences and risk tolerance 11, the foreign exchange market is a collection of all trading participants of the psychological stereotypes of the long and short daily fight reflects the long and short of what is thinking every day must pay attention to the daily closing price and the relationship between the days highs and lows, because this shows the recent strength of the market 12, always look at the closing price and the relationship between the days highs and lows, because this shows 12. Never go long just because the price is low or short if the price is high. Never add to a losing order. Never lose patience with the market. The challenge for traders is to understand what kind of person they really are, and then firmly and consciously develop those qualities that are conducive to their trading success.14 As a forex trader, the farther you are from hope, greed and fear, the better your chances of trading success. Forex traders are rare? The reason is that they need to spend more time on their own psychology, rather than analysis methods on 15, the work is good, it must first sharpen its tools Abraham Lincoln also said, if I want to spend eight hours to cut down a tree, then I will spend six hours to sharpen their axe in forex trading, this maxim can be interpreted as: research and study is very important to do for the exchange of time spent on preparation to exceed the time spent on the order and time spent watching the market

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