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Foreign exchange trading inside the pit many can not step can not escape

I am afraid cashback forex many forex traders will encounter the follow cashbackforexcalculatorOnlineg situation: they use other peoples trading cashbackforexpipcalculator, gradually improved and perfected into their own trading system every time they do trading admon cashback forex calculator Onlineh themselves to trust their own system, realistic implementation of their own trading system reasoning is very clear, the idea also has a deep enough understanding but afterwards review those losses The single, is still cashbackforexprofitcalculator realistic about the trading system to carry out a good implementation, or hold too strong a sense of the first single dominant, feel that they are under the single is right, or guilty of empiricism overconfidence, this single under no problem, and not in again carefully look at the plate, waiting to pick up money, or know wrong, choose to ignore the rules of the system, enlarge the stop loss, there is a fluke psychology trading things, no matter what others say again Understand, and not without wheel themselves to say how much they understand, others have gone through the pit, or will not leave a trip through, only bleeding, with scars, will bear in mind just to do a good job of money management, do not let several times the bleeding to life for this situation, I say: the three major components of professional traders: system, psychological structure, risk control, three components are available in order to have what you want to get "good mentality", rather than sitting down, drink a cup of tea, read Wang Yangmings book, tell yourself to believe in the system, to "know and do", so logically, you do the opposite, so it is likely to go in the opposite direction, into "I didnt follow the system, I did it wrong - I blame myself, why didnt I follow the system - reflect on it - its better - keep doing it - still no confidence -Continue to do - still no confidence, there is a fluke - did not follow the system, did it wrong" quagmire about your system, first of all your system is improved from someone elses system, and According to my experience and the experience of the traders around me, the system that you really believe in and has been verified by the real market in 1-1.5 years is not in doubt, even in the case of continuous wrong, the capital curve consolidation or even down, it is recommended to read Ken Fishers "The Three Most Important Questions of Investment For example, if you have been believing that the "stop loss" is magnifying the loss, it is not that the problem is not mainly due to the stop loss being too big, but that your stop loss is Too small, resulting in your win rate is too low (if your operating cycle is relatively short to pay particular attention to this point), of course, this is just an example, because it is not clear that your system on the psychological structure: Here we recommend looking at Mark Douglass "psychological analysis of trading", here is a more preliminary talk about how to suggest a suitable trading psychological structure, such as you mentioned here " The psychological structure of the stop loss is not perfect, you need to be clear: 1, why set a stop loss 2, why set a small stop loss, so that the psychological level can bring me what "advantage" simply put, a small stop loss allows you to place orders before the next The first thing you need to do is to know that even if this one is wrong the impact on the money is acceptable, so you will not face the opportunity to do hesitation, and afterwards regret, most of the "easy to know and difficult to do" nature or not deep enough to know and so you complete the initial psychological construction, you can read the book "Hedge Fund Masters", is the most famous hedge funds on Wall Street One of the most famous Wall Street hedge fund psychological counselor, Ali Kiev, wrote the book, but not quite find the domestic, English can see the original instrument "HedgeFundMasters: HowTopHedgeFundTradersSetGoals,OvercomeBarriers, andAchievePeakPerformance", Baidu has a PDF version of the wind control, I think you already have a basic wind control ideas, which is enough to use in the early stages to ensure that you have a relatively long time to think about, to change or that phrase, is the first system, mental structure, wind control, three components to have what you want to get "Good mindset", logic can not be wrong, otherwise it is backwards from the results, looks very logical, in fact, there is no way to start

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